Reload review by Metallica

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  • Released: Nov 18, 1997
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.3 (198 votes)
Metallica: Reload

Sound — 8
As with Load, this album had a southern-rock twist that doesn't really get my attention. There are 7 out of 13 songs I like from Reload. Those tracks sound really good in the S&M live album.

Lyrics — 8
Here are my favorites: 1. "Fuel" is about fuelpower for fast powerful cars n' stuff. (Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammett), 4:29 2. "The Memory Remains". I don't understand the lyrics but they are cool. Marianne Faithfull contributes some female vox in parts of this song, like the ending. (Hetfield/Ulrich), 4:39 3. "Devil's Dance" is very cool and its NOT DEVIL-WORSHIPPING, by the way. Listen to the S&M version of this song. (Hetfield/Ulrich), 5:18 4. "The Unforgiven II". Remember "The Unforgiven" from the black album? Here's its sequel, sort of. Both "Unforgiven"s are great, and this one's somewhat livelier. "Never Free, Never Me, So are you Unforgiven, too?" (Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammett), 6:36 9. "Where The Wild Things Are" is something about "toy soldiers off to war". I like the riffs to this song. (Hetfield/Ulrich/Newsted), 6:52 11. "Low Man's Lyric" is about a homeless person. Features violin. Check out this song. (Hetfield/Ulrich), 7:36 13. "Fixxxer" is a song about voodoo. Very catchy riffs. (Hetfield/Ulrich/Hammett), 8:15

Overall Impression — 8
It's an ok album. Those tracks are the ones worth being paid attention anyway. Yeah, buy it again if you want to, if it gets stolen or broken. This was probably a better album than Load, I guess.

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