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artist: Megadeth date: 11/01/2011 category: compact discs
Megadeth: Th1rt3en
Released: Nov 1, 2011
Genre: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Label: Roadrunner Records
Number Of Tracks: 13
Megadeth's new offering is... something more of a crowd-pleaser than other recent releases.
 Sound: 8.3
 Lyrics: 7.8
 Overall Impression: 8.4
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Th1rt3en Featured review by: UG Team, on november 01, 2011
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Sound: As users of Ultimate Guitar know better than anybody, it's not Megadeth that are making the headlines right now. What has been the band's shtick for many decades was just yesterday assimilated by Lou Reed and Metallica's album "Lulu", which is more mocking, more sneering and more obtuse than Dave Mustaine has ever dared be, but the air of respectability lingers perhaps a little stronger around the Megadeth camp. Back into the groove of making a record every two years and touring it with a lineup that most can agree on, all that's needed from them now is a good run of creative form.

Taking heed of the hankering for a bit of nostalgia post-Big Four, Mustaine has utilised his riff library to dip in and out of the sounds from various eras in Megadeth's history. Most prominent are the chorus-led thumpers of 1992's "Countdown To Extinction" and riffy flourishes of more modern efforts, but all bases are covered fast, slow, serious and tongue-in-cheek. It makes for a real crowd-pleaser, albeit one with a relatively low artistic ceiling.

There is a noticeable dip in volume between "Th1rt3en" and its predecessor "EndGame", which can be attributed to the dropping of soul-sucker and producer extraordinaire Andy Sneap in favour of Johnny K, a man best known for his work with nu metal bands and various other affronts to justice. He gets a potent mix though, and it's partly thanks to him that album highlight "Never Dead" has an urgency that's been practically unheard of since the band's magnum opus, "Rust In Peace".

One of the more specialist pleasures of a new Megadeth album is the provision of resources for guitar players, and there's plenty of learning material to be mined here. Be it a new riff or one of the many exercises in technical insanity from the virtuosic Chris Broderick, you'll find something good to play if that's your cup of tea. Don't expect kids to be looking up "Guns, Drugs & Money" before "Hangar 18" of course, but the album's shelf-life can be much extended by a glance at its inner workings. // 7

Lyrics: Now well into middle age, senility hasn't struck Dave Mustaine as cruelly as it has many of his peers when he's onto a winner his tongue is sharp, but his misfires are just as embarrassing as they were twenty five years ago. Particular offenders here are the rambling "Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)" and "Wrecker", a vapid, juvenile assessment of women. But his targeting of political and societal power is well suited to an audience of generation-spanning metalheads and there are no complaints to be had there. // 7

Overall Impression: It's actually worth considering how much Megadeth have really got left in their locker because, should convention be upheld as it is here, even the most experienced of bandleaders has a finite supply of riffs. Self-styled to the end, you could even see "Th1rt3en" as an appropriate point for the band to bow out, but as long as crowds are hungry then this outfit will keep going. For the first time in a few years, heads can be held high either way. // 7

