Kill 'Em All review by Metallica

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  • Released: Jul 25, 1983
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (343 votes)
Metallica: Kill 'Em All

Sound — 10
The sound of Kill 'em All is, well "hardcore," and "angry." The Kill 'em All album is what true heavy metal, and what true speed metal is all about. Metallica has always been a hardcore band, ever since they started in the early '80s, but it seems like the older they have gotten, the slower, and less intense they have became. This, being Metallica's first album, may sound a little garage, but nonetheless it is the best by standards of what "Metallica" stands for.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics of this album are probobly heavier than the rest, and more aggresive and threatening. I love the lyric mastermind of this album almost as much as the music. You can tell James is young here, but even though his vocal's skills had yet to reach their peak, he sang the hell out of this entire album.

Overall Impression — 10
This, I believe, by Metallica's own standards is the best album. It may not be my favorite, but you have to appreciate the true rawness that this album has. The album starts with "Hit The Lights," and from it all the way to the end is nonstop ear-pounding metal. This is the album that established Metallica, as well as songs like "Seek and Destroy," and "The Four Horsemen." You don't even have to listen to this album to already tell just how hardcore it is. My favorite part of the whole album is looking into the future from this album into how much this album created the foundation, and how it is the definition of Metallica, on of the only bands in the world that can get a positive response from saying "F--k you." We salute you Metallica.

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    Shredder Guitar : ^ you sir need to realize niehter is better, because they went different ways with music. megadeth has remained thrash while metallica is more hard rock and u sir need to realize that megadeth has never always remained thrash/ oh risk was just a ****ing amazing thrash album, wasn't it? Just improve your music knowledge before writing anything.
    stop dissin dave mustain hes a great guitarist and a decent singer imo. However i like megadeth and metallica. they both thrash like shit (in a good way).
    holierthanthou1 wrote: Mustaine didn't write any thing, he only cowrote songs. I prefer kirks solos to mustaine's anyways. Like in the four horsemen, mustaines solo is really repetive. I also think The Mechanix sounds muddier compared to The Four Horsemen + the lyrics suck ass and Dave's voice is horrible :-/ And for all you people who prefer Megadeth and are mad that Metallica kicked dave out.. If metallica hadn't kicked dave out then Metallica probably wouldn't have gotten as far as they have and there probably wouldn't be a megadeth
    I hate it when people let stupid things like that get in the way of listening to good music. If they weren't so pissed off about the whole mustaine incident, they would realise that metallica and Megadeth are both great bands (I think metallica is just a bit better but thats just my opinion)
    Master of puppets has better solos but kill 'em all is better overall. And I think the songs on this album sound better live than their other songs.