Youthanasia Review

artist: Megadeth date: 11/21/2005 category: compact discs
Megadeth: Youthanasia
Released: Nov 1, 1994
Genre: Thrash Metal, Speed Metal, Heavy Metal
Label: Capitol
Number Of Tracks: 12
"Youthanasia" is the sixth studio album by American thrash metal band Megadeth.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9.3
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overall: 10
Youthanasia Reviewed by: Rattlehead666, on november 21, 2005
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Sound: This is Megadeth's sixth release. It was released in 1994 after Countdown To Extinction. The chart osition for this album was at no. 4. This album has a pretty heavy sound. There are four new tracks on the remixied and remastered version of this album. They are Millinium Of The Blind, New World Order, Absolution and A Toute Le Monde (demo). Millinium Of The Blinds intro riff is similar to the track 1000 Time Goodbye. New World Order is a pretty cool song. Absolution is an instrumental that later on when Megadeth released Cryptic Writings part of that intrumental would be in the Trust solo. A Toutle Le Monde demo is basically a demo of track 4 on the album which is A Toute Le monde but the demo is better. Dave Mustaine is a pretty great guitarist seeing all the albums he released over the years. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are pretty cool to. Dave Mustaine is a good vocalist also but he's a better guitar player. The lyrics to track 12 Victory is cool to because he put all the names of songs he made in the past in the songs for lyrics. One song on this album you can realy relate to his life because it talks about traveling and stuff which is called The Killing Road which is another great song on this album. // 10

Overall Impression: This is one of my favorite Megadeth albums that I own. This is way better than Metallica's sixth release "Load." But three years later the next Megadeth album ain't so good and that is "Cryptic Writings." It's still pretty good but not that good. I noticed that the artwork is very strange on this album and actually my friend has a purple Megadeth shirt with a babay from the album on it and on the back it has one of the verses to Youthanasia on it. A lot of people at school make fun of him for wearing that shirt but he dosen't care cause it's Megadeth. I don't hate anything about this album and if it were lost I would definatley look for it. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Youthanasia Reviewed by: ReiDSaN, on february 26, 2004
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Sound: Megadeth is a rock band, and all their songs are with electric guitars set to distortion or overdrive. The singer sounds like a demon that has just woke up and is very annoyed to find you among his cornflakes in most of the songs, but can do the emotional act too, as shown in Tout Le Monde. The production quality is amazing, especially the drums, and the guitar patterns range from power chords to little solo-like riffs. It's almost relentless metal, except for Tout Le Monde which starts a little quieter. The album never really relents, but it feels sort of slow simply because there aren't any slow tracks. // 8

Lyrics: The singer, as I have said, fills his role damn well. Whether he's demonic (Reckoning Day) emotional (A Tout Le Monde) sarcastic (Crown of Worms) or even just plain metallic (Elysian Fields) he does his job and he does it well. The lyrics seem quite inventive to me, but they seem to pass very quickly, so you might not really notice them. It all seems to fit the music like a glove, and one of the choruses is entirely in French. Lyrically, this is probably the best Deth album, but to be honest, that's not the important thing. // 10

Overall Impression: Youthanasia feels slightly standard coming from Megadeth. After the relentless pace for the first four albums, after Countdown Megadeth could either go back to pure speedmetal or convolute to a more nineties style. They chose the latter, but the metal still shows at heart. However, it feels slightly placid, like they were taking it easy. It lacks a certain something, definitely. The most impressive song for me is Reckoning Day. I don't really know what he's banging on about, but the guitar and drums more than make up for it. And that's what Deth is about really. It's a good album, but a few more solos wouldn't have gone amiss - I really loved the guitar duel on Hangar 18, and nothing like that is present here. If you're new to Megadeth, get Rust in Peace instead, but if you've been with them a while Youthanasia is definitely worth having. // 8

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overall: 8.7
Youthanasia Reviewed by: unregistered, on july 05, 2004
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Sound: With this album you have a classic Megadeth heaviness much better production with this album everything is very clear. I like the way with this album you can definetley tell whos soloing on this album as mustaines sound cuts right through you when you listen to it and Freidman has such a tone to his guitar and also hes very melodic too. Again Mustaine has proved himself as a writer, with riffs as youthanasia and killing road. If you didnt listen to any other Megadeth albums and with just this one alone youd see how good they are, it is an album that grows on you. People say Dave isnt a very good singer, but youve got to give it to him, not many people could play those songs and sing at the same time. I think he has a unique voice and a good one too also what is a "good singer"? Menza's is second to none and ellefson's Bass lines pound out those riffs. // 8

Lyrics: Once again its Dave Mustaine writing these lyrics so there bound to be good. Talking about incest, gambling and how touring can drag on. Youthanasia is a good example of Daves song writing, talking about the youth of society. Dave Mustaine always writes good lyrics and again in this album he has proved himself to be a good song writer. // 8

