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artist: Megadeth date: 06/03/2013 category: compact discs
Megadeth: Super Collider
Released: Jun 4, 2013
Genre: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Hard Rock
Label: Tradecraft
Number Of Tracks: 11
Megadeth cemented their place in thrash metal almost 30 years ago with the release of their debut album "Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!" in 1985, and they continue in 2013 to prove they're not done yet with their latest release, "Super Collider."
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 Lyrics: 7.8
 Overall Impression: 6.3
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Super Collider Featured review by: UG Team, on june 03, 2013
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Sound: Dave Mustaine started Megadeth with David Ellefson in 1983 after being ousted as a founding member and lead guitarist of Metallica. Since that time, Megadeth has averaged a release every two years. Many of their albums have been considered classics of the genre, and many of the songs are considered genre-defining. Through that time there have been many line-up changes, with Dave Mustaine remaining the only constant member and the main creative force behind the band leading to the band being nicknamed MegaDave. In recent years the band's fan-base has been erratic due to loss of interest in the genre and Dave's outspoken political views and statements about his faith as a born-again Christian. Despite a lawsuit filed by David Ellefson against Megadeth in 2004, he re-joined the band in 2010 and for the time being the band's line-up seems to be more stable than it has been in years. The current members of Megadeth are Dave Mustaine (lead vocals, guitar), David Ellefson (bass, backing vocals), Chris Broderick (guitar, backing vocals) and Shawn Drover (drums, percussion).

"Super Collider" is Megadeth's fourteenth studio album and the first to be released on Mustaine's new label, Tradecraft, after a falling out with Roadrunner Records. There are 11 tracks on the standard edition with 10 of the tracks being new material and the 11th track being a cover of the Thin Lizzy song "Cold Sweat." There is also a Best Buy exclusive addition with three additional tracks, but I am reviewing the standard edition. The title track, "Super Collider," was released as the first single on April 23rd, 2013. The second single was "Kingmaker," but while a YouTube video was released for the song it was not made available for purchase before the album release. The album overall has more of a mid-tempo vibe to it than most of their previous releases which has caused some hate from metal fans on social media. While "Super Collider" is not Megadeth's heaviest album, there are definitely strong elements of thrash and metal in the album.

The album opens with the track "Kingmaker," which is possibly the song most in line with what was expected of the new Megadeth release. "Kingmaker" is a higher tempo track with an interesting bass-line in the opening that seems to gallop along with some really interesting lead guitar work. The second song on the album is the title track "Super Collider" which, in my humble opinion, is the weakest track on the album. "Super Collider" is a mid-tempo rock song and it doesn't quite fit on a metal album. The fourth track, "Built for War," sounds more like a return to form for Megadeth with a strong riff and an interesting melodic passage with some chanting. The sixth track, "Dance in the Rain," is a song about the blue collar condition that reminds me a little bit of "Sweating Bullets." "Dance in the Rain" is followed by "Beginning of Sorrow" which starts out with a strong bass riff and goes on into a call and response type lyric between Dave and the response coming from David and Chris. The first solo sounds like one of Dave's solos to me more than Chris's but I'm not 100% on that. The eighth track is "The Blackest Crow" which was initially going to be sung by Willie Nelson and/or Miranda Lambert, but this fell through for reasons unknown and Dave handles the vocals. It starts out with some banjo and slide guitar but somehow has an almost Indian sitar feel to it. "The Blackest Crow" is absolutely the most stand-out unusual track on the album, but currently it is also my favorite. The album closes out with a cover of the Thin Lizzy track "Cold Sweat," which is a pretty close interpretation of the original, just changed enough to put Megadeth's stamp on it. // 7

