Death Magnetic review by Metallica

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  • Released: Sep 12, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.6 (2,438 votes)
Metallica: Death Magnetic

Sound — 10
Metallica has put out it's first CD in over a decade. Their music style continues to be heavy rock/metal, and includes ridiculously fast playing of guitars. The solos kill, and even the rhythm guitars are impressive. Anybody who likes Metallica, Megadeth, or even Dragonforce will love this CD. Some of the songs have some nice acoustic guitar, but the CD focuses mainly on electric power chords and fast strumming. Even though there are only ten songs, each one brings something new to the CD. Death Magnetic is definitely a must-buy!

Lyrics — 8
If you like repeating, moderately good lyrics, then this is the CD for you. The lyrics are alright, and they tend to repeat themselves in every song. I also dislike the fact that the singer decides to sing so low. He has potential, but decides not to use it. Otherwise, the singing was a 6, the overall lyrics a 6.5, and when you combine the bad singing and lyrics with the music, a 8!

Overall Impression — 9
Since this is Metallica's first album in over a decade, it's about as good as their albums, maybe a little bit below. Master of Puppets and Justice for All are way above Death Magnetic, but if you want a reminder of their music, then this is a good CD for you. The best songs on the CD are All Nightmare Long, The Unforgiven III, and possibly The Day That Never Comes. I hate that there are only 10 songs on the album, and that each song has a 2 minute solo (it seems like 20). The only thing I love about it is that the singing goes throughout the song and does not abandon it. I would not buy this album again, but it's good for hard-core Metallica fans.