- Duncan Geddes (c) 2011

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overall: 8.7
Th1rt3en Reviewed by: Masterofknees, on november 01, 2011
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Sound: Megadeth returns with another record, despite their very tight touring schedule. This album is very important in that it brings back co-founding member bassist David Ellefson, and you can definitely hear that he is back on this new record as the band sounds more comfortable and tight in their new lineup than they did with bassist James LoMenzo in "EndGame". I'll take track for track to give you guys a sense of each song and what to expect. 01. "Sudden Death": This is the track that was written for "Guitar Hero 6: Warriors Of Rock", it was also nominated for a Grammy award, but lost to Iron Maiden's "El Dorado". there's a few new things since its original release. The strumming part on the open string has changed in that there's now an effect on it, and instead of going right to left it goes all around you if you have surround sound. there's been some minor tweaks with lyrics and therefore Mustaine has re-recorded the vocal track. Besides that there's not much to say if you already have heard it, its a really good track, but maybe a little too many solos, but hey, it's Megadeth, so solos are always good. 02. "Public Enemy No. 1": The lead single of the album, this track has been played continiously live. A simple track by Megadeth standards, and one of the more hard rock songs on the record, it's about the infamous gangster Al Capone. The main riff is typical Megadeth, but would we want anything else? I think not. It's definitely not sounding like anything off of "EndGame" or any other record, this is "Th1rt3en", and not anything else. Also, Chris' solo in this one is fantastic. 03. "Whose Life (Is It Anyway?)": This song is inspired by the sound of punk rock, and you can definitely hear that, but it's definitely metal too. It's about other people trying to change who you are, what clothes you wear, what personality you have, definitely punk rock material, and definitely Mustaine lyrics too. It's form is simple, but it's a good tune, but I would really like some more technical stuff from Megadeth as that's what they're generally known for. 04. "We The People": The political song on this album, this song is very heavy and dark, and very fitting to this album. Mustaine is snarling about how he doesn't think there's equality and how we the people die in revolution. Also, one of his twitter updates referred to one of the lines: "Our founding fathers, are rolling in their graves". It's also really nice how it ends really lightly with a few clean notes. 05. "Guns, Drugs & Money": Centered around the poor life of drug addicts, the music blends perfectly with the lyrics. The thing that makes this song is the pre-chorus, it has the energy and Mustaine's voice blends perfectly with it. I just have the feeling that this (along with another track I'll mention later) will be a track that Megadeth won't play live, it just has that feeling. 06. "Never Dead": Another video game song! This one aimed at the Capcom game named... Well, "NeverDead". It starts out with this 1 minute creepy intro, and then explodes wildly with Shawn double bassing with his life, and this really aggressive riff playing with it, arguably the best riff on the record. The best part of this song is the solo switching, Mustaine and Broderick's playstyles fits really well together, and this track proves that. 07. "New World Order": Written as a demo during "Youthanasia", this is the first of 3 other songs that Megadeth is rehashing on this album, this one being the least changed of the 3, simply because it doesn't need changing. Only thing missing is that Shawn's playstyle isn't as aggressive as Nick's was during the last part of this song, else its an improvement of the shaggy old demo we had on the "Youthanasia" remaster. The guitar tone that is playing during the opening riff really ain't what I like, just a personal preference, it sounds poor in my opinion, but that doesn't ruin a great song. 08. "Fast Lane": The least impressive song on this album, even though it's called "Fast Lane" it's not as fast as you'd think. Double bass at the start and chorus is nice, but the verse just feels like it doesn't fit, and the lyrics are pretty unimaginative. The chorus is pretty good though, and so is the rest of the song, but I just can't get the picture of Dave Mustaine as a jetplane out of my head (you'll know when you hear it). This is the second song that has the 'won't be played live' feel over it. 09. "Black Swan": Second of the rehashed songs, this one was recorded as a demo during the "United Abominations" recording, and therefore being the newest of the rehashed songs. Only thing that is changed is that the old intro has been replaced by a nearly "Head Crusher"-esque start solo which gives the song a more aggressive feel which fits this album more. This also features some of my favorite lyrics on this album. It has a really good feel to it, and it's the one song I've been repeating most on this album as it's easy to just set on and listen to. 10. "Wrecker": This song is supposedly about a former girlfriend of Mustaine from what I can get out of the lyrics, wrecking everything he did (quoting "It doesn't even matter how you die, she'll wreck it!"). There's always energy going in this song, and it has a really awesome vibe to it, it takes a couple of listens, but that's really about it. 11. "Millenium Of The Blind": The last of the rehashed songs, this was also written in the "Youthanasia"-period and feature on the record's remaster. This one is nearly unrecognizable from the old one, it doesn't have as creepy and nearly Cthulhu-like feeling over it as the old one, but it definitely stands out from the rest of the songs. The old parts of this song is scattered between the start and end of this song, but not in the way you'd think they were. You'll hear, it's gonna be the very oppinonate song, some will love it, others will be like "meh". 12. "Deadly Nightshade": This song is about a deadly ivy by the same name of the song, Mustaine describes the symptoms of touching this plant in this song. If there's one song where Ellefson really stands out, its in this one. Not only does he get his own bass line in the middle of the song, but the rest of the song the bass just seems louder than usual, and I'm really liking that. My personal favorite on this record, and I'm guessing it will be many others' too. 13. "13": The title track of the record (although stylized differently) and the closing track, this one is about Mustaine's life in general, and this song points to that this could very well be Megadeth's last record. Chris Broderick shows off his acoustic skills in this song with Mustaine playing with distortion behind the acoustic notes, this is more silent than the others, and it fits it really well, it's chorus is also catchy as hell. It gets more aggressive towards the solo and finishes off aggressively until it ends the whole record with one chord that Broderick pulls off elegantly. I'm gonna quote Ellefson on this one "If there's one song that summarises the story of Megadeth, it's this one". // 9

