Death Magnetic review by Metallica

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (2,437 votes)
Metallica: Death Magnetic

Sound — 10
I have waited a long time for Death Magnetic. and as soon as I knew this was coming out, I was expecting nothing more than some good ole thrash. And, I got was I was expecting. now, the sound quality may be bad at times but that shouldn't stop anyone from listening to it. The day it came out, I ran over to Target and bought it. I popped it into my PC and I was amazed at what they did. They put together an album that sounded pretty modern but definitely had that Metallica sound we all know and love.

Lyrics — 9
They lyrics as you should all know are based on.. well... death. Sounds rather strange to just have songs all about death but I don't really even care. The way James and Co. put together this album is amazing. They knew what they were doing this time around. James's voice isn't in the best shape but hey, for a 45 year old dude screaming the way he does, you gotta give him credit. I'm very pleased with the way they put the album together.

Overall Impression — 10
My favorite songs on the album are The Judas Kiss, Suicide and Redemption (they have always done excellent jobs on their instrumentals... it sounded very different from Call of Ktulhu and Orion but it was still pretty friggin awesome. There aren't anythings I can think of that I hate about it... The solos were excellent. Kirk did use a little too much wah at times but it's not a problem. Kirk + Wah = madness! This album is hard to compare to Master Of Puppets or And Justice for All only because it's so different but still has that Metallica taste and sound to it. I'm very very pleased with the album and look forward to seeing what they have stored for us in the future.

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    Better than that crap from the guy named AXL. And the best from Metallica in years IMO.
    UG, ****ing sort the album info out - label it as metal, not thrash metal. This album is about as close to thrash as Cher is to grindcore. If anyone says otherwise - get over it, you're ****ing wrong, stop trying to be right. If you want to listen to thrash then buy a Testament CD.
    While it is perfectly right and true that u can give your honest opinion about anything..... how can anyone say that death magnetic doesn't hav something to talk about???..... which band can remain the same over the years??? they all ahv to change their sound every now and then..... and while we, the fans of metallica, should not hate the band for exploring new ground.... it is to applauded.... neither do wa have the right to say that DM or any other album sucks.... u can say u hate the album or u can say u dont like it but u can't say it sucks that decision is up to no one..... I honestly feel that metallica has given us an-almost masterpiece.... u cant expect the old days again but their new days are worth anyones time..... they are without a doubt a band like no other..... even great bands like iron maiden and judas priest.... they are great bands but tey really dont go out of their comfort zones.... HATS OFF to James,Lars,Kirk and Robert!!!!
    dark_falco3000 wrote: str84ever wrote: ****ing god. Could Metallica fans complain any ****ing more?! You literally are the worst fans ever, you are so ****ing picky with what you want. Ever care to you that Metallica doesn't care what you think? They release what they want to play not what you want to hear and it will sell regardless of waht it is. So ****ing suck it up. What, are you pissed off that people's opinions differ from yours? Or maybe you're ok that people's opinions differ from yours, but you don't want them to be able to express it or something? I've seen this argument so many times on UG. You may love this album, but not everyone does. Some people probably hate it. That doesn't mean that you have more of a right to express your opinion of it. And just before you accuse me of being one of these haters, I love DM. Best Metallica album since AJFA. And yes, it beats the Black Album. That album is mediocre and overrated. Anyway, so it's not that I don't like this album, because I love it. I just don't like people like you who tell others what opinions they should and shouldn't be expressing.
    Dude DarkFalco and sr84ever you gyus hav both made good points... but i hav to say that there are quite a few people who just rant on about how much this album sucks or how much lars sucks or kirk is crap etc..etc... while you and i are surely not of that specrum.... nobody really can say that this album is bad it is a great album of course some people wont like it so much but thats ok but wats not ok is people saying that it sucks.....
    I get what you're saying. I guess it's wrong to say that this album "sucks" without anything to actually back it up (and this doesn't include lame arguments), but if people don't like the album, they have as much right to express this dislike as the fans of this album have to express the fact that they do like the album (sorry if that didn't make sense... heh). I just hate it when people try to tell other people what opinions they should and shouldn't be expressing.