St. Anger review by Metallica

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  • Released: Jun 5, 2003
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 4.7 Poor
  • Users' score: 5.7 (838 votes)
Metallica: St. Anger

Sound — 4
Metallica's sound on St. Anger proved to be an excellent disappointment. The guitar riffage is much more simplified than ever, not to mention the lack of soloing throughout-even in epic-length songs of 8 and a half minutes! Furthermore, Lars Ulrich, who was once renowned for his great drum sounds, seemed to have gotten so caught up with other commitments, that he must have forgotten hoe to tighten a snare drum, because throughout this album, it sounds like an empty tin can. A friend of mine lent it to me a while back, and even after watchin the "Some Kind Of Monster" DVD, I still couldn't find myself enjoying this CD!

Lyrics — 5
The lyrics however on this album are very well organized and thought out if you even bother to look through the booklet as I did. They go well with the themes and ideas portrayed on this CD, but ubfortunately, James delivers his worst vocal preformance yet and he single-handedly makes the lyrics on this album lose a lot of their meaning.

Overall Impression — 5
"St. Anger" will never impede nor overshadow any of Metallica's earlier works. The performances proved very disappointing, but still have enough energy to keep you listening to the entire album. On the other hand, like most Metallica fans, I found myself getting into tracks such as "Frantic" & "Sweet Amber". But the rest of the tunes don't seem to have as good a hook and therefore make this album very much useless to fans of Metallica's earlier works such as "Master Of Puppets" or the multi-successful "Metallica". Knowing that I don't own a copy of this album is actually quite a relief, but a few of the tunes (like the above mentioned ones) are still worth checking out for die hard fans.

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    This album was weak as shit. Im still a huge Metallica fan, but face it...they've come a long way and its about time for them to retire. anyone who says that this album is "metal" (not saying that its any of you) seriously needs to open thier ****ing eyes because this album is about as "rock" as it can get.
    i hate this album. im not one of those people who try to point out mistakes. if i like then i like it. you know? Kill Em All was excellent. Ride the Lightning was ok. but still good. Master of Puppets, i think, is theyre best one. ...And Justice For All is pretty good. Black Album was good. Load and Reload have exceptions..BUT, when i first heard the songs on St. Anger, i liked them. i thought, "they havent lost theyre touch". but after awhile of listening, they started to get incredibly annoying. especially how James voice goes all over the place. it sounds whiny if you know what i mean. and Kirk lacks talent. i wouldnt mind a solo-less Metallica album at all. IF THEY COULD DO IT RIGHT. he has no good riffs. theyre all too simple. and repeats way too much. and lets face it, lars hits the snare too much. and now that he has that goth-echo sounding snare, it gets so freakin annoying. and since Robert joined the band after the album was made, i cant say much about him. but Bob Rock ruined it. he really did. and also, i agree with jw89. they really need to retire.
    hammetfan86 wrote: wow all i hear is little whiny b***ches copmlaining that it isnt old school metallica....DUH they are 40+ years old, and havent been "metal" since ...and justice for all. so...take the album for what it is, not for what you think it should be
    And all I hear is 14-year olds complaining about the opinions of those who prefer metallica's older, and IMO, better, material. The album doesn't meet what they know and love Metallica as, and I think the opinions of the people who know what they used to be like are the ones that matter. We buy the albums for metallica, not some mess of a band that became FUBAR after ...AJFA.
    Mastol, you need to shut the hell up! Im not sure what u mean by "the real metallica" but, if this isnt metallica then how come ive seen them play these songs live and have a hell of a good time playin them. Metallica did what they felt like doing, like any band should and this is what u get. If you dont like it because it doesnt have solos than you dont understand the song writing process.
    this is a pretty cool album, but its miles away from their 80's stuff. favorite songs anr invisible kid, st.angr, and some kind of monster.
    stop hatin you guys sure they took out the solos, but this album is so f#@kin rockin. how could you not love it?
    oh btw teddy, dont be hatin on smoke on the water, and all you saying kirk doesn't have your really stupid you know, it was a metallica decision to do no solos. He can still rip your F***ing face off with a guitar and your all just so damn jealous that you can't be like kirk hammet
    wow all i hear is little whiny b***ches copmlaining that it isnt old school metallica....DUH they are 40+ years old, and havent been "metal" since ...and justice for all. so...take the album for what it is, not for what you think it should be
    People are always dissing on this album. But it's not really bad. The production value is what disappointed me most, but the reason people are saying it sucks, is because we expect sooo much more from Metallica, and this was such a letdown. I hope the next album will be better.
    Like Lars said.."No one is going to tell me how metallica is going to be"..and I agree with him..If they thought that St.Anger is the way..then that is the way..I think the they could of used some solos..but the riff's are alright..And Teddy_ESP..I don't believe that a 5 year old who's just begining guitar can play only one riff on the album withought someone showing him how...The only thing is that they played whit some heavy distorsion on it and that doeasn't sounds like metallica...
    White And Nerdy
    It has its moments, but james just didnt get it done glad they tried something new. you can only hope the new cd will be better.
    Ive only herd frantic and the unnamed feeling, but thats enuff to know that metallica has completely gone. They are now a modern band, cos theyv obviously interpreted another groups sound. this is not metallica. this is either a bad pantera, lamb of god, chimaira, sepultura or machine head impression. in fact, metallica could now be called a NWOAHM band. totally crap material.
    This album didn't come out as expected. I do agree it's a total badass album. But what they did in 83 is too far from what they did now. no solos, no sh*t licks, the drums sound like cans, plus theyre bassist is total fu*king assh0le and even a 3 year old kid can finsh some of their songs. But I do understand that they made songs that were not so bad for people who like albums after and before "BLACK"
    everyone hates this album coz the can't except it for what it is...non old school. who cares anyway it is a great album even if metallica don't do what they used to.
    I've tried to like this album but it just ain't happening. Can't stand that irritating metallic-sound coming from the drums, the riffs are nice & heavy but pretty empty. Megadeth are very much on-course for stealing Metallica's crown if they keep this sort of shit up.
    I thought this album was good. Wait a minute! Where are the f--kin' guitar solos? I want guitar solos GOD DAMMIT!!!!!
    A lot of people hate this cd but I think it ROCKS! St Anger and Frantic are my favorites songs on the cd but Dirty window and shoot me again are awesome.
    i agree that this is definitely not the greatest metallica album, but it is still pretty sweet, the first time i heard it i thought it was different but still cool, it beats the hell out most of the music bein put out today
    ESPguy981 wrote: this album was a good isten but musically it was mediocore
    fair point. there are some good songs on this album, but it doesn't really go above average. i'm lookin forward to thier new album to see if thats anything like their older albums.
    its very average like metallica have been for 15 years not bad just average please metallica please be thrash in the next album P.S No one will ever changer metal like metallica.
    ok first of all i LOVE Metallica but i agree with that one reviewer who said this is by far the worst metallica album ever realeased im not tryin to trash metallica or anything its just that they couldve done WAY Better but i cant wait to here there next album, i hope it doesnt suck out loud like St.Anger does
    Peooople. This album is brilliant. Stop bitching. I mean, no solos, THAT'S GOOD. They're filling the air with great songwriting, brilliant riffs, and James at his best instead of filling the air with the same old diddly-diddly-scree crap. I'm betting half the people here never even heard the album, but just heard another little moron bitch about it and wanted to go with "The flow". Nobody take the negative reviews seriously, this is one mother****er of an album. Better than self-titled. Which was shit. Other than Sad But True, of course.