St. Anger review by Metallica

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  • Released: Jun 5, 2003
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
  • Users' score: 5.7 (841 votes)
Metallica: St. Anger

Sound — 7
In Metallica's origins rose an almost transcending fluid motion of music inherent in compatability of rhythm, lead and vocals; however, in this album, that formula has seemedly been thrown away and turned into a monotonously drab highschool garage punk band with some random guy as a screamer. Honestly, I detest the sound of the album in most cases, but I do find that if I actually sit down and listen to the music, rather than screw myself out of a good album after impatiently bitching for two seconds into the song and turning it off, it grows on me. I usually don't chose to play this album unless I am in a mood for heavy lifting, running, etc. It is a very good workout album. Sorry Metallica, but it's true!

Lyrics — 8
Most say the lyrics don't make sense, but I try to see past that. I don't know first hand what was going through the boys' heads when they wrote the songs, and neither do any of you. If you could prove to me without a doubt that the lyrics are meaningless, then I'll believe you; but until then, screw off or something. A song that really gets me thinking is Sweet Amber, with the lyrics. What this speaks to me is that (I'll just say Het wrote this, I don't know or care, really) Hetfield is singing about being a dishonest man with a dishonest woman. He does her favors so she won't think to crush him, but the man knows the woman is cheating; however, he just lets it go because he is so desperately in love with her, which I deduce from the lyrics "She holds the pen that spells the end she traces me and draws me in"; ergo, he is afraid she will call for a divorce. The second line in my opinion does not talk about the pen, but how the desperate, cheating woman completes the desperate, cheating man. Perhaps I am looking a little too much into these lyrics, but I really do enjoy the shadowy poetic lyrics in this album. It gives me a chance to use my mind, rather than destroy it in a binge of alcholol and headbanging inherent in earlier albums (which I do love as much, if not more than St. Anger). As far as singer skills, I still cannot get past James' singing. James Hetfield should not sing. He sounds like Uli Jon Roth, formerly of the Scorpions/Electric Sun, or even worse, me!

Overall Impression — 5
People who try to justify themselves for not missing the solos should just listen to punk. It's just as good, and all you're missing is Hetfield's voice. By the by, I regard most all new music as punk, as they simply put, are. If I have to explain myself to you, then you are one of them, and that's final. In the rockumentary Some Kind of Monster, they discuss this issue. They agreed on a "sometimes" solo rule. Not all the time, not none of the time. Lars can go to hell for this! I was on his side for the Napster ordeal because looking at the truth and not the bitching "want" of idiots, he was right. I was on his side for the whole wearing underwear to play the drums, as I understand that things get a little chaffed when playing so fast so long, one must be comfortable. But this.That lying bastard! Solos are the main reason Kirk is in the band, and now through manipulating the other band members and that fathead guidance councelor, Lars has destroyed Metallica! He took away one of the first things to enter into a persons musical mind when listening to Metallica. He destroyed the possibility for more kickass memories of more kickass solos! I don't really like the style of music, but I enjoy the lyrics and the "pump you up" feeling (on occasion). Impressive? The Unnamed Feeling, I guess. I liked that one. To answer the last question of this little questionnaire, if it were stolen/lost, I wouldn't buy it again for a while. I've already listened to it and know it pretty well. If it were something not destroyed by Lars, though I would probably buy it again sooner.

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