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  • Released: Aug 3, 1991
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.7 (1,309 votes)
Metallica: Metallica

Sound — 10
The Black Album to me is probably the best album made by the band. Most people say no because it was the transition from heavy metal to more mainstream rock&roll. However there are some heavy parts to keep the old fans happy, there is also new musical styles that attracted new fans to Metallica. The reason I love this album is because it isnt just one idea then spread into 8-10 songs (for example ...And Justice For All was about one topic and the songs all had the same feel and lyrical similaraties). The sound quality is almost perfected in this album. Bob Rock did an excellent job with the production. The sound is Metallica at there best.

Lyrics — 10
As I said before the album isnt about one main idea then the songs carry different ideas lyrically under teh same subject. It is just a bunch of great songs one after the other. Here is a review for each song. 01. Enter Sandman - the song would become Metallica's trademark song through the '90s. The lyrics take on nightmarish qualities that people all have as children. Even though this isn't a topic not normally chosen by Metallica, the lyrics, guitar, drums, and bass are excellent in this song. 5/5. 02. Sad But True - probably one of the heaveist riffs done by Metallica in recent years. The lyrics take on personal struggle with one self on how a persons "dark side" trys to consume the "good side." Drums were excellent in this song as was the rest of teh band. 5/5. 03. Holier Than Thou - I know I might get laugfed at but I really enjoy this song. Becuase of the mood, feel, and the attitude in the intro. I can see why this isn't really a popular song with the fans when the lyrics kick in but I like it the way it is. 4/5. 04. The Unforgiven - the acustical intro brings more of a western fell into the song. Something not ever ventured by the band. The lyrics are probably the most enjoyable on the album. Its ballady/heavy feel makes it a great song. The one thing I can go on and on about would be teh great solo by Kirk Hammet. It gives the song a whole new meaning. 5/5. 05. Whearever I May Roam - the bands calling card for the next 3-4 years. A great song baout life on the road. One of the more over-played songs on the radio, which makes it to some people not as good, but still an awseon song. 5/5. 06. Don't Tread On Me - I love this song because it isnt an anti-American song. Many new bands try to go anti-American just to gte noticed I think. The solo in the song is one of my favorite solos done by the band. When its played live, it is one of the greatest song played. 5/5. 07. Through The Never - one of Metallica's fastest riffs on the album. Lyrical wise I think it is very weak. It could of been done better. But it is still a fun song to listen to. If you listen closely the bass is palyed very well by Jason. 4/5. 08. Nothing Else Matters - Metallica's sole reason for being a great band, they are not afraid of doing a slow acustical ballad. A great song and the orchestra did a great job scoring and playing in the song. This song deserves full credit for everything. A great solo by Mr. Hetfield too. 5/5. 09. Of Wolf And Man - cool song with clever guitar and drum playing. The lyrics are awesome and are also very clever. The song flows very well. I like it becuase it can be interpreted in many ways. 5/5. 10. The God That Failed - a personal song from James. It deals about how he delt with the death of his mother. A great riff and teh bass intro is equally awesome. Great song 5/5. 11. My Friend Of Misory - the bass intro was awesome and well thought out on Jason's part. I only have to complain on the solo only because it just simply sounds wierd. However teh lyrics help the song alot. 4/5. 12. The Struggle Within - the snare drum intro with the heavy guitar helps shape the mood of the song. After the intro the mediocre-fast guitar riff kicks in and the lyrics flow very well in the song. This is one of my favorite non-radio song on the Black Album. 5/5.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is truly an inspiration to all aspiering musicians. The best songs on the album were probably "Enter Sandman," "Sad but True," "Unforgiven," "Roam" and "Struggle Within." If it was stole I would for surely buy another one.

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