S&M review by Metallica

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  • Released: Nov 23, 1999
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (87 votes)
Metallica: S&M

Sound — 9
I never thought that Metallica + a symphony = great music. I had heard one of the songs on the radio (No Leaf Clover) and I loved it. So I bought it. Very nice sound. Obviously, it is metal and hard rock. It is all of Metallica's greatest hits live with an added bonus. The guitars are nice although I think that Kirk Hammetts guitar was a little too quiet compared to Hetfields. Lars Ulrich did a great job on the drums. Bass was very nice (especially in "Devil's Dance").

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics are amazing. At times it is a little difficult to hear them because of the guitars and the symphony, but they are still there. And James Hetfield is the best lead singer in music.

Overall Impression — 9
This is one of the best albums in my CD collection. My favorite songs on the album are "No Leaf Clover", "One", "Master Of Puppets", and "Fuel". I love this album because it has the symphony in the background. I also like this album because it has there best songs on it. There is one thing I don't like about it though. Where is "The Unforgiven" and "The Unforgiven II". If it were lost or stolen, I would find it because I cant afford to buy another one.

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    Man, I wish I was at this show. Great album. Metallica did the symphony+metal show right.
    For whom the bell tolls was really deadly! Killer. especially the 0 3 2 1 riff. the orchestra did very well.
    98Timberwolf wrote: I would have LOVED to hear Orion played with the orchestra, but amazing album nonetheless.
    I'd buy the album twice if it had Orion on it.
    Nothing Else Matters - Genius song... perfectly played, goes a-****ing-mzing with the orchestra. nothing else to say really....10/10 Yeah... um the studio version has the orchestra in it
    I would have LOVED to hear Orion played with the orchestra, but amazing album nonetheless.
    oregonguitarist wrote: I love this album. Its like a greatest hits with a twist! For anyone who has the money, but it!
    HAHAHAHAH "but it" lmao i think u mean buy it
    metallica aren't the first to do that whole symphony and rock band combo. they actually got the idea from micheal kamen himself and deep purple. kool album,even kooler band!
    its hell differant to wat im used to, but this kicks arse. the symphoney sounded good with the trash.... who'd a thought!
    I like the feel of this album. One of my favourite albums my Metallica. They made the right move choosing an orchestra to play with them.
    Metal NewKid
    yeah, some songs kinda sounded weird at first, like battery, you kinda say "Is this the right song?!" but then after that it's great. the second disc IS better than the first one
    Brilliant mix of the symphony orchestra with thrash. Beautifully done. the orchestra did well in complimenting 'Tallica although I didn't feel that opera before Enter Sandman, didn't feel it was necessary. Good job by the guys though and good performance by James.
    98Timberwolf wrote: I would have LOVED to hear Orion played with the orchestra, but amazing album nonetheless.
    yeah, that would have been great. its a great album, however they take too many songs off of the load albums