Lyrics: As we all know, the one thing that keeps many people away from Megadeth is usually Mustaine's vocals, but most people listen to only "Rust In Peace" and then maybe calls it quits. This record Mustaine has a stronger voice than ever, and this would definitely be a good album to get into Megadeth with if you're having a rough time with that. I believe the one thing that makes Megadeth is Mustaine's voice, sure it's awful in it's own, but the fact that it's unique and fits good with the music is what makes Megadeth special, of course their solos and riffs are unlike any others', but Mustaine's voice only strengthens the uniqueness that is Megadeth. The lyrics are definitely good on this record, the best is without a doubt the lyrics in "13", while "Black Swan", "Deadly Nightshade" and "Whose Life (Is It Anyway?)" and catching up close to it. However, "Fast Lane"'s lyrics are pretty... Unimaginative, it's about driving as fast as a jetplane, and it sounds silly at times, but that's the only song that is like that though, it has it's charm, but it's just not striking me. Good lyrical content overall. // 8

Overall Impression: Ellefson's return is very apparent, and it's definitely what makes this album worth it in the long end. The most impressive songs are "Deadly Nightshade", "13" and "Black Swan". If this was lost from my collection I would go out and instantly buy it again, because Megadeth is like a drug, except that it doesn't kill you. I also want to mention that Johhny K has done an excellent job producing this. If I should choose between this and "EndGame", it would definaitely be this one, it doesn't have as many boring songs like "EndGame" (this one only has "Fast Lane"), and the good songs definitely blow "EndGame"'s best songs away. The cover resembles Vic Rattlehead, long time mascot, walking away, there's pictures on Vic's funeral inside the CD, 13 sings about how Mustaine is killing himself by playing music, I'm very sad to say that I'm speculating that this will be Megadeth's last record as much points to it, biggest proof being the funeral picture. I'm giving this a 9/10, judging from former Megadeth records, they haven't sounded this good since Countdown, maybe even Rust in Peace, I definitely prefer this over "EndGame", "Youthanasia", and I still have to make up my mind if I prefer it over "Countdown". That's all, enjoy the record, buy it don't pirate it! We want this to hit the charts over the abomination that is "Lulu" so justice can be served! // 9

