The World Needs a Hero review by Megadeth

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  • Released: May 15, 2001
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 6.4 (77 votes)
Megadeth: The World Needs a Hero

Sound — 9
Not quite back to original Megadeth standards of the first five albums but interesting and different non the less. Dave's singing still takes some getting used to but the addition of Al Pitrelli on lead guitar gives the band a sound not heard since the departure of Marty Friedman. Still poppy in parts like youthenasia and Risk but in songs like Burning Bridges and Return to Hanger the greatness of Dave as a songwriter shines through once more. Overall, a good sound with awesome guitars, heavy basslines and good thrashy uses of double bass pedals.

Lyrics — 9
The most bitter Megadeth album to date, by far. Songs like Recipe For Hate... Warhorse and When are incredibly emotional and one of the best moments on the album comes from the breaking up song; 1000 times goodbye in which the line: "Ya know what? You suck!" appears. Good timing of lyrics and music gives a generally good overall sound although Dave trademark snarl may still put a few people off.

Overall Impression — 10
A much better album than its recent predecessors, getting back toward the brilliance of Peace Sells, RIP and CTE. Highlights of the album include Recipe For Hate... Warhorse; a meaningfull depressive intro with a strong bassline followed by a thrashy song with some brilliant solos, Promises; a haunting love song with well worked backing of a string section, Burning Bridges; the best of the album by far with a heavy low riff, a catchy chorus and brilliant double time solo section and an awesome solo riff from Mustaine, and Return To Hanger; a sequal to the classic Hanger 18 with not quite as many solos but still very catchy and virtuoso. All in all a very good album, definately worth buying. If mine was stolen I would hunt the theif down and burn their soul.

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    This one is more common than KIMB...ABIG but not by much, its probably because neither of them were included in the remasters. Just go on amazon or summat.