Lyrics: You definitely know you're listening to a Megadeth track when Dave Mustaine's vocals come in. Over the years Dave's voice has changed to become slightly deeper with less high range. This is something that comes with aging and you have to remember that Dave Mustaine has been doing vocals in a metal band for 30 years. His current vocal ability isn't bad in fact, I'm envious of his vocal ability but it is less than what it was back in the day. David Draiman from Distrubed contributes some guest vocals on the album on the tracks "Dance in the Rain" and "Forget to Remember." It is also a good thing to hear David Ellefson backing up Dave Mustaine's vocals again. The actual lyrics from the album are pretty much standard fare for Megadeth, mostly focusing on social issues as Dave sees them. Here are some lyrics from "Dance in the Rain" to illustrate my point: "Sentenced to work/ a dead end 9 to 5/ trapped in a dingy corporate cubicle hell/ then go to work in the darkness on the midnight shift/ every chance you get selling gas at the corner shell/ three letter groups listening in on you/ under surveillance courtesy of big brother in your car/ drones monitor each and every move you make/ it doesn't matter who you know or who you think you are" then the chorus comes in saying "you better learn to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun." I like the 1984-ish tone of the song. If I had to rate the vocals alone, then I would rate this section a little lower, but I think the lyrics are interesting and I find myself singing along so I bumped up the score a tad. // 8

Overall Impression: Okay, bottom line is this a thrash metal album? Sometimes it is, but sometimes it is a hard rock album. Is it a bad album? No, but it isn't necessarily what you're expecting from a Megadeth release. Coming at this with my specific perspective, I think that there is a habit of fans (myself included) when a band has been around a while to measure everything they do against their previous work. When a band releases some true masterpiece albums, then we grade them on a stricter scale than we would otherwise on their subsequent releases. I'm going to attempt to not do that with this release while this isn't "Peace Sells," it isn't a bad album. My favorite songs from the album are "The Blackest Crow," "Dance in the Rain," "Built for War" and "Beginning of Sorrow." My least favorite song from the album is "Super Collider," which seems like it didn't quite live up to Dave Mustaine's idea. I'm grading this album based on the following thinking: "Killing Is My Business..." and "Peace Sells..." would each easily rate a solid 9 out of 10. By that line of thinking I rate Super Collider overall as a 7 out of 10. // 7

- Brandon East (c) 2013

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overall: 8
Super Collider Reviewed by: unregistered, on june 18, 2013
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Sound: Megadeth's new album "Super Collider" is here, many of the fans were concerned about the quality off the album after listening to the lead single, but after listening to the album in it's entirety I can assure although this isn't "classic material" like "RIP" or even "CTE," it still is a solid album. Note: This is my very first review, and English is not my native language, so if there's any issue with it, just let me know, and I'll try to improve. 1. "Kingmaker - The opening track starts with a bass line courtesy of David Ellefson, quickly the guitar and the drums kick in with one of the best riffs of the album, Broderick's solo in this particular song reminds me a little (just a little) of Marty's lead work, and Drover's work here really shows how of a good drummer he is. Although the vocal melody and some of the guitar parts resemble Black Sabbath's "Children of the Grave" it's still a pretty good opener for the album. 2. "Super Collider" - The infamous lead single actually is quite good, it may not be "Looking Down the Cross" or "My Last Words," but it certainly is a decent rock song, the riffs and the solos aren't impressive at all, the best part of this song is the bass line for the verse and the vocal melody for the chorus. 3. "Burn!" - This song changes the mood set by the title song, it starts with some blistering fast lead from Mustaine, then a riff a la "Deadly Nightshade" kicks in. Overall a good song, the chorus is pretty catchy, although the rest of the song can get kinda boring. 4. "Built for War" - First of all, I didn't like Dave's voice on this at all; the vocal melody just didn't do it for me. On the other hand, the riffs are pretty good, and Shawn's drum work on this is pretty good as well, although a little less drum bass would have been better. The best part kicks in about halfway through the song, it has an epic feeling to it, and some amazing vocal melodies. 5. "Off the Edge" - To me, this song is a filler song like "Guns Drugs & Money" was to "Th1rt3en," it's not a bad song, but it it's kinda repetitive and it really takes the album nowhere. 6. "Dance in the Rain" - This is one of the best tracks of the album, the riffs are really good, the vocal melody is nice as well, the drums are solid, and Broderick's solo is one of the best he's done in Megadeth. The last minute of the song features David Draiman, his voice actually fits the song pretty well, and it gives it a nice twist. 7. "Beginning of Sorrow" - Just like "Kingmaker," this one starts with a sweet bass line, and then the full band comes in, the use of synth in the intro reminded me of Children of Bodom's "Angels Don't Kill." At first I felt like this one was just another filler song, but after listening to it a few times, it grew on me. 8. "The Blackest Crow" - As soon as the intro started this became one of my favorites from the album, it is obviously country influenced, and that really makes it stand alone from the other tracks, giving it a fresh sound, the chorus is also one of the best parts of the song. The rest of the song may not surprise you, but it's good to see Dave trying new things like the banjo in the intro. 9. "Forget to Remember" - Just like "The Blackest Crow" did, this song's intro got me instantly hooked with the track, again, this isn't "Tornado of Souls," but it has some melodies that I really really liked. 10. "Don't Turn Your Back" - Again, the intro for this song has an amazing bluesy sound to it and it actually makes me want to see what would sound like if Dave decided to go on a side project and make a blues album. The riffs and drums for the entire song seem kinda uninspired and remind me of "Never Dead," but the solo... The solos is definitely my favorite solos on this album, mainly because it feels like they weren't there just for the sake of having a solo. 11. "Cold Sweat" - Originally by Thin Lizzy, this is an amazing cover and if you like Megadeth and the original song, you are going to love this. P.S. There is some amazing lead work in this song. // 8

