Quebec Magnetic [DVD] review by Metallica

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  • Released: Dec 11, 2012
  • Sound: 7
  • Content: 7
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.2 (38 votes)
Metallica: Quebec Magnetic [DVD]

Sound — 7
I'm not sure what took them so long to release this DVD; I suppose they've been busy. All sorts of things have been going on in Metallica land. They've played shows with the Big Four, they've curated their own festival and, lest we forget, they cast the horrific "Lulu" into a thoroughly unprepared world in 2011 to much confusion and amusement. But back in 2009 they were doing what they do best, playing it up to arenafuls of diehard fans under the coffins of "Death Magnetic" and that's what we've got served up to us on the new film.

Material from their 2008 comeback is in plentiful stock on this bumper 26-song set, filmed over two nights at the Colise Pepsi in Quebec City. The material is still relatively fresh, but the age on their faces is a stark reminder that we aren't watching a classic-era show here. That said, "The Day That Never Comes", "The Judas Kiss" and "That Was Just Your Life" are all good value. The intensity of performance fluctuates over three hours of content, rarely setting the world alight but never dropping below the standard which these veterans set for themselves other than when James Hetfield wheels out his stage banter.

Like most shows on the World Magnetic tour these two were done in-the-round, with the band playing from a central stage outwards to rows upon rows of seats. It's exciting for audiences on the day, who get to be closer to the action than normal, but it makes for a lesser spectacle on tape and that's where this DVD fails to stand out next to some of the band's other films. There's something satisfying about having a monolithic hunk of stage at the front of the house when there's this aggressive, testosterone-fuelled music being played, and being so close also means they had to tone down the stage show a little to make sure they didn't set any fans on fire.

Content — 7
You can't argue with the setlist, though. The raft of new stuff is balanced out by a good selection of classics, from the obvious Sandmans and Ones to lesser-heard cuts from "Kill 'Em All" like "Phantom Lord" and the incendiary "Whiplash", which is far and away the highlight of the entire package.

Production Quality — 8
Metallica are at the cutting edge of live recordings there's a 3D movie coming soon, don't forget and this is crisp, clear, well-lit, well-edited... the whole lot. Particularly attentive fans may notice that bassist Rob Trujillo doesn't get an awful lot of screen time even during "For Whom The Bell Tolls" and "Enter Sandman", his traditional moments in the limelight.

Overall Impression — 7
It's tough for a band who record and sell all of their shows to come out with a truly outstanding product but "Quebec Magnetic" captures them at probably one of their highest points of the '00s. This would have made a great Christmas present, but if Santa wasn't so thoughtful then it might be worth shelling out for.

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    I think this was a good review. The writer stated what he thought about the product in the 4 four categories and said what he wanted to say to put his point across.
    Man, what's happened to their guitar tone? It sounds pretty wimpy for them. Probably sounds better when you're there, but still!
    Lars looks ridiculous when he plays now. What other drummer gets up and poses every 30 seconds when he's playing?
    Saw some clips on YouTube and I think I'm going to buy it. It's overall better than Nimes , Mexico and Big Four in my opinion. Maybe because it reminds me the most about my (first) Metallica concert in 09.
    kill it
    I thought the guitar harmonies were fine. What I don't like is how Hetfield never sings a single chorus and lets the fans do it every time. When I pay that kind of money to see a show the vocalist needs to step up and sing. That's his job, right..... I certainly didn't pay to hear the drunk idiot beside me attempt to sing.
    It's only Master of Puppets he lets the crowd sing :s Every other song he sings all of it I'm sure...
    If you watch the Puppets video, and listen with headphones, does anybody else hear two guitars playing the riff at 0:58, while Hetfield lift his arm? Overdub anyone? And crap editing?
    Most (if not all) live recordings are topped up with studio recorded bits afterwards. Its a bit disapointing when you can hear it in most live recordings but I guess it makes sense really. Metalica are well known for this trick though and used it extensively on S&M (Which perosnally I thought was excellent)
    It was filmed over two nights, so it could be the audio from one and the video from the other. But yeah, not a great way to edit...
    Your comment made me think about that live Sum41 cover of Master, where one guitar drops out during the verse, since the singer stops playing while singing the verse lyrics. That was my only gripe about that particular cover. I agree that it would have been OK to let James' guitar drop out at that point.
    "to lesser-heard cuts from 'Kill 'Em All' like 'Phantom Lord' and the incendiary 'Whiplash'" Don't they play Whiplash at pretty much every show?
    I'm thinking about getting it for myself for my birthday. I'm sure it's not going to be as epic as Nimes or the Mexico DVD, but I'm sure it'll be great. The setlist alone makes this a worthy purchase
    horrible review
    Can't see why I get thumbed down,Content: YOU CAN'T ARGUE with the setlist, though. The raft of new stuff is balanced out by a good selection of classics, from the obvious Sandmans and Ones to lesser-heard cuts from "Kill 'Em All" like "Phantom Lord" and the incendiary "Whiplash", which is far and away the highlight of the entire package. // 7 , If you can't argue with the setlist, why does it get only a 7 ? It's a question of logic here.
    James sound so weak on this, Lars is holding band down by poor drumming, Kirk have a problem with tempo, and basically with every note that is not in pentatonic scale and Rob doesnt affect any of whats going on there... My favourite band in its way down... Thanks lord theyve came back