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overall: 6.7
Th1rt3en Reviewed by: TotaledThunder, on november 02, 2011
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Sound: 01. "Sudden Death": Accurately sets the tone for the rest of the album in the first minute. Cool use of panning to introduce the main riff (which is oddly simple, but works out fine). The guitar work and vocal line work well together during the chorus. Despite the solid singing, the chorus remains lyrically unimpressive. 02. "Public Enemy No. 1": This is the single the released to generate hype for the album. Honestly when it first broke I didn't hear anything amazing, so I never gave it a thorough listen. After giving it another listen, I can say that I like this song: its catchy, has great solos and a killer riff to back it up. This song reminds me of the "Rust In Peace" era Megadeth, which is a really good thing for me. Though this song achieves much, it still doesn't compare to the "RIP" material. 03. "Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)": The opening of the song reminds me a punk song, which could explain the whiny, "fight-the-man" lyrics. Honestly, the more I listen to this song, the more I hate it which is too bad, because the instrumentation is not bad in any way. Mustaine's lyrics kill this song for me, "you hate the way I wear my clothesyou hate my friends and where we go"... Are you kidding me? You are 50 years old Dave Mustaine, what was he envisioning when he wrote this song? 04. "We The People": I was pleasantly surprised when the drum cadence intro didn't drag on. A tight intro leads into a killer song, with a surprisingly funky feel. The riff almost reminded me of a Rage Against The Machine jam, which was very unexpected. The acoustic outro was well constructed and helps set up the next song nicely. 05. "Guns, Drugs, & Money": As much as I shouldn't draw comparisons between Metallica and Megadeth, this song strongly reminded me of the latter half of "Blackened". The song plods along without out really going anywhere. "Guns, Drugs, & Money" is unsurprisingly about guns, drugs and money. However, there is not greater message condemning vice or suggesting overconsumption in society. Rather, the song is just about a Mexican gunman in a Wild West atmosphere which isn't very interesting. 06. "Never Dead": Structurally, "Never Dead" sounds like it could be on "EndGame". It's a straight-ahead headbanging modern thrash song. It's a solid tune with a truly killer solo. If you liked "EndGame", you'll love this song. 07. "New World Order": This song didn't do much for meuntil the breakdown about halfway into the song. The song went from boring to classic Megadeth via a "Hangar 18" tempo change. Once "New World Order" breaks free, it turns into one of my favorite tracks on the album. Though the solos are good, it's the intricate rhythm patterns that really make this song stand out. 08. "Fast Lane": Megadeth's very own song about racing *cough* "Fuel" *cough*. Overall, this song didn't do much for me. I thought the riff was weak and forgettable. Once again, Mustaine strikes out lyrically (badly). It sounds like he took a rhyming dictionary and took the first 5 words that rhymed with plane. The end result is a track that just sounds childish and could've easily been omitted from "Th1rt3en". 09. "Black Swan": "Black Swan" begins so seamlessly; it seems to pick up where "Fast Lane" left off. Luckily, "Black Swan" makes none of the mistakes "Fast Lane" does. The riff has forward momentum and the lyrics are stronger here than anywhere else on the album. Mustaine's vocal work is catchy; the song is easy to sing along to, even after only 1 or 2 listens. All things considered, "Black Swan" is my favorite track off "Th1rt3en". 10. "Wrecker": I love the riff. It is a good, old-fashioned headbanging groove. This track does achieve a unique groove that isn't found anywhere else on the album, which makes "Wrecker" stand out. However, the song is about a home wrecker. I don't think Mustaine could have picked a topic that I could relate to less. Lyrically, the song is like "Tornado Of Souls", but without any of the poetic delivery. I still like the track, but the lyrics hold it back from becoming my standout favorite. 11. "Millennium Of The Blind": The song opens with a memorable ascending guitar solo. The solos throughout the song are fantastic. Mustaine does an acceptable job lyrically here; personally, I don't connect well with his political sentiments, but that doesn't stop me from admiring what he's accomplished. The more I listen to "Millennium", the more I'm warming up to it. 12. "Deadly Nightshade": Opening with my favorite riff on the album, "Deadly Nightshade" is a song that oozes aggression. Coming in at 4:56, "Nightshade" is one of the longest tracks off of "Th1rt3en", but it never feels drawn out. The solos are fantastic and the chorus gives you a good excuse to try your best Dave Mustaine impression. This is the only song on the album that Ellefson's bass playing stands out. 13. "13": I wasn't expecting much from "13"; mostly because I thought the whole "13" concept that sparked the album was lame. But this song turned out to be a neat, melodic Megadeth jam. A Tout Le Monde comes to mind when you first hear it, "13" doesn't feel like a rehash of old material. I was pleasantly surprised how not cheesy this track was (I suffered a major facular when I first heard the title for the album was "Th1rt3en") and "13" does a fabulous job as being the title-track. The lyrics are well constructed and feel deeper than most of the dribble on this album. I felt it was a satisfying ending to the album. // 8