Lyrics: As always Mustaine's lyrics reflect social and political issues, most of the lyrics aren't impressive at all ("Built for War," "Off the Edge," etc... ), "Super Collider" is a little cheesy, but I guess that it fits the songe since it's the softer track on the record but "The Blackest Crow" and "Forget To Remember" really stand out because of the lyrics, both songs talk about Alzheimer's disease and how painful it is to see someone you love fade away. The rest of the lyrics work well with the songs, but they aren't special at all. // 8

Overall Impression: The main thing that bothered me with this release is the fact that they are now using D tuning on the guitars, obviously this is meant to protect Dave's voice, but it really takes away that classic Megadeth sound, another issue I had is that most of the solos seem a little uninspired, but overall this is a damn solid album, the lyrics are good, the rhythm section does it's job really well and it still has that Mustaine trademark sound. I strongly recommend you to listen to this album as a stand alone album, if you give it a try expecting to get "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying II" you are not going to like this record. // 8

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overall: 9
Super Collider Reviewed by: icanhasgodmode, on june 18, 2013
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Sound: I bought the limited edition deluxe version of this album after their show in Groningen, Holland, on May 26, 2013. It contains two extra songs, "All I Want" and "A House Divided." Funny things is that Dave hasn't seen the album in it's final form yet, so he told during the concert. The overall sound of this record is your typical Megadeth sound; it's rough, Dave screams, Chris squeals and David and Shawn pounds. I really like this sound, which is comparable with my most favorite Megadeth albums, "Youthanasia" and "Rust in Peace." // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics from about the half of this album not that impressive. Songs like "Kingmaker," "Forget to Remember" and "Don't Turn Your Back" really stick out from the crowd, these are in my opinion the best songs from the album. The songs that have good lyrics make up for the lesser songs. Songs with slow vocals (beginning of "Dance in the Rain" is talking rather than singing), but fast pounding rhythms flourish well on "Super Collider," and that's the way I like Megadeth. Songs are about the hard things in life, like going to work from "Dance in the Rain" ("Sentenced to work / A dead end 9 to 5 / Trapped in a dingy corporate cubicle hell.") // 9

