Kill 'Em All review by Metallica

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  • Released: Jul 25, 1983
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.3 (343 votes)
Metallica: Kill 'Em All

Sound — 7
This is when Metallica were still a thrash metal band, unlike the pop rock band they have become. Their raw sound, fast riffs, and awesome solo make it the best album they ever made. I found with most bands the first album they make is the best, and Metallica is the prime example. Before this album was made Metallica had just fired Dave Mustaine, who would go one to found Megadeth, and they had recuted Kirk Hammet. It is wierd to think, what if? Like what if Dave was never fired? Where would Kirk be? Where would Marty Freedman be? Would all those Megadeth songs be Metallica songs? Who would be the singer? But luckily we don't have to worry about that. Back to the Album, Every song is great this is an album where all you have to do is hit play and listen. As some of you may know early Metallica albums have an instrumental song, and Kill Em' All has one of the best thay can only be done by one man, Cliff Burton. Unfortunately Cliff is no longer with us but Pulling Teeth is a bass solo that is second to none. Now all of the songs are great but if I had to pick my favorite 3 it would be Metal Milita, Four Horsemen, and Seek and Destroy.

Lyrics — 7
As far as lyrics, I think a band should set an equal amout of attention to music and lyrics and the way they fit the lyrics to the music is perfect. Now for younger rockers the lyrics might be a little gruesome or violent but it has such a great sound. As far as my opinion on James Hetfield's singing ability I wish he would go back to singing like he did on this album. Now a days he acctually sings but it doesn't fit with the songs he used to scream on.

Overall Impression — 7
Today I am more of a Megadeth and Slayer fan because they have stuck with the same style since they started. Metallica has become a more mainstream band. On the other hand I love Metallica's first two albums and didn't hate the next four. If you get this album just start from the beginning you pick your favorite. And to any guitar players the first gig I ever played, people jumped up and screamed when we started playing Seek and Destroy. If I lost this album I'd just listen to it on my computer, but if that was lost I'd buy it all over again.

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    holierthanthou1 wrote: Mustaine didn't write any thing, he only cowrote songs. I prefer kirks solos to mustaine's anyways. Like in the four horsemen, mustaines solo is really repetive. I also think The Mechanix sounds muddier compared to The Four Horsemen + the lyrics suck ass and Dave's voice is horrible :-/ And for all you people who prefer Megadeth and are mad that Metallica kicked dave out.. If metallica hadn't kicked dave out then Metallica probably wouldn't have gotten as far as they have and there probably wouldn't be a megadeth
    90s megadeth is better to listen to than 90s metallica [/fact]
    Thom Yorke
    1) ...And Justice For All 2) Master Of Puppets 3) Ride The Lightning 4) Kill 'Em All 5) Metallica 6) ReLoad 7) Load 8) St Anger
    mustain 4 prez wrote: And Kirk Hammett did not write those solos. That would be Mr. Mustaine. And Kirk had to be stoned on coke to play that fast. Kinda tells you something. Do you know that Hammet is faster than Mustaine! Hammet can shred as well as play mellow shit unlike Mustaine. Another dumb megadeth fanboy.
    Door_Man wrote: Oh, and Dave Mustaine is a douche.
    Dude, Mustaine is not a douche. He's just an alcoholic. haha or "WAS" Anyway, this album is my favorite from Metallica. It's just so raw and full of anger, so powerful, the first time i heard "Seek & Destroy" i was hooked. here's my favorites in order. 1. Kill 'Em All 2. Ride the Lightning 3. Master of Puppets 4. ...And Justice For All (i'm not even going to mention the others)
    Disturbed42 wrote: colm c wrote: Mustaine made it better! Mustaine didnt play on any metallica albums so kill em all is kirk and james on guitar not dave mustaine. dave only played in clubs with them and he was kicked out before this album was written. and when he was with them he didnt have much input, it was mainly james and lars. so basically dave didnt really have anything to do with metallica.
    Buy this album and you will read what mustaine did
    Silas S Thompso
    A lot of these dicks don't know that kirk was told to immitate dave's leads and solo's even though mustaine told them not to when they fired him. But who cares because Megadeth is better in every way. Kirk is a boring as guitar player who only uses the same like 3 scales in his whole metallica catalog. Dave uses tons, and his playing is more intresting, it has more to it than fast playing. Dave does stuff like play with his thumb
    Silas S Thompso
    Also Dave led metallica, He spoke in the mic inbetween songs. The frontman does that always. So what does that tell you, you ignorant bitches.
    I think that this and Ride the Lightning are the greates Metallica albums. They were good until after the Black Album, where they went downhill, but James' early voice was by far the best.
    1. kill em all 2. master of puppets 3. ride the lightning 4. ...and justice for all 5. the black album 6. garage inc. 7. load/re-load 8. st. anger
    this album you can tell is more hardcore punkish eh? anyone agree? btw their new album death magnetic rocks!