...And Justice For All review by Metallica

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  • Released: Aug 25, 1988
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (1,750 votes)
Metallica: ...And Justice For All

Sound — 9
Justice. The last real metal album Metallica ever made. Despite the sound being kinda different and stuff, it makes for a good sound unless you're looking for something really heavy. But other than that it seems to add complexion to the whole album. You may sometimes not be able to tell the difference between notes n stuff which is bad for tabbing but if it didn't seem so quiet then it would be one of the heaviest albums ever created.

Lyrics — 10
These lyrics are among the best written by James Hetfield. They all seem so harsh, incredibly metaphorical and usually just randomly good. Among the best are "Lady justice has been raped/Truth assassin" taken from the title track. This cleverly describes how someone could be being punished for something they didn't do. Also, the WHole "Harvester of Sorrow" thing is metaphorically hiding the theme of a drug dealer. "Drink up, shoot in/Let the feelings begin" describes the instructions of what to do with the "product" and "Try getting back to me/Get back what used to be" describes the feeling inside a long time customer. I could go on, but I would rather spend more time on the impression bit where I can boringly describe all the songs.

Overall Impression — 10
I love the complexion and sophistication on the album. The way it dares to go where no other Metallica album ever did. Or possibly ever will do unless they come up with something that daringly sounds like St. Anger only good. I don't have all the Metallcia albums, but it is better than Ride the Lightning and nearly as good as Master of Puppets. Anyway if you just want to download some songs rather than get up off your arse and go out and buy this then here is my track by track rating: 01. Blackened - most 'Tallica albums have a song based upon the apocalypse or armageddon. This is it for Justice. The second fastest song is first again here as it was on Lightning and Puppets. Brilliant riffs, and breakneck guitar playing. 02 ...And Justice For All - I don't get the title but it's a good song. More complex than anything else '80s. And probably longer. Even the riff is complex. 03. Eye Of The Beholder - cool opening and a cool riff. Cool lyrics. Cool. Cooool. Anyway the rhythm is really bouncy and driving. Also released on single in 1989. It deserves to be though. 04. One - you know One. What can I say? Almost prefect. Beautiful song. Really famous and deserves to be. 05. The Shortest Straw - one of the harder ones to like because of the stiffness of it. But once you like it you will love it. Really good riffs to be found here. 06. Harvester Of Sorrow - a track pick alongside One and Dyers Eve. Really good and thoughtful riffs in this joint. As mentioned earlier the song is (metaphorically) based on a drug dealer, so the lyrics here are the best on the album. 07. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity - a seven minute epic. It may have a slightly boring beginning, but some of the riffs and lyrical themes are really good and catchy. The solo is quite complex but annoying and ultimately boring. 08. To Live Is To Die - ten minute semi-instrumental, where the only words are almost whispered about 7 minutes in. Good acoustic intro and some awesome riffs. Would be a track pick if it wasn't so long. 09. Dyers Eve - woah! Anyway this is a really fast track with awesome lyrics and catchy rythms and fills to match. Damn he had some bad parents though. But a good way to end the album.

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    steveCFH wrote: KingABX345 wrote: ...And justice for all wasn't the best Metallica album u pussy bitch Master of Puppets was and Metallica does make Slayer look like pussy whiped bitches Give me a break. Master of Puppets wasn't that good. The best album is Ride The Lightning. It is completely flawless.
    I agree, the only thing i see is just because its anniversery and kerrang did a remastered then now people know about it and say its the best. It isnt the best, because the only thing i see is, its commented only by one song, master of puppets, brilliant song, but doesnt mean the album is tthe best because of that. RIde the lightning is the best album.
    This is the album that i think of when Metallica are mentioned. So the bass got messed up? I really dont care.. :p There are so many tracks on here that just KICK ASS! The strcture, the solos, the speed and the time-sig changes, the lyrics, the RIFFS! I'll never get tired of it.. This is metal at its peak.. if you ask me..