S&M review by Metallica

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  • Released: Nov 23, 1999
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.8 (87 votes)
Metallica: S&M

Sound — 10
The sound on this album takes some getting used to, when I first heard it I got really annoyed sometimes because, sometimes it is really ard to make out what James and Kirk are playing, for example: Enter Sandman Intro, & One bridge... also on the DVD it focuses on one person per song, it shows Lars ALL the way through Sad But True, even during Kirks solo, that got me pretty pissed off, but after you cope with it, and listen to the changes in the songs, its fucking good and a must hear.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics arew same old same old... with a few alterations to get the crowd really going, and James little comments during none singing parts, such as (enter Sandman) "Yeah... Cummon, Let loose man!" this gets the crowd going which is great! James sings with alot of passion and projects his voice very well, even on Battery (the last song)!

Overall Impression — 10
You can't really compare this to other albums becasue it is a combination of all the other albums, with teh exception of two songs that metallica made for S&M, Minus Human, which is a Sad But True type song, Heavy and Genius, and No Leaf Clover is close to Until If Sleeps, soft gentle and pleasent... The Best songs on the album are: Master OF Puppets, Battery, Enter Sandman, One, Hero Of The Day (personal favourite), Sad But True, and Nothing Else Matters (goes brilliantly with the Orchestra)

Songs - Ratings


01. Ecstasy Of Gold - This isnt a Metallica song, it is the orcestrea doing a breif into, u know get the crowd going. Good to see what to expect from this amazing CD!
02. The Call Of Ktulu - This Is probably the best song in terms of how well it goes with the orcestra. The song intro fits perfectly with the orcestra. Then it kicks in with the first distortion on the album. Lack of singing gets a bit tiring after a while. 9/10
03. Master Of Puppets - Not Much to say... arguably the best Metallcai song ever. Goes well with orchestra. Kirk plays solo perfectly, everything perfect!!! 10/10
04. Of Wolf And Man - This one actually suprised me to be on here, still absoultly amazing song. Played Brilliantly, sung amazingly, crowd gets a lot of singing in this song. 10/10
05. The Thing That Should Not Be - Orchestra does a small intro, amazing song with or without the orchestra, the thing you noitce about this song in my opinion is the power in james voice. 9/10
06. Fuel - Takes you a while to work out waht song this is, kirk does an amzing intro with a slide, really builds up to james "Gimme fuel, Gimme fire, Gimme that which i desire" from then on the whole song is played amazing, plus it is a personal favourite. 9.5/10
07. Memory Remains - If you have the DVD, james says "we like it when you sing man", lets the crowd sing "MEMORY REMAINS' obviously the crowd are loving, an amazing song, really really good live. 10/10
08. No Leaf Clover - This song has never been released... I dunno why its an amzing, like i said previously, very similar to Until it sleeps, soft intro, slowly into heavy distortion, Also this goes really well with te orchestra, an amazing song, should have been released on Load or Re-load. 9/10
09. Hero Of The Day - This is a genius, the intro goes amaxing with the orchestra, james also sings this one with a lot of passion, beautiful song, and very well played. 9.5/10
10. Bleeding Me - This is probably the most disapointing song on the album, it is the last song before the interval, I could have thought of a much better song to put on there, such as... seek and destroy, Sanatarium, or Fad to black (that would've been hot). It still an aiight song 7.5/10


01. Nothing Else Matters - Genius song... perfectly played, goes a-fucking-mzing with the orchestra. nothing else to say really....10/10
02. Until It Sleeps - This is no where near Metallica's best song, but it close to being the best song on this album, it goes amazing with the orchestra, they play it perfectly, james sings with a real passion, doesnt hit a note wrong. fucking Amazing. 10/10
03. For Whom The Bells - This is a personal favourite so it might be a little biased... It's brilliant, orchestra plays the same as guitars on intro, goes really well, Jasmes singshis mother fucking heart out, note a note/word wrong, The DVD for this song is amazing, they all really get into it, (I'm watching it now, just to let you know) 999/10
04. Minus Human - This song isnt on any albums...shoudl be, an amzing song, better than lots of songs on Load or Re-Load, lyrics, Guitars, Drunmms, Bass, everything is pretty fucking good.... 9/10
05. Wherever I May Roam holy shit... this is fucking amazing... I was obsessed with this song for ages after hearing this... a MUST HEAR... genius! 10/10
06. Outlaw Torn - Not the choice i would have made for this slot, this brings this disc down dramatically, it would ahve been the best disc ever made in the history of ever, I think Sanatarium would have fit here perfectly... wierd choice, but its goes pretty well, singings hot... nice james... 8/10
07. Sad But True Genius 10/10
08. One - Close to Metallica's best song to perform live, guns, bombs and explosions at the begining, orchestra does a little part, then you heard james come in, genius. Solo :O... fucking amazing variation in the live performances, (those of you that know kirks change in the one solo its that, amazing) an easy 10/10
09. Enter Sandman - Metallica's most famous song, and arguably their best (i personally dont think it is by a long wa, still in-fucking-credable) at the end of this song, it slowly fades out, then about 15-20 secounds later james comes back in with the famous riff... crowd goes wild, as i would! 10/10
10. Battery - The encore, and what an encore it is, James sings liek a mother fucker, plays like a mother fucker, everyone is loving it... he does his whole... "are you alive, how does it feel to be alive" then kirk comes in with his solo amazing... 10/10

I personally Disc II is the best, becasue of the ending 4 songs, great combination... there both brill... this is a must hear...

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