Death Magnetic review by Metallica

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2008
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (2,437 votes)
Metallica: Death Magnetic

Sound — 9
Alright so I was chilling in the closest CD store to my house, which 20 miles away because the internet ruined my life, and I was walking down the metal aisle looking some King Diamond CDs. that's when my crusty, baggy eyes shifted to catch a glimpse of an atrocious looking CD by an artist known as Metallica. "What lame name for band" I thought to myself, but I decided I would give them a chance, you know, just in case they started in the 80s where you were allowed to have a god awful name and still get chicks. (I'm looking your way Kick Axe). Upon placing the disc into my walkman on my 20 mile march back home, my ears began bleeding. This record was too metal! I couldn't handle it, they brought the thrash like johnny brought the cash. I was short of breath within the first few seconds of the first track. "Who the hell is this band?!" I yelled. As soon as I got home I ran to my computer to write this review to make sure the world knew who this underground band was. They needed a label and fast!

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics were pretty scarring to my liver, yet the vocals laid over the music so smoothly like a steak laying over a charcoal grill on a cool afternoon. I'm really glad they got mustaine back to sing on this record his voice is sounding better than ever and the imagery in every song is like watching the mortal kombat movie for the first time, pure ecstasy. I also really enjoyed the King Diamond like vocals on track 7 before the solo. They rocked, and at one point, maybe 3/4 through, they also achieved rolling along with rocking. Ecxellent job. Oh and Lars Ulrich did a great job singing on track 3.

Overall Impression — 8
I would have to say, as this is Metallica's third release, they are definately only getting better from here. After countless line up changes and the tragic loss of Mike Patton from hemroids, I would have to say this band has pulled through amazingly. Maybe one day they will even be out there supporting tours for U2 and Gwar. The most impressive song on the album is definately Cyanide. I still don't understand how they can play that riff THAT many times throughout the song! The endurance of these teenagers is extravagant!! I absolutely love a lot of the guitar work on this album, especially the solos that are all like weedooweedoodoodillydallwaaaarrrrhhghhh wewewewewewewedooooooooo, and the heavy riffs backing them up. The only thing I disliked was how much they sounded like Black Tide. Metallica really needs to work on finding their own sound before those warriors of time catch them with a lawsuit of some sort. If this album were stolen I probably would not go buy another copy. Instead I would get on my harley and find my trusty pick axe, find the guy who did steal the CD and record myself breaking his skull open and and eating his own brains. That way I would have my CD back and a CD that's almost half as brutal as Death Magnetic. Thanks for keeping it Metallica, stay heavy and Up the Irons!.

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    Okay, I listened to this album with fairly low expectations, after all, St. Anger is pretty damn easy to follow up. Now, drums are a big part of the music for me, they keep the rhythm and project a lot of the mood. I understand a lot of people are hardcore Metallica fans, obviously, since the album has sold almost 500,000 copies already, but this album didn't really do it for me. I don't really like Hetfield's voice in a lot of the songs, it just seems to me like it should be lower. The drums could be cleaned up and have a little more treble in the bass drum. The guitars were usual Metallica, I can't really knock them for that because they were just what I had expected. Overall, I'd give the album a 6.5 or a 7 out of 10. I can listen to it, but I'd rather throw in Ride the Lightning or Master of Puppets.
    You guys are all retarded if you dont recognize WHY st.Anger is better than this album... With St. Anger they reached the point to be able to start over new and do whatever they want...they reached highest level of creative thinking by doing something totally different which is something U2 or Aerosmith did not. Which is why I stopped respecting those bands. But Metallica reached the point where they could do anything without harming their career... ...EXCEPT FOR ONE THING: repeating themselves, which they obviously did... ...but I guess americans like getting what they're used to in order not to fear a change in things the way they are... which is why you morons re-elected Bush and probably will elect mcCane...or whatever you spell that fascist's name... Have fun...
    I agree with you, hak_hap, and glad you said what you did. St. Anger was really hated, huh? I respected them for changing the sound on that album. Lars' snare: I LOVED the tinny sound on St. A.....Man, people are picky(smile)! I have been a Metallica fan since 84, and most of my friends stopped listening to them after....And Justice for All. I felt 'tallica started exploring things that just didn't suit them in the 90s. Death Magnetic can't be compared to any of the old albums at all, because the risk-taking has left the building. If anything, some songs seem like they borrowed Justice melodic parts. Still. Metallica is the band that made me pick up a guitar, and I keep hoping that they take a bigger chance, like St. Anger. Remember when each one of their albums actually sounded TOTALLY DIFFERENT?
    way too many things to read, obviously james wont sing the same, its 25 years later, and of course the whole album is going to sound different, why would they want to put the exact same shit out for 25 years. A great album and a great experience, 100% recommended.
    read my review i just wrote children! its FANtabulous!!! different from all the others at least
    read my review children! its full of wonderful visionary colors and helpful tips from papa bucketned!
    Dear UG team, I have never been more disapointed with a review than i am with this one, while this album may not be a masterpeice it is certainly better than st anger, however, you guys gave st anger an 8 and this a 7. Dont believe me? Look up St Anger reviews, you will see that UG review was an 8 and for this its just a 7.....ridiculous.....
    I love it!!!! Yes, they could of done better, but at least the didn't use technology to make them sound better. They sound like they do in the studio live. Fukk yea They redeemed themselves!!!!
    And another thing St.Anger rocked They changed instead of sticking to what we've already heard!!!!
    I was pretty dissapointed with this album actually. To me it sounds like a decent bands demo tape. For a band of this caliber I was shocked. Im not bashing Metallica at all, but the schmo who mixed this, bleh!
    Amazing how many comments you get in less than a week. OVER 500!!! I'm listening to it right now. What i hear is good, not great per se, but good. I'm at TDTNC right now.
    ive been a metallica fan since i was little. (im 16) And I have to say ive heard Kill em all, most of RTL, Reload, some st, anger, the black album and most of MOP and Death Magnetic is the best out of all of those. I love this album so much. that was just your life is insane. I thought they were exadurating about this album making it seem better than it was going to be but damn they proved me wrong. Long live Metallica!
    mat hazelwood
    zackmuise : way too many things to read, obviously james wont sing the same, its 25 years later, and of course the whole album is going to sound different, why would they want to put the exact same shit out for 25 years. A great album and a great experience, 100% recommended. lynyrd skynyrd has been playin the same shit for 25 years...someone get on their ass.....burn in hell c.m.t.