Lyrics: [see previous section] // 5

Overall Impression: This is my favorite thrash album of the last decade. It wasn't amazing, I won't have every song on my metal playlist; but it was a solid effort. I didn't dislike any tracks on the album (except for perhaps "Whose Life" or "Fast Lane"). Megadeth can certainly be proud of their latest effort. I'm sure Mustaine will gain a new level of arrogance, especially when the critics begin to compare "Th1rt3en" to """. I was slightly disappointed with Mustaine's ability to write relevant lyrics, (particularly on "Whose Life", "Fast Lane", and "Wrecker") but "Black Swan" and "13" assured me that Mustaine still has it. I loved the playing, though in my opinion Broderick's solos are too low in the mix. He really shreds his ass off on this record and it's a shame that his playing is hidden under Mustaine's rhythm guitar. Also, being that "Th1rt3en" marks the triumphant return of David Ellefson, I wasn't particularly struck by his bass playing on the album it was just average. All in all, "Th1rt3en" was a solid effort with a few great tracks, but it fails to achieve Megadeth's earlier success. // 7

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overall: 8.3
Th1rt3en Reviewed by: Megadethfan245, on november 01, 2011
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Sound: It's finally here, and let me tell you this one is special. If I had to compare this album to a previous Megadeth album it wouldn't definitely be "Countdown To Extinction". The production quality is pretty good, it could be a little bit better though. On some songs the drums are a bit too loud and the guitar seems a bit muddy. But that doesn't affect the overall sound of the album. A couple of the riffs seem to be recycled and changed to a lot. Most of them aren't noticeable unless you can play the original riff and than think "Hey I know that". A few of the songs have been released on previous albums as demo's or bonus tracks. At first I was worried this would be terrible, but they have changed the songs enough that you can still be glad with them. // 8

Lyrics: Dave's voice is definitely going and that is apparent on this album. You can definitely notice the pro-tools on this album. Also his voice seems a bit strained, like he's having a hard time just to sing the lyrics. The lyrics themselves are pretty good. Some of them are kinda cheesy like in the songs "Wrecker" and "Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)". But some songs have seem pretty good lyrics, I particularly enjoy the lyrics on "Never Dead". Definitely a thrash feel to them. The lyrics fit the music pretty well I think. // 8

Overall Impression: I'd say that this album is definitely one of the best Megadeth albums in a good 10+ years. With the previous albums they just kinda seemed to be missing something and that something was David Ellefson. Just his presence seems to have improved the writing of these songs. I love basically everything about this album. The things I would change are the production and Mustaine's voice. But obviously you can't fix a singer's voice so I'll just have to accept it. I don't own this album yet I've only listened to it on YouTube. But don't worry I'm pre-ordering it with the 2 records and the CD. If someone stole that well than they would suffer the pain of 13 deaths. // 9

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overall: 8.3
Th1rt3en Reviewed by: jesse1994, on november 01, 2011
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Sound: After almost 30 years in the music world, I must say Megadeth still has the magical touch. The songs on this record may not exactly be the best sounding songs out there, but they have their moments. My personal favorite song on this album, overall, is defiantly the title track, which has a In My Darkest Hour sound to it, and sounds a little bit like The World Needs A Hero. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are great on this record. They deal with everything from Al Capone to A girlfriend destroying everything. Dave's singing voice hasn't changed much since endgame, and is still ripping on this record. // 9

Overall Impression: This album has definitely been my favorite album of this year, and in every way beats (you can probably guess what I'm gonna say) "Lulu". Overall, this is a great album, with great songs, and I'm loving every bit of it. // 8

