Death Magnetic review by Metallica

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.6 (2,439 votes)
Metallica: Death Magnetic

Sound — 7
Many people accuse Metallica of "Selling out" when they released Load. To me they were just redefining their careers. The Black album defined their career. Don't get me wrong I don't believe The Black Album was their best one but because of it 10 times more people listened to Master of Puppets. Anyway now they are back to their old sound(so they say). This time there is no movie to back them up, just some sound and video clips. When I heard the sound clips I didn't say "oh my god they're back!". But I felt they had something good going. I listened to all the songs and during my ride home from buying tickets to the concert. I thought they sounded more like a "Hardcore band" rather than a thrash band due to the fact that it was so loud. The loudness made the quality suffer. I thought the production was poor. Some high points were that the songs for the most part was catchy. My mark in my Math diploma exam suffered due to listening to "All Nightmare long." Some other catchy songs are "End of the Line", "Cyanide", "Judas Kiss" and "Broken, Beaten and Scarred". Another low was the solos. I'm sorry but Kirk Hammet is not a very creative soloist and seeing him live did my point justice. The solos were also quite "smeshed" up. I do give him phrase for solos in "Unforgiven 3" and "The Day That Never Comes." I felt the overall sound was good but killed by the poor production and editing. I think that this is a great record for a new generation of metal fans because they been fed with Axl Rose's Guns N roses(Slashless), Screamo bands and My Chemical Romance. This CD gives them a good representation of what metal should be.

Lyrics — 9
Metallica's Lyrics were always great for the theme of the music. The songs are very catchy. When they perform "Enter Sandman" and "Master of Puppets" James doesn't have to sing. the lyrics most talk about death or difficult times. I felt the lyrics to "Broken, Beaten and scared" were lame. Saying "What doesn't kill you makes you more strong" throughout the whole song doesn't suit me. As I said before most of their songs are very catchy in Death Magnetic. James' singing is at it's peak. I was very impressed with his ability to say in melody(after listening to St. Anger I was starting to ask questions). I don't think there is a better front man for a Metal band out there.

Overall Impression — 7
When comparing this ablum to Metallica album I would have to say it doesn't live up to their old stuff BUT it is a much needed album for the new generation of Metal fans. I think it is best compared to Kill Em All because of the catchy songs and licks. it's no Master of Puppets but metal fans could do a lot worst. I feel that even some well respected "new" metal bands like Mastodon, In Flames and All That Remains do not do justice to the thrash metal genre. My favorite songs are "Unforgiven 3" and "End of the Line" they are both catchy and have good solos. There is not much to "Love" about this album besides James' vocals but I have discussed the good things. What I hate is the production and editing of the album. I also didn't feel the classic Metallica sound and there wasn't a true trash metal song. If it were stolen or lost I would buy it again because the cover is cool.

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    Pyd Pyper wrote: Honestly, Metallica tried and I don't believe they were money hungry, though seemed to be Loaded (excuse the pun) with dissapointing '90s sound. My Apocalypse is not a bad song and I'd place it in higher regards over the '90s and 2003 catalogue. Cliff Burtons Death was murder and part of a conspiracy from Bob Rock to get inside Metallicas pants.
    lol wtf?
    MonsterOfRock wrote: the UG Team reviewer... mate which crappy sound system are you using? Incase over the last 25 years you didnt notice that Metallica sound has a void of midrange and a pack full of treble and bass... Rob is not as audible? seriously, get a new soundsystem. And please don't tell me that this review is based on a 128kb/s internet leak. And no mentioning of "All Nighmare Long", and "Unforgiven III" sucks? get your hearing checked mate. I got me the album this morning, and must say, the packaging is absolutely fantastic
    mate , why in the hell must you consist on shouitng at the UG reviewer. and i know why because you one of them haters who listens to metallica albums that come out and thinks "lets go and post on ultimate guitar and say bad shit about them because they cant make another master of puppets".. face it mate , it wont happen.but they are still a ****ing good band .. 10/10 for DM.
    extrememetal129 wrote: brendanb36 wrote: tancanada wrote: death magnetic might be one of the best albums ive listened to in a while. its my fourth favorite, which is saying something because my top 3 are master, ajfa and black, and the last time one of those was released was almost 20 years ago. I agree that kirk used too much wah too often, in my opinion he needs to buy some new pedals, itd be cool to hear kirk poundin away on a phaser or something lol. and trujillo had some good bass lines, cyanide's a very good bass song. lars was lars. =/ and jaymz was amazing at rhythm, there were some AMAZING rhythm guitar tracks in this album. my favorite songs are that was just your life, end of the line, and unforgiven III, but I can listen to all of them straight through except for suicide and redemption, i cant stand that song for some reason. overall, the album gets an 8.5/10. it beats into the fire, kills all hope is gone, and im sure itll totally slaughter triviums new one. ya sorry shogun destroys death magnetic. maybe metallica should be taking notes from their fans... Hey fag! Get out. People who read articles of meta,mega,slyaer listen to metal and they don't care about a band who has ever done is using unused metallica and pantera riffs. THRASH TILL DEATH
    shogun is good but not that good , the vocals sound too much like a hetfield imitation ,just face it .. matt heafy is shit at imitating.