Overall Impression: 01. "Kingmaker" - Your typical Megadeth song, power chords and muted strings, awesome live song. 02. "Super Collider" - One of the weaker songs on the record, the lyrics are not that good and the music not that great. 03. "Burn!" - The beginning sounds like hair metal from a long time ago, and transcends into a slower, heavy song like Black Sabbath. 04. "Built for War" - Good song, but not that impressive. 05. "Off the Edge" - Music is slow like "Burn!," but Dave's singing is more 'swinging'. Not a very impressive song. 06. "Dance in the Rain" - Dave starts by speaking instead of singing, band provides a pounding rhythm. The rest of the song isn't bad, but not that good. 07. "Beginning of Sorrow" - Song reminds me of Black Sabbath. Slow vocals, full on metal music on the background. 08. "The Blackest Crow" - Begins with a banjo and a violin, transcends into heavier guitar work mixed with the banjo. Slow vocals, it's the typical "Super Collider" song. Not bad, but not great either. 09. "Forget to Remember" - Faster song, more of a rock feeling than a metal feeling. Great vocals by Dave. 10. "Don't Turn Your Back" - Starts slow, but transcendents quickly in pounding double bass and fast guitar riffs. Slow vocals by Dave. In overall a great Megadeth style song. 11. "Cold Sweat" - Intro with power chords, nice steady drum riff, Dave's voice is swinging. Nice fast solo in the middle. 12. "All I Want" (bonus track) - Like "Kingmaker." Nice vocals from Dave. Faster Megadeth song. 13. "A House Divided" - Trumpet in the beginning and middle of the song. Slower vocals, nice double bass drum work, slower Sabbath like guitar work. // 9

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overall: 3.3
Super Collider Reviewed by: srsfiter, on september 06, 2013
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Sound: I found this album to be terrifyingly bad, sounded like Megadeth was really trying to sell out, as opposed to giving us good quality thrash metal. The first song, "Kingmaker," was alright were alright, nothing to special, typical Megadeth sound, but it was quite repetitive. The album's second track, the title track of the album, "Super Collider": Was evidence that this album was going to be of poor quality. The sound of this song was very '80s glam metal, but with all due respect, Dave can't sing very well, he is better at snarling and growling, which is vital in thrash metal music. "Burn!": Opens up with a terrible solo, very sloppy, too much distortion, once you get passed that, it is alright, all the way up until the chorus, "BURN BABY BURN." Just sounds like a hybrid of '80s glam and thrash metal of the same era. "Built For War": Kind of punches you in the face right away, I kind of want to like this song, but I feel as if, like the first song, it just gets to repetitive. The bridge is also just, odd, something I would never expect Megadeth to do. I am gonna refrain from reviewing any more individual songs, the sound of the album is unique, but they were kind of using generic elements of thrash and glam metal and mashed it all into one pile. One song "The Blackest Crowe," actually opens up with a banjo and violin, and that continues throughout a heavy chugging electric guitar. Unique? Yes. Does it work? Absolutely not, sounds like thrash country metal, something that really should not exist. // 3

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album were alright, I felt the lyrics on the title track were pretty boring and weak, but if you can get past the obnoxious instrumentals, I guess the lyrics are not that bad. But I really do not think you will get past the obnoxious instrumentals, and Dave trying to actually sing, both those elements are what makes this album weak. It is kind of funny to listen to Dave Mustaine try to utilize harmonies. Like I said, the man is good with thrash metal, but this hybrid of glam and thrash is just plastic. // 6

Overall Impression: Overall, I have to give this album a 1/10, I would definitely not purchase it, I won't even listen to it, it collects dust, I honestly contemplate snapping the disc and filing the plastic bits into guitar picks. This album is WRETCHED. DO NOT BUY! I hate everything about this album, I am so disappointed, this is the single Megadeth album that has made me lose faith in them. Dave's attitude towards everything has annoyed me, and if this is the direction he wishes to take with Megadeth, I am done. // 1

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