...And Justice For All review by Metallica

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  • Released: Aug 25, 1988
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (1,754 votes)
Metallica: ...And Justice For All

Sound — 8
The sound on this album is phenominal. Although I have one criticism. The bass is nearly impossible to hear. In fact to the untrained ear its non-existent. The vocals are top notch. The rhythm guitar produces nearly enough bass to make up for any bass absence. The lead guitar is unbelievable as usual, and the drums are the best on any Metallica album. I rate the overall sound at an 8 only due to the near absence of low end.

Lyrics — 9
This album is very political yet there is some individiality sprinkled in. 01. Blackened - this song is the 1988 thrash metal number one. It's heavy metal meets speed thrash. Lots of palm mutes and a guitar solo that somehow screams "Metallica!" 02 ...And Justice For All - clean intro that breaks into a breakdown awkwarkly placed in the begining of the song somehow sounding great. This song is about the corruption of men due to money. 03. Eye Of The Beholder - although this song never really got popular it really IS a masterpeice. More palm mutes than any metal fan could ask for. I do actually find myself changing the song around the 6 minute mark though. 04. One. 05. The Shortest Straw - this song is also great. An abrupt intro and heavy palm mutes all through the song. Great lyrics. 06. Harvester Of Sorrow - one of my personal favs. A few less power chords and a few more single notes is this one. Makes for great flow. 07. Frayed Ends Of Sanity - this song is about going crazy. The beggining of the song is patterned after the Wizard Of Oz. Very creative song. 08. To Live Is To Die - this song is almost all instrumental with wall shaking guitar riffs, insane guitar solos, and relaxing melodic guitar duos. Toward the end of this 10 minute heavy metal anthem there is a quote from the notes of Cliff Burton (RIP, the greatest bass player of all time). 09. Dyers Eve - often overlooked song. Very impressive, with lots of quick palm mutes and greeat lyrics.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is quite honeslty a follow up to the most influential metal album ever. This is my second favourite album by any artist and I already own 4 copies of it, three of which are not opened.

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    This is my favourite metallica album. I think the only real thing i can put this album down for is the fact the bass is low, but if you play it loud enough you can hear it.. B-D My favourite song also being And Justice.. mega-heavy, great structure and nearly 10 minutes long! How metal should be. Great reviews guys.
    Except for that Subwoofer bass, (I don't know what Jason was thinking), this album is perfect.
    Great album. Can't stop listening to it. BEst songs: Blackened, And Justice For All, One, Harvester Of Sorrow (which is my personal favorite, great song when its played live), and Dyers Eve.