Death Magnetic review by Metallica

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (2,437 votes)
Metallica: Death Magnetic

Sound — 8
After the wait and the hype it's finaly here. And oh my god is this album special. Now I've listened to every album that metallica have made and they've changed from bieng Thrash metal to the core, to Heavy Metal with lyrical imaginations of war and spiritual cultures, Hard Rockers with southern influences and then back to Bitting you're head of with Angry lyrics and a loud hazy Glockenspiel for a snare. They have repeatedly produced gold after gold after gold. I can tell you for a fact that Metallica when they where doing Load and Re-Load in my eyes where some of their best work ever (which from me who loves Slayer and Evile, is something God himself would frown upon) And yes St Anger was the worst produced album ever for them but I still love that album cause even though there are no solo's, even though there is clangy snare, even though their lyrics don't make sense, it was angry. The best song from St Anger in my eyes was Some Kind of Monster because it fitted with the way they set it up. What I'm trying to get at here is that for me Metallica are an ever changing band and are just human biengs who experience anger, hate, love and loss and these emotions are represented by these emotions. So... what's Death Magnetic? Open tray, put CD in, turn volume up hi, listen. Awesome! as ever they have a great set-up but there are some downsides. Lars's snare drum is abit wet for my liking but I totally forgive him for it because when he hits those double bass drum bits you know he's loving every second of it. Kirk and James's Guitars are Juggernauts in metal linking well with solo's which make you wanna put a tie round you're head and air guitar, Heavy main riffs that make you want to bang you're head (make it sore! ), and fast paced thrash palm muting triplets which sends tingles down my spine. Regretably they are abit buzzy but again totally forgive em for it. And Robert I think is more herd and respected in this album, I can see sum of his influences on the band such as "Cyanide", but yet again the bass is still hard to hear where the guitars lead, this I still forgive them for.

Lyrics — 8
So I've herd it once already all the way through and I've only paid attention to the riffs and the drumming, second time around I'm guna pay more attention the the lyrics. I'm going to be confident in saying that the best ever lyrical albums Metallica have done rank in this order: 1. Metallica (The Black Album) 2. Load 3. Master Of Puppets Now some people will probably send me hate mail but I'm gunna back myself up in saying that many different things colaberate to make an awesome lyrical track and that is words, Topic and the way it's sang. Death Magnetic isn't the best Lyrically because of James's voice going abit but the Enthusiasem, Anger and Soul is still all there and since the album is about Death the topic repeats itself. But gold star for producing some catchy stuff.

Overall Impression — 9
Alot of the hype was said "it's going to be a young carbon copy of Master of Pupets or... And Justice For All". Poppycock! The influences are as blatently obvious but this is a fresh, brand new, born agen Metallica who now the core of the band is around 40 to 50 is Outputting some of their best works since the days of Master of Puppets. If you feel let down because you thought it was going to be another Master of Puppets then you're narrowminded and down respect Metallica enough to give them a chance to express themselves through their music. 3 Best songs on the album: 01. Suicide & Redemption - it makes me want to bang my head when the main riff comes along and is extremely heavy and slow reffereing back to The Black Album and... And Justice For All. But doing ten minutes of Instrumental mastery has made it a classic forevermore I hope they lay this live. 02. Cynide - catchy as hell, Lyrically awesome and the riff's are just tasty. Again slow riffs and shouty Lryics go back to The Black Album etc. But it's modern fresh and so tantilizingly like Metallica to do a song like this. 03. That Was Just Your Life - punchy, shouty, riffery, yeah! This is what St Anger should have sounded like and the influences are there in the latter end of the verses with what sounds like missed strings or palm mutting low notes. Either way throughly enjoying this modern Metallica thrash they're throwing into the fire. So overall a humdinger of an album from the masters of metal & thrash. It just slips into the third place slot for best albums they've done but that's just for now. I need to keep on listening to it and see how long I get bored of it to truely rate this album but the thing with Metallica is that they always produce music that you want to hear over and over again, come back to me and I'll tell you were it's placed in a month or so.

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    Reviewer Pete
    jazz.JC wrote: the guy who wrote that first review is an absolute tool! he's probably one of those idiots who got stuck on master of puppets and never appreciated anything else that metallica has done since. The album rocks and no one here can say its crap cuz they are not famous themselves and dare i say can play nothing like kirk. As for calling kirk horrible at times.... I'd like to hear how this tool of a reviewer plays guitar!
    What does my own proficiency on the instrument have to do with anything? Please, be more juvenile. As for not appreciating anything they've done since Puppets...well, that's a real load of bull.