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overall: 9
Th1rt3en Reviewed by: Bluesmetalguy, on november 02, 2011
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Sound: So Megadeth's new record "Th1rt3en" is out, and I must say that, despite the failure of a title, it is easily one of the greatest things Megadeth has ever done. For a while I was concerned that this record would not live up to the hype but indeed it does and it blows Lulu out of the water at the same time. The two Dave's back together just feels right and there is a level of togetherness on this record not found since the early 90s. The guitars roar and Mustaine's rhythm work is great as always. At the same time Broderick is still shredding up and down the neck at a million miles an hour. I am proud to say that the bass from Ellefson is better than ever before. The drums too are pretty solid and get the job done well. Finally Mustaine's vocals are very solid and a significant upgrade from those on their last record, "EndGame". At the same time his lyrics are amazing as always and feature some pretty cool dystopian lyrics. The guitars on this record blow my mind, even more so than on "EndGame". On this record Broderick and Mustaine really manage to get together and some of the harmonies which were a bit iffy on "EndGame" are better here. In short from a dual guitar standpoint this album is 10 times better as the Mustaine Broderick relationship advances. The rhythm figures coming from the ax of Mustaine are fresher than on the previous couple releases. Riffs like that on "Fast Lane" shows that Mustaine isn't out of ideas yet and he still is producing solid music. Broderick's insane solos help get this album classified as one of the greatest shred records of this year. For me the shredding of Broderick is one of the things that brings this Megadeth lineup to a whole new level. Yet it feels to me that there could be more, while "EndGame" was clearly a shred album, Th1rt3en could do with a few more crazy extended solos. Ellefson does not fail to impress on "Th1rt3en. With sick bass parts on songs like "Wrecker" (With an amazing intro riff) and "Millennium Of The Blind" the second "helps to bring "back to the top of their game. On the last few records "had been slowly drowning out the bass with his rhythm figures. Now that he has a significantly better bassist he lets him take over a bit more and help lead the band to a whole new level. Hopefully on the next record we can get even more bass fills as this one does not have nearly as many as I expected. The drums of "are very solid and he helps drive the band along with his solid double bass insanity. It's refreshing listening to him because he doesn't just hammer away on the drums, he actually uses a variety of fills for each song to give every piece its own distinctive taste and feel. // 9

Lyrics: Mustaine's vocals are significantly better than they were before and on this record it feels that he has more raw energy in his vocals. He manages to rip out huge vocals on killer tracks like "Public Enemy Number One". While he does not have the screaming insanity of Araya he does have his own special type of aggression and raw power that comes through in some of his more raw screams. The lyrics of this record are remarkably based in dystopian themes. For example the song "Whose Life (Is It Anyway?)" has lyrics reading: "You hate my friends and where we go/I see you in the shadows You think you know what's best for me/You hate everything you see in me". Another theme is more personal lyrics on the part of Mustaine one example of this is in the album's final track "Thirteen": "At thirteen I started down this path/ Fueled with anger, music was my wrath/ Years of clawing at scars that never healed/ Drowning my mind, the thoughts are too real". // 9

Overall Impression: Overall this album is a very solid effort from Megadeth. My sole big complaint is that the last few songs seem to taper off and become a lot less heavy and not match up with the brutality found in the first couple tracks. Otherwise the guitars are roaring loud and dominate the music. The bass has a bigger place on this record but it still could do with more space. The drums are very solid too. Last Mustaine's vocals and lyrics are good as ever. All these elements combine to form a very solid release, go check it out. // 9

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overall: 9
Th1rt3en Reviewed by: Shredderman2010, on november 02, 2011
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Sound: What can I say? This album is pure bliss to the ears. This is the record that seems to borrow something from every Megadeth era, and roll it all into one, most notably the previous three albums, along with albums like, rust in peace and countdown to extinction. The reason for this "Retro Megadeth" sound, can possibly be the return of long time bassist and co founder David "Junior" Eleffson. Whatever the cause, the end result is awesome. From the pure thrash and brutal sounds of "Never Dead" and "Sudden Death", to the "In My Darkest Hour" sounding title track, the catchy punchy riffs of "Wrecker", "Public Enemy" and the more melodic side with "Black Swan", this album really makes you just wanna head bang and really get your blood pumping! // 9

Lyrics: Lyrics, lyrics, lyrics. Dave has always had a political side to his songwriting, and it shows in songs like "Guns, Drugs & Money". There's the brutal lyrics behind "Sudden Death" and "Never Dead", and the lyrics of "13", clearly about Dave's past. Then there's the slightly cheesy lyrics of wrecker, but still a great thrashing song. "Fast Lane" is alot like "1,320". Dave's lyrics are as good as ever on this one. // 8

Overall Impression: This album has to be one of the best albums of 2011, after the low note of "Lulu", its awesome to have another one of the big 4 make a killer record. It's a cross between the last 3 albums, "Cryptic Writings", "Youthanasia", and "SFSGSW", with hints of rust in peace. A perfect album! // 10

