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artist: Meshuggah date: 12/13/2004 category: compact discs
Meshuggah: I [EP]
Released: Sep 14, 2004
Genre: Djent, Progressive Metal
Label: Fractured Transmitter Recording Company
Number Of Tracks: 1
It may only be an EP, but it's an ambitious one that packs a dizzying array of changes and styles in its single epic 21-minute track.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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I [EP] Reviewed by: dieiervonstn, on december 13, 2004
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Sound: This cd is everything you'd expect Meshuggah to be, with a couple surprises. "I" is a 21-minute epic that starts out with a minute and a half of double bass with a heavy guitar riff being played over it, then cutting into the song. During the cd, Meshuggah stops the music and adds some organic sound effects and other different things. This is a great cd to start out new Meshuggah fans with because it takes all that Meshuggah stands for and rolls it into one song the dizzying math metal guitar riffs, the thundering double bass, and death metal screams. This epic Meshuggah song/cd is a great buy for first time "Meshuggeners" or for those long time fans of the Swedish math metal geniuses. // 10

Lyrics: Jens Kidman's lyrics are once again a great example of his penmanship. One verse reads 'The pendulum swings semi-attached to the center of all, I drug these minds into ruin and contempt - the acid smoke of burning souls" And his delivery is great too. Not many singers can scream like he does and still come off sounding effective. If you've heard any of Meshuggah's cds, you know what I'm talking about. The singers voice is recognizable, especially on other cds. (He makes an appearance on Mushroomhead's XIII cd on the song "The Dream Is Over") I didn't even have to pick up the lyric book to know who it was. Kidman is one of my favorite lyricists/vocalists in metal today alongside Randy Blythe from Lamb Of God & Troy Sanders from Mastodon. // 10

Overall Impression: I thought I'd be the first to review this Meshuggah epic. When I heard Meshuggah was releasing a 21 minute EP, I was blown away before I ever heard it. Then when I bought the cd, I wasn't disappointed in the least. I was actually pleasantly surprised to hear Meshuggah hadn't changed. If you are a Meshuggah fan, buy this cd. If you are wanting to hear what all the rave is about the Swedish math metal band, buy this cd. Neither one of you will be disappointed. I can't wait for "Catch-33", the new Meshuggah cd. // 10

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