St. Anger review by Metallica

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  • Released: Jun 5, 2003
  • Sound: 2
  • Lyrics: 1
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 2 Junky
  • Users' score: 5.7 (840 votes)
Metallica: St. Anger

Sound — 2
Metallica's sound quality has definatly improved over time, due to having more money, fans, more popularity. However this necessarily didn't mean the albums got better. Past the Black album the albums and sound became 'the same old boring generic heavy metal sound', no matter how good the music was, it will never get too much critics praise. Now they bring out a totally new sound with the best sound quality of there career. But don't get too exited! The album sounds like a complete mess! it's trying to sound angry but instead sounds childish, it tries to sound different but instead sounds childish. it's as if the drummer told them 'Ill hit these drums really fast while the bass player just play random stuff to fit with it, guitarist just play a random riff, and make up the lyrics as you go along'. it's rubbish! James Hetfields voice is similar to his on the original other albums but he does sound stupid compared to the terrifyingly awful backing music. True Metallica fans would agree with me that this is by far their worst album of their career. The fans who do like it have a weird taste in music, or they bought in to all the commerciality of the album. Metallica have truly sold out and have become the dregs of metal with this album.

Lyrics — 1
It often sounds like it's been made up on the spot. As if they were thinking of things that rhymed and stuck them together. They try to sound deep and angry, but it really just seems like a buunch of ameturs shouting random words. I have heard bad lyrics but when you get a song that goes "invisible kid, never seen what he did, got stuck where he hid, fallin through the grid" you really get pissed off. The booklet that goes with the CD has writing and scribles and pictures to make it look like they have made a deep though provoking album. I've heard deeper Busted songs! Metallica were better when they sang about what they really thought of and what was really inside of them. Not this rubbish!

Overall Impression — 3
By far the worst album by Metallica, and possibly the only album I have tried to like but failed. Upon 6th listening I gave up on the album altogether. St Anger was kind of catchy and cool when it first came out (still a terrible Metallica song, however) but when the whole album sounds exactly the same, and infact, worse than St Anger (which is the 1st track) then you really have a bad album. The only reason for getting this album is to complete an album collection or if your really into Metallica then you may find something here. But if you lose it then just go and buy another Metallica album. it's not bad as in laughable bad. It's just plain bad.

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    why all this shit about "better before". take the album for what it is, not for what you exepted. it's not possible to keep on make the same kind of album in 20 years. would be kinda boring..?
    I don't think a band should stand still for twenty years....but i really don't expect them to produce somthing that is border line painful to listen to....St anger just make me thinks that they've lost the fire and are doing a naff cover up of it under the diguise of 'experimenting' or 'maturing' or whatever they call it. Basically crap album from and band that i admire very, very much....which is a shame.
    I agree that St Anger is nothing like Metallica's older albums, and it is definitely nowhere near as good as them....from the release of Load, Metallica completely was like they became a new band...i personally think it's all Bob Rocks fault...since he became the Metallica producer, they went downhill...I still like all of Metallica's albums though...hopefully Rick Rubin will bring them back on the release of this new album
    I don't care what anyone says...THIS ALBUM ROCKS! Awesome riffs, awesome lyrics, gives you energy. Solos and a snare drum do not make a great album. I love Metallica because they CAN pull off new styles just as well as the last (THAT shows true ability). I don't see what else they could've done to silence the critics calling them 'sellouts' (yet it still happens). It annoys me how people say that this album sux and that they 'threw it out after just one listen.' This album needs a few listens and I GUARANTEE you will learn to love it! This band can do no wrong and i'm glad their hardships created this masterpiece. Especially after watching 'Some Kind of Monster' I appreciated this album much more after realising how close we were to never getting it. One other thing, don't blame Bob Rock. Metallica are big enough to not need to succumb to what the producer wants. Besides, even if it is Bob Rock's "fault", that means he got them on a new creative path that in my opinion truly showcases their diversity.
    Guitar solos are manditory for Metallica and there weren't any! I don't know If it's the new base player or what.
    Some hobo put this, they didnt have there new bass player untill the albumwas done Duh
    Anyway i posted a review and im waiting on the results yet but this albums is fantastic and on another Metallica review after a guy had been slagging them he sed that you shouldnt judge some one on their past work, you should judge them on what they have done now, if you only liked early metallica **** off, you aint a metallica fan, your a fan of the album, get over yourself