Overall Impression: Another great album from Megadeth very different from earlier stuff sounds much better than earlier stuff but as the songs go, you have a few classics in there such as "Reckoning day" "A tout le monde" and. Other highlights includde "Youthanasia" "The killing road" "Blood of hereos" and "Elysian fields". With any other Megadeth I really like Mustaines singing i think hes so intense and he has a rawness in his singing on every song! This CD is definetley worth the money! // 10

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overall: 9.3
Youthanasia Reviewed by: iron<3maiden, on january 04, 2007
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Sound: Youthanasia is the sixth album from Megadeth and it is one of their best. The sound is very different from earlier albums as all of the songs are a lot slower however this does not make them any worse than previous songs. Marty Friedman and Dave Mustaine handle the guitars well and the drums and base are solid throughout. // 10

Lyrics: Mostly the lyrics on these tracks are excellent. The song 'A Tout Le Monde' is a great example of this, the song is about suicide. The last song on the album, 'victory' has a different style as the lyrics are made up of previous megadeth song titles. Dave Mustaine is quite a good singer and his snarly voice fits in well with the style of music. // 9

Overall Impression: This album is a solid effort with some of Megadeths greatest songs. The obvious standouts on this album are 'A Tout Le Monde' and 'Train Of Consequences' however the title track and 'Addicted To Chaos' are also very impressive. If this album were stolen, I would definitely buy it again or get someone else to buy it for me! Hats of to Megadeth, a great album. // 9

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overall: 8
Youthanasia Reviewed by: !SpastikChild!, on march 10, 2008
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Sound: Well I'll start with the guitar sound that Megadeth use for this album. It has 2 sides: heavy soul-rattling guitar and soft clean guitar. If you mix these two sounds in a song you can get an excellent piece of music, and of course the drums and bass add the great effect for the song. Youthanasia starts off with a dark, heavy song called 'Reckoning Day' listening to this makes you want to headbang until you die but Youthanasia also has a few songs that make you say 'woah that's sweet' like 'Addicted to Chaos' and 'A Tout Le Monde'. There are a few double kicks in the drumming and some awesome guitar solos. I really like this album because every song on it is great and I could put it on repeat forever! // 8

Lyrics: I have to say Dave Mustaine has a talent for writing lyrics. I love the first line of 'Elysian Fields' where he says "Uneasy Feeling, Burning out my eyes". Writing 'A Tout Le Monde' made Mustaine a God and it's even better when he sings it. Dave Mustaines Angel voice will make you see God and his Devil voice will Rattle your Goddamn soul. Mustaine has a great singing skill. // 7

Overall Impression: 'Youthanasia' is one of the best Megadeth albums and one of the best albums ever. You can name a few better albums like 'Led Zeppelin IV' and 'Rust In Peace' but 'Youthanasia' has it's place. The most impressive songs have to be 'A Tout Le Monde', 'Elysian Fields, 'Reckoning Day' and 'Blood Of Heroes. I personally love the cover for this album. The old lady hanging babies on a line by their feet. I also love the cute picture of Dave Mustaine by himself and The greatest part of it is 'A Tout Le Monde'. That song is so great it can even make me cry. I have nothing I personally hate about 'Youthanasia' but the song 'Youthanasia' is not as good as you'd expect the album title song to be because most Megadeth album-titled songs are awesome but I give 'Youthanasia' its credit. If my 'Youthanasia' CD was lost or stolen I would definately buy it again because every song on it is good and it's precious to me! // 9

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overall: 9.3
Youthanasia Reviewed by: DashBlaster, on july 18, 2008
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Sound: I have always liked Megadeth, and when I got this album, I was surprised to hear the amount of work that went into it. Everything is really fine tuned, and perfected. This is a 1994 album, following up the success of Countdown To Extinction. Mainly a metal album: the first track is more speed metal, but other than that it's hard to say; it sounds a lot different than other albums. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics were good. I marvel every time I hear "A Tout Le Monde," as it seems like so much thought went into it. Addicted to Chaos is a unique, deep song as well. Dave Mustaine's singing is an aquired taste, so if you haven't heard him sing, I recommend checking it out before-hand. // 8

Overall Impression: It's a very different album: it doesn't have the raw quality of albums like: Killing Is My Business... and So Far, So Good, So What? I prefer this sound, it shows the more "artistic" (if you will) side of Megadeth. My favourite songs are the first 8, as well as the last track. They seem to stand out the most. I love the guitar's sound, as well as the use of harmonies. The last few tracks (minus Victory) sound a bit similar, and don't have the feel like the first ones. If it were stolen, I probably wouldn't but it again for a long time, seeing as it's all saved to my computer, but it would also be nice to hear the remastered version, as I have the original. // 10

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