Beyond Magnetic review by Metallica

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  • Released: Dec 13, 2011
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (191 votes)
Metallica: Beyond Magnetic

Sound — 9
They said it was a rough mix, but you won't notice. At least, I didn't. The distortion is epic on this record, and the style of playing is really different from "Death Magnetic" itself. "Rebel Of Babylon" could be an "...And Justice For All" song, and still you won't notice it was made for "Death Magnetic", their newest sound.

Lyrics — 10
James, you've did it again! What an epic voice on this record, way better than "DM"! The lyrics are also great. At "Rebel Of Babylon" he sings "don't let it burn out, tonight!" and when he sings "tongight!". It makes me feel a bit like Mercyful Fate medley, like such a high note and his voice isn't sounding different than normal! Thanks James. You're epic.

Overall Impression — 9
Just a review of all the songs;: 01. "Hate Train": Nice heavy intro, with one of the most impressive main riffs of Metallica. Also, the beginning solo is in one word EPIC. Kirk kicks a-s here. Also, when the song goes from dist. To clean in the chorus. It just kicks a-s! Lyrics aren't the best on this one. 02. "Just A Bullet Away": This doesn't really sound like Metallica. I don't really like it at least. It just doesn't sound like the other songs on "Beyond Magnetic", and "DM". One of the weaker songs. 03. "Hell And Back": Evil clean intro, and then a part that sounds a bit like an amateur group... But then... BOOM! One of the greatest Metallica riffs! It's so damn f***ing awesome! And the lyrics are also sublime! One of the best tracks. 04. "Rebel Of Babylon": When I started listening this song for the first time, I didn't really like the intro. But I kept listening and then it turned AWESOME! Just epicness in music. Epic singing, epic riffs, epic lyrics, epic guitar-playing, epic bassline, epic drums, epic everything!

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    I'm a bit late to the party, but oh well... The EP is not bad, but again, nothing special.Like in "...and justice for all", the songs are good (not as good) but too repetitive. I quite enjoy long songs, if they're progressive and going somewhere, but to repeat the same 3 or 4 riffs for 6 or 8 minutes is boring as hell. James singing keeps getting worse, and the lyrics I pretend I can't understand them, they are embarrassing sometimes. The riffs save the day, because James is a riff master. The solos, it's Kirk, it's his style, no surprises there and they are actually pretty decent. Drums, erm, ouch, nothing more can be said about Lars' drumming I suppose, maybe it's down to personal taste, but I'd prefer something more dynamic, I'm not even saying complex, just simply more dynamic. Sometimes I think some of it it's actually badly programmed drums with all the hits on 127, therefore, it lacks dynamics. Loud annoying hi hat always hit exactly the same way, copy and pasted samples? Who knows. Or maybe Lars is a robot. I still like Metallica, but the truth is they reached their peak a long time ago, and it's been a bit of a downhill with some ups here and there ever since.
    Nonetheless a great EP, yet, contrary to what the others are saying that some of the songs in that EP should have been included in Death Magnetic. I beg to disagree. All the songs were great (Rebel Of Babylon is my favorite), but the mood and feel of these songs are not matched with Death Magnetic. BM and DM have separate identities.
    People qho dont like new metallica music are the people who was stock up in the past.. move on!!
    you dick! Lars is perfectly fit on metallica. Metallica sound will be nothing without lars. Just you watch Portnoy lesson on youtube you think his better.. oh yeah skills wise his better. But lars Jive is what he has since day one..
    James since load, has sounded mostly AWFUL - like a grumpy country-singer-wannabe and when he pronounces words like "hate-uh and "end-uh" it's like someone took to my balls with a razr blade. And, frankly, his lyrics and thematic concepts post-black have headed due south almost without exception! (Song titles too - "Damage Inc" or "All Nightmare Long"? no contest!! Lars' drums sound completely horrendous, and his playing is bland, repetitive and uninspired. When he downsized his kit for Load, and decided Oasis was his favourite band, he should have done the honourable thing and blown his greedy little art collecting poncey head off! This ep is less like a collection of songs and more like 4 collages of sounds (Lars' pisspot noodling) and riffs, some pretty good, others puke-poor, and yet others simply recycled from albums past. The songs lack cohesion and simply wind along aimlessly, mostly irritating, occasional flashes of what-could have been. Very little originality really. One area Metallica have fallen from grace most spectacularly is intros - most on this ep (and all albums since "Black") They invariably sound thin and amateurish these days. These songs like effectively everything on Load and onward, are simply sub-par and despite numerous moments, nothing post-Black is more solid than ANYTHING prior. Sad, but true! Another disappointment, but I have long-since expected nothing but disappointment from what was once the finest METAL band on the planet (and a contender for best band, period). We are left with a hard-country-rock band, that occasionally recycles a thrashy riff, and even more occasionally a promising new one, squandered in a below-par stylistic mismatch. I'd probably be less critical if they weren't Metallica - but then, if Metallica's career had started with Load, "Until it Sleeps" would have been as far as I'd have cared for them.