...And Justice For All review by Metallica

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  • Released: Aug 25, 1988
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (1,750 votes)
Metallica: ...And Justice For All

Sound — 8
This was Metallica's last kick ass album from the '80s. From Kill 'Em All to Black. Metallica has never failed to impress their fans. Each song in this album is awesome, in the sound department. It is very simlilar in heaviness when compared to Master Of Puppets. In their first two albums: Kill 'Em All and Ride The Lightning, they were still developing into one of the greatest bands of all time. But later in the '80s they sounded a lot clearer and heavier. And that brings me back to the And Justice For All album. Metallica is the pioneer band of heavy metal. Unfortunately after this album they became less metal and really just va bunch of wusses. FYI, This was the first album that Metallica recorded without thier great bassist Cliff Burton. We all miss him and his bass skills a lot.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics go very well with the kick ass guitar riffs by Kirk Hammet. James Hetfield did an awesome job on this album with his vocals. James once again raised the roof and really put a lot of time and effort into this album. One song: To Live Is To Die, is comletely instrumental But wouldn't really sound right with lyrics anyway so it kind of works out. Because those lyrics are replaced by kick ass headbangin riffs and solos from James and Kirk.

Overall Impression — 10
Metallica has a very exclusive list of bands that they can be compared to including: Slayer, Megadeth, and Pantera. Of course there are tons of Metallica copy cats. But in sound and performance there is no chance in hell that they will and or can be compared to Metallica. Each song in it's own way really kicks some tail. But in my opinion and by the rest of Metallica's fans. I and they would have to say that Blackend and One would be the most impressive songs in this amazing album.

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    METSOAD, from what you wrote, I can't tell why you gave the sound a ten...I hate it when people just slap a ten on everything because they like the album. ~Love, Dallas~
    Steven Jack
    shortest straw: technical solo anyways yeah my music is influenced by this album this most. I just call it a 'justicy' feeling when listening to it (like the intro of ...and justice for all, and intro of blackened, and the middle part of to live is to die, which would make you cry xD) by far a great album
    -spayed- u are so gay. The black album was the worst outa Metallica's first five. ...and justice for all is probably their third best album.
    does anyone want to tell METSOAD that the words at the end of To Live is To Die are, while they are written by Cliff, are spoken by James Hetfield
    This album is great. One of the best definetly, although I wish the bass was louder, I'm having trouble learning bass for One!
    1. master of puppets 2. Ride the lightning/Killemall 3. ...and justice for all 4. Killemall/Ride the lightning 5. Black OK?