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    stalefishtweak wrote: The thing about the pre black album era of metallica albums is that they are the kind of albums which you put in the cd player, press play and sit back with a beer in hand or a cup of tea whatever it may be(tea FTW)... dont stop it .. just listen till the end... once your done though it's like an enlightenment... you really feel like you've heard something different and feel the happier for it... Black albums onwards you can either listen to the whole thing at a go or just a few songs it doesn't really make a difference... not that its a worse or better album... My views on mettalica were changed by everyone on UG voicing out their comments I appreciate their old material more now... I wanna say thank you!!
    +1 hell yes! i listened to this and the old stuff is way better! quite sad to see what they used to be like and now there like this =(
    11/4 has eleven beats to a measure, and the beats are quarter notes 3/4 is three beats to a measure, with the quarter notes again 3/8 is similar, but the eighth notes are what the measures are counted by. i thing the beat still goes to quarter notes, so the measures are a count and a half. I don't for sure, but it probably gives a hurried sound that's hard to find the rhythm to.
    While Hetfield doesn't reach the heights of some of his finer works such as ... And Justice For All, Master of Puppets or The Outlaw Torn, You have to be kidding me! The outlaw torn is a terrible song all together no argument there. I agree with Solskinn8 no comparison with load or reload at all. For shame UG team, FOR SHAME!
    why does this get the same rating as load and reload? i personally think this is much better than both of them combined.
    why does this get the same score as load or reload? i personally think this is much better than both of them combined.
    Well,kirk change his sound on this album.And some of the solos pretty good(My apocalypse?).For me,Kirk is a great guitarist.He definitely can play and hes not that sloppy,and rarely we see him made mistake.And most people in internet hate kirk."Mustaine is better","Kerry pawns kirk","there are thousands of amateur better than kirk" and so on.I love Kirk the way he is,and he once said he is tired of classic solos.Mybe thats why he never shred like other guitarist.But yes,I agree with the UGteam.Nearly perfect review.I want to give it an 8.5 but I have to give it 7.For the lack of their 80's metal feel,uncreative drum work,the solo on some song,and some bad song.Dont worry about me,if you metal fans,buy this album.Its a great one.But if you 'Megadeth only/slayer only/any band other than metallica' fans,dont buy it.It will never change ur opinion about metallica.
    WOW there are some dumb people on this thread. I mean, I LOVE metallica don't get me wrong but the reviewer has a few good points. So to all of you fanboys, quit criticizing him for not calling it perfect, you are not going to change his opinion and you are just making yourselves look like a bunch of dumbasses on the internet. People are saying "Kirk is a god!! he plays the best solos of all time!!" Hate to break it to ya folks, but you're WRONG. Yes, as we hear in the solos Kirk deffinately can play. But he IS pretty damn sloppy, which doesn't make him a bad guitarist but if you actually play the guitar then you will understand why that doesn't exactly make him the best of all time either. So it is time to "Open your minds" and quit criticizing people for LIKING metallica instead of WORSHIPING them. Anywho, Death Magnetic is a pretty good comeback album. I actually give it an 8.5 to a 9 (Still undecided). My only problem is suicide and redemption. I like it but it just isn't the same as Orion and The Call of Ktulu but it is their first instrumental in 20 years so it isn't all bad. As far as the rest of the album goes, they go back to thrash while putting a modern twist to it. It is pretty much ALL of metallica's albums put together (Except st. anger). It is good to hear that they've still got it after 20 years
    I like every song on this album except the one that won a Grammy. Go figure. Oh wait, "Who Let the Dogs Out" won a Grammy. (Just saw that on VH1 flipping channels the other day.) All the sudden the world makes sense.
    Frickin' AWESOME Album. The World Tour has been cool as well. I got a train all the way from Aberdeen in Scotland to London in March just to see them! It was my first @Tallica gig and it was AWESOME!!!!!
    After St. Anger, I Thought that Metallica had lost it's greatness, but this album blew me away. Way to come back guys, good job. Although the snare could've been toned down a bit.
    this album is good...but james just doesn't have the Hetfield voice anymore...i guess that just comes with age...idk...also i don't really care for Lar's snare but it is 10 times better than the snare on St.Anger...but all in all its a good album...9/10
    i'm not sure about the 3/8, though i've never even heard of 11/4 till now. but theoretically that's what it would be
    I know this may seem irrelevant right now but I gotta ask.. Whats the difference between the time signatures 11/4, 3/4 and 3/8... dont they all go one two three one two three... (i think).. I dont really have my theories straight ... can some one help me out please...
    i have never been one to bash on metallica. I love their old shit and probably always will but this album and st. anger are probably the two most forgettable of all of their albums. Being old is not an excuse for not having good vocals. If you are too old to sing, then stop singing. And to be honest, these past couple albums seem like they have been bad ripoffs of their old albums. I never thought i would have to say this but metallica needs to grow some balls and progress instead of staying where they have been because they know that it sells to stay the same. on death magnetic it seems like the solos havent changed at all, they are just fast and most likely they all derive from the pentatonic scale. Im not trying to bash metallica. Im just urging them to do something different. The real fans are starving to hear something new fresh
    Death Magnetic can be an aquired taste. I owned the CD for months before I could actually listen to more than a couple of minutes at once. Just for the hell of it, I popped it into the CD player in the car and by the middle of the week I was hooked. Once you get the riffs in your head you don't mind the songs being long anymore and I even catch myself replaying some of them just to hear it more. Yeah, they've changed from their roots, but that beats the heck out of bands like Poison that haven't done anything original in 7 years, or like Rush who lost their sound 24 years ago. Yeah, it's gonna be love it or hate it because it's all pretty similar, and most of it hard core; not like the black album. On DM they only let up for the quiet parts of Unforgiven III--which I usually skip anyway. Like Cliff (the one who's still alive) said: "But if you've got it going, you want it to hammer all the way through. You want people to be able to really listen and say: 'Jesus Christ, there's no letting up from these guys. There's no fu*king letup.' Fu*k ballads. You know?" And DM has it going. As for sound quality, mow lawns with earbuds on 11, go to concerts, use a race car for your daily driver, work around jets, and play guitar on a 180w amp and you get too much tinitus to notice stuff like that, fan boy or not. Say what you want about StAnger, too, but you gotta admit it just doesn't let up. Fu*k ballads! That's what White Lion was for..."when the children cry..." go buy Pride on Amazon for $1.50 \W/
    I love the album. Its not the best Metallica cd, but it's one of them. I think all the haters should shut the **** up and quit posting horrible things about this band. One guy came on here and said, "Metallica sucks, Megadeth owns!!!" Honestly, do you have no life. I think there are things with this release that could be a little better, but remember one very important thing..... THEY'RE OLD!!!! The fact that James has such a great voice at his age is great. Kirk's solos are not what they used to be, but at least its not the same old shit. Metallica has had the ability to have every single one of their albums be completely different than the one before it, which is very hard to do. Some bands release the same CD over and over again, well whats the point in that. Wheather you like this band or not (and if you don't like them at all you shouldn't be on thier reviews) they changed metal. Someone earlier talked about how Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine and A7X are way better, well guess what: ALL OF THOSE BANDS HAVE CITED METALLICA AS ONE OF THIER BIGGEST INFLUENCES!!!!! If all you like is early Metallica, thats fine, but stop trashing all those who are still fans, like me, because we appreciate that this band is still around and thank them for all the great music they have given us.
    Teh Skisgaars
    stalefishtweak wrote: DrShreddington wrote: like I posted in the other Death Magnetic topic, will you just shut up about the album and stop posting shit about it on the front page every waking moment? This entire album reeks of one fantastic word. mediocre, stop trying to make it seem like a godsend, its an 8.0 album, a regular, bland, beige, non interesting, non memorable experience. The only reason this album gets recognition is because its by Metallica, just shut up about it already, my god there were so many far superior metal albums in 2008 but apparently theyre not popular enough to make the front page. It sickens me to see UG has turned into a complete and utter popularity contest. absolutely dissapointed. can't help but feel the same way
    its all a matter of opinion you guys may think metallica now suck or are mediocre but you cant deny that a large amount of the UG populus love this album, me being one of them its all a matter of opinion and you have a different one and tahts fine
    Teh Skisgaars
    best song by far is suicide & Redemption followed so incredibly closely by all nightmare long then the day that never comes then the end of the line then that was just your life with unforgiven 3 somewhere in there and my apocalypse somewhere in there too, the judas kiss 3rd last, cyanide 2nd last and broken beat and scarred whihc i generally dont like at all im sorry to say all in i love this album just as much as kil em all master and AJFA not RTL cause thats my all time fav but its up there and i loved every metallica album, load and st anger had some bad parts but still were good albums metallica will forver be known as the gods of metal and i will forver be a metallica fanatic Long Live Metallica
    lol. this is brilliant. So much hate, love, anger, and every emotion under the sun on one page. Everything from the "metallica arnt metul enuf nemore lulz" comments, to the fanboys, to the types whose opinions are "more valid than EVERYONE else's." Comedy at it's finest. Thrash till death \m/ >_< \m/. Ya. Hardcore. You're all geniuses.
    id just say dat this album is awesome..... the best songs r "the ungorgiven III" and "da day that never comes"
    Death Magnetic probably won't make my top 10 of the year, because in the grand world of metal, this is just another band and Death Magnetic is just another good-if-not-great album. Ok you have got to be !#$%#@% kidding me! The UG team has just called METALLICA just another band! THE most influential metal band of all time has just been called another band wow this is an all time low for a review by Ultimate-guitar. In my opinion extremely extremely ridiculous