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overall: 9.3
Th1rt3en Reviewed by: CoreyDanielsx, on december 15, 2011
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Sound: As much as it sounds like a contradiction, the guys from Megadeth have continued on with a very similar sound to the last 3 Megadeth albums ("Endgame", "United Abominations", and "The System Has Failed") while at the same time revisiting some tone from albums they released back in there prime ("Rust In Peace", "Countdown To Extinction", "Youthanasia") possibly due to a couple songs being written in that timespan ("New World Order", "Millenium Of The Blind") as well as the return of long time bassist David Ellefson who has been absent from the last 3 releases, "Th1rt3en" was produced by Dave Mustaine and Johnny K after Andy Sneap couldn't fit into Megadeth's time window to record this album and I Think it has a very similar sound to the albums Max Norman produced with Dave. // 10

Lyrics: Megadave is at it again taking on the government and other of lifes blunders in his trademark skitzophrenic storytelling style. For the most part "Th1rt3en" is the Megadeth album that should have been released between "Countdown To Extinction" and "Youthanasia", the whole album seems to have a dark feel to it, you can sense the suggestions of paranoia threw out this release. Dave's vocals are spot on. Lingering the question on if Dave Mustaine will or can actually grow older his traditional raspy grawl only thickens the darker feel of "Th1rt3en". His storytelling type lyrics are still there but seems to have gone more towards the traditional Megadeth stories like "Skin O' My Teeth" and "Countdown To Extinction" rather then the overstuffed deeper plots of songs like "Blessed Are The Dead", "Truth Be Told" and "44 Minutes". // 8

Overall Impression: "Th1rt3en" quickly rose to the top of my favorites from Megadeth or any metal band, they have always been a band to leave you wondering what there next step will be, and I personally think they took a much needed step back to there glory days with this one. This album flows nicely and fits into the whole Megadeth catalogue and at times I was even wondering if Nick Menza and Marty Friedman were back in the mix. Track for track there's more songs that I could rave about then tracks I would assume they used to fill out the album. Right off the bat I grew fond of "Sudden Death", "Public Enemy No. 1" and "Whose Life (Is It Anyways?)" then later got drawn in further by "New World Order", "Black Swan", and in my opinion the highlight of this album the title track "Th1rt3en", very much a ballad telling of Dave's hardships over the last 13 albums but the song does get heavy at points with some fiery lead work. My only dislikes on this album was that a lot of the songs have been released in other ways such as demo versions from the remastered versions of "Youthanasia" or on video games ("Guitar Hero"). This one also is the last album required by Megadeth to release in their contract with roadrunner leaving me with the feeling I got when buying still alive and well? (An album with no new songs just tracks from both "The World Needs A Hero" and there live album "Rude Awakening") which basically served the same purpose of helping fulfill there contractual agreement but gives off a feeling of being rushed. In any matter I find this album to be a success and would recommend it to any Megadeth or thrash metal fan. // 10

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overall: 7.3
Th1rt3en Reviewed by: Metalmillita, on january 24, 2012
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Sound: Megadeth has produced there heaviest album to date, this is an album that you can get up and head bang like crazy to, or sit down a chill out to. However I think that the guitars have a bit to much bass to them, it feels like the guitars just don't have that thrash metal crunch anymore. Still the album is awesome. // 7

Lyrics: Now the lyrics are very good, Dave Mustaine has really done well with the lyrics, they could be a tad stronger but for Megadeth they a really good (not that they've ever been bad). // 8

Overall Impression: This album is a solid album, in my opinion not as good as "Endgame" or "Rust In Peace", but it can happily slot in under them. This album is better than "Death Magnetic" and "Lulu". I'm loving public enemy number 1 its such a catchy song, I dislike "Black Swan", its the best musical and lyrical song on the album, I just don't like it. If the album broke I wouldn't buy it again there's one song on the album that I adore but I'd rather listen to "Rust In Peace". This album is very good, if you're a thrash metal fan its a must, but if you don't like thrash metal, then I don't think you'll like it. // 7

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