United Abominations review by Megadeth

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  • Released: May 15, 2007
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (428 votes)
Megadeth: United Abominations

Sound — 10
First of all the quality of this album is amazing, now if you've bought the album and are just reading this to see what other people think, the quality of the album is some of the best I have ever heard. Now, if your thinking of buying the album. Buy it! This has to be one of the best CDs I have ever heard, the thing is a riff/solo loaded monster, Dave and Glen serve up a healthy dish of a guitar butt kicking that you wouldn't know they have both been around for such a long time.

Lyrics — 9
Mustaine has never been a great lyricist, but he has always been able to drive the point home. The lyrics on this album range from outright awesome to just okay, but overall the lyrics are good. He'll have fans chanting with him on "Gears Of War", "United Abominations", and shouting "Jihad Joe we're coming to get ya!" on "Amerikhastan". And I started thanking God that he lost all the whinnyness that was in he's voice. Dave sound better then he ever did.

Overall Impression — 10
Welcome back Dave, Good to have you home. Was the first thing I thought when I popped this album into my car. If you think he can't play like he used to back in the 80's, You're Dead Wrong. Dave is playing better then he ever did, and with the addition of the Drover brothers and James Lomenzo on bass, this is probably the best album ever put out under the Megadeth name. So, Final thoughts, if you have doubts about this album, buy it anyway, it will dispel any doubt you have about Megadeth not being up to par. It's ironic back in the '80s Metallica ruled the metal world, then on into the '90s they did as well. Now Megadeths wiping the floor with Metallica, it's just kinda ironic to me.

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    this cd is obviously yhe best cd of 2007. it proves what ive been saying for years, mustaine is god and megadeth is the #1 thrash band of all time!!!!!
    genresrforposer wrote: really I'd have to agree that some of Hammet's solos had more emotion or at least were more drawn out and melodic. Perfect example is "Four Horsemen"/"Mechanix" where Dave's version was a short song at a faster tempo and just a good solo where the center section of "Four Horsemen" is just damn long and a lot more drawn out.
    1. Not all emotional solos need to be slow and sorrowful-sounding. Any guiratist can just write solos like that and people all say "oh, there's so much emotion" (e.g. just about all of Slash's solos) - refer my previous comment on this. 2. Kirk Hammet's solos will never be as emotional as Dave's because Kirk contributes so little to the songwriting process that the emotions in the songs are coming from James' heart and not his own. When Dave writes a song and its solo all the emotion comes from him. That's why in Metallica I think James' solos are the more emotional. 3. Kirk Hammet gets his own solos wrong when he plays them live where Dave has always played his perfectly for 20+ years. 4. Both bands rock and so do all guitarists in both past and present And everything you said I didn't quote I agree with.
    wow guys, there isn't one megadeth/metallica forum that doesn't turn into a "who's better?" battle. it just so happens that dave got kicked out of metallica. So, let's all forget that dave existed in metallica, and look at it as this band megadeth owns.
    wow i seriously dont think ive ever see n one conversation where its about megadeth and metallica hasnt been brought up, SHUT UP THIS IS MEGADETH QUIT TALKING ABOUT METALLICA. i love both bands but mustaine was kicked out 24 YEARS AGO!!! FORGET IT DAV EDOESNT EVEN CARE ANYMORE WHY SHOULD YOU!? F***.
    ithank you iamk0ng, lawlz i didnt even realized you said that until i scrolled down after i put in my comment, well said