The System Has Failed review by Megadeth

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  • Released: Sep 14, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (147 votes)
Megadeth: The System Has Failed

Sound — 10
Dave Mustaine is back at it. His first CD since he became a Christian, and I was excited to get it, especially after I heard Greatest Hits: Back To The Start. It was just a different kind of metal I'd ever heard. Megadeth is back and they have one heck of an album to give us. It starts out real aggressive with "Blackmail The Universe". That's a good introduction, but the album's golden egg is the next track, "Die Dead Enough". It's an absolutely sweet combo of subtle melody with strings and Dave Mustaine's signature guitar solos. It is probably my favorite song from Megadeth I've heard yet. Not that that's the only good song. I could rant all day about how good the musical quality of this CD. Megadeth really went all out on this one and it definitely shows. My other favorite song on the album is "Scorpion" which has an eerie, little intro. It's pretty tight. Every song is pretty unique and you really get a feel for that right off the bat.

Lyrics — 9
Dave is back in usual form. He's still ranting about how government has screwed up the country. "Kick the Chair" is his rant about how the jury's for sale and how the system has failed. He still doesn't pile it on with no explaination. That's one of the cool things about it. He doesn't say something is wrong for no reason. He explains what he feels about everything he claims. In "Something I'm Not", Dave gets his shots in at Metallica. "The Shadow Of Deth" is a pretty interesting song, which is actually someone quoting Psalms 23. They fit it in with the music and it sounds pretty good. Dave's vocals are still really good. His versatility lets him go from a relatively low voice to a bit of a higher voice in others. It's very fitting for a band like this.

Overall Impression — 10
All in all, this is an album that you will be listening to for a while. You may get hypnotized by some songs like "Scorpion" and find yourself hitting the repeat button to hear it again. The standout songs for me were "Die Dead Enough", "Scorpion", and "Kick The Chair". These are all filled with shredding, sometimes screaming, guitar and incredible lyrical depth. It's just an album and a half and I'd recommend it to anyone who loves some great thrash metal.

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    King ofKumbucha
    or even the underrated "Risk" (modern concept, industrial, more mainstream spirit).
    Risk is NOT under-rated. It blows. Why is it so hard for people to believe that good bands can put out turds. Just look at Metallica and St. Anger, Load and Reload.
    So, deth4ever, you're saying the people that like Metallica more then Megadeth know nothing about music? Idiot. It's called an opinion. By the way, I like Megadeth as much as Metallica.
    love them both but latley seems like metallica is trippin a bit and c'mon st. anger wasn't THAT horrible. it was jsut that the other albums were so good that some mediocre album makes it look like nothing. and there was no solos in st.anger pissed me off
    deth4ever wrote: this is y i hate site like this u get a bunch of clowns who do not nothin bout music. megadeth is better then metallica. reason are one . mustaine is a betterng songwriter and guitar player. also look at what type of music we are talkiNG bout THRASH METAL . look wat metallica became out with after and justice for all....crap!!!!"and nothing else matters"lol look at the megadeth carreer there songs and solo are insane. hanger 18 return to hangar holy war rust in piece ..ect i can list all day. as for metallica MOP was the last cool album even then literally half the songs suck(the thing that should not be .. wat the @#$% is that). u guys say mustaine didnt play a big part in metallica ... look at kill em all when u are in a band u share ideas b4 u record right. so i wouldnt be surprised if james got all of his ideas from mustaine. explaining metallica turned to shit(running out of cool ideas)...look at phantom lord that song kicks ass reason mustaine's work same with the fourhorse men . dave mustaine!!! 1990 metallica- black album(lame and gay), megadeth rust in piece!!!! this is only one example there are many. i play guitar megadeth is so much harder to play and the lead are crazy."wat about master of puppets" some say that beats any megadeth some....hmm holy wars, rust in peace polaris, hanger 18, return to hangar, ashes in your mouth,go to hell..whcih are all cool..the Mop solo slow one is gud but the fast on blow a2@s...even megadeth album art is @#$%in coolerlmao. so all u clowns get educated b4 saying metallica is better. i dont care bout personal opainion but musically in all THRASH metal ways megadeth pwns metallica! if u dont think so pick up a metallica tab book and a megadeth tab book and see 4 ur self.cliff was awsone bassist but wasnt the reason y metallica was gud . mustaine was.. proof ..ride the lighting cliff was the man behind all the gud music then y does for whom the bell tolls, escape and traped under ice suck, fade to black is gud but not thrash metal and there hadly any bass work in it. p.s james sing like a b@#$% now his voice started to suck for mustaine's still kicks ass! looking at the facts,OVERALL ABLUMSthe system has failed(not a fast but very gud for 20years later -st. anger 1(stop hitting a garbage can with drum sticks exampl, and complexity mustaine and megadeth rule over metallica!
    Maybe if you could write a good sentence and spell correctly, your opinion would be taken seriously. There was also bass work in all of those songs you mentioned. The only album without bass work was ...And Justice for All. I love both Metallica and Megadeth. I like Metallica a little more, but I got into them earlier, and just recently bought Rust in Peace, then Countdown to Extinction. I also have a record of Peace sells but whos buying. I love them all. Both are good in there own right. I do agree that Megadeth is more technical though. O yeah, Cliff taught James some music theory and stuff. So ya. Whatever
    One more thing, I have been listening to Megadeth more than Metallica. Just becuase I have been listening to Metallica for a while and it is Megadeth's turn. But for the most part I like Metallica better than Megadeth. How about this, compare Metallica and Megadeth to Neo and Mr. Smith. Each one is the others equal, made to balance each other out. I'm not gonna say who is who though, it is up to your personal preferance.
    King ofKumbucha wrote: or even the underrated "Risk" (modern concept, industrial, more mainstream spirit). Risk is NOT under-rated. It blows. Why is it so hard for people to believe that good bands can put out turds. Just look at Metallica and St. Anger, Load and Reload.
    It's easy to believe, its just none of those albums you mentioned are examples of that. Risk IS underrated and so is St Anger! Why is it so hard for YOU to believe and accept that talented artists like those two bands are NOT monotone and can pull off multiple styles equally well? Anyway this album (TSHF) kicks ass! Even though now UA is out everyone seems to have forgotten this little gem it's still a great listen!
    deth4ever wrote alot this album is amazing, go buy it if u havent already
    pantera pwns megadeth according to me, but still i respect megadeth for the influential and successful metal band they are, definitely worthy of being one of the big four, too bad there wasn't a big five so that pantera can get more recognition..not that they're already being loved and recognised by millions of fans of which i am one...go dime!!
    Well, Megadeth is a righteous band... enuff said. Mustaine is amazing, on guitar and in vocals. Poland is a welcome addition back into the crew for this album. Die Dead Enough, The Scorpion, & (especially) Kick The Chair are the better songs on this album although they are all good in their own right.
    TSHF deos not come close to the classics (mainly the first 4 or 5 lps) I don't know why anyone would think that! But having said that its the first enjoyable release from MegaDave for me since Cryptic Writings. Each track stands on its own almost as if each one was written at a completely different time period idk maybe they were. Some tracks could of easily been on past efforts and fit in just fine for example "Die Dead Eough" has Countdown vibe all over it, "Tears In A Vial" "Truth Be Told" could find in youthanasia, "kick The Chair" maybe could fit in RIP lol you catch my drift. Highlights for me are "Kick the Chair" Back in the Day" and "Shadow of Deth" despite my dislike for religion. Worth buying.