St. Anger review by Metallica

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  • Released: Jun 5, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 5.7 (841 votes)
Metallica: St. Anger

Sound — 10
This is probably one of the most controversial albums of any band that came out with a CD to date. Half the people like it and half the people don't. The reason is because Metallica tuned their guitars to drop C this album, the vocals and instrumentals are sloppy, the snare isn't tuned right, and there's no guitar solos, a must for metallica. But, they did that for a reason. They wanted to make a record that released all of their anger, and this was the best style to do it like. Sure this album is different, but that dosen't make it bad.

Lyrics — 10
There are some clever lyrics, because in this album, james let Kirk and Lars make some lyrics. However, since there are more lyrics, a lot of them don't make much sense, dosen't go with the music, and gets kind of repetetive. The singing style is okay, but not as good as older stuff (james ruined his voice during the black album). What amazed me was him doing "Fran-tic-tic-tic" in one breath, which was pretty good.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is one of a kind and unique. It dosen't really compare to anything else (except maybe a godsmack album). The most impressive song is Some kind of Monster. It has awesome lyrics, great singing, and cool guitar. Plus it's the only song on the album with somewhat of a guitar solo at the beggining and end of the songs. It must have taken a lot of balls to change their style like this, and I repsect them for that. The only think I don't like about this album is the fact that it has no guitar solo's. If it did, it would be 99% better than it already is (it's a decent album, I like it).

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    bassboy 999
    Metallica708 wrote: jesus christ. i'm so sick of people whining about there being no solos. so ****ing what?
    we're metal heads, not disco dancing retards. guitar solos are a direct way of communication to the metal community. it doesnt just mean your good at guitar, it also means he's better than you!
    If this album is meant to make the lstener angry, t does a veeery good job
    it's called St. Anger??
    this is great album i like their old stuff but all albums are great, Metallica rules!
    first of all there is no such thing as old metallica. they are called alcoholica=kill-justice. then metallica=black-present.
    I think this is the worst album Metallica put out, and i dont think they oculd get worse from here.Everyone says that old metallica fans are ignorant to change.N, change is ok, but when that change turns one of your favorite bands from Straigh tup thrash to Straight up trash, your gonna get angry.If this album is meant to make the lstener angry, t does a veeery good job, cuz when i finished listening to it, i felt likt killing somehting, and not in a good way.New Metallica sucks, plain and ****ing simple
    I agree with whats at the top... they have sort of made their own sound. It's different than others... it still rules. Any real METALLICA fan would feel weird at first listening but afterwards would definitely love it!!!!
    Honestly, I liked this album a lot. SOlos direct way commun... Hah. I always imagined metal to be brutal, to get to the point, to not waste half a minute with a bit of an ego-fest. But hey, that's just me. I really liked the production of it, that whole 'bare-bones' feel of it, added something. Kinda like improving the club by adding a sodding great Apike through it as opposed to polishing it till it's nice & Shiny.
    all metallica albums are good even if they played in their old style u would still not be happy u guys dont know what u want
    Does it really make a difference who's playing the bass? It's not like it's going to magically redeem the album.
    HOLY CRAP!!! LOTS OF THE REVIEWERS HASNT REALIZED THAT TRUJILLO DIDNT WORK ON THE ALBUM AT ALL!! if youre going to write a review, would you ****ing know what youre talking about?
    Review: "as for the New bassist Robert, well he really hasn't got a clue." FUCK YOU! Rob never participated on making the damn album, he entered after it was ****ing done! So get your damn facts right!
    Yeah, I agree. I mean its not their best work but at leat they are still sticking out after going through losing a bassist and almost imploding under addiction and pressure. I have high hopes for the nxt Metallica album!
    I don't understand why every one hates this album! It's heavy metal at it's best and shows that Metallica will eventualy return to thrash metal.
    people that doesnt like st. anger has just gotta to get over how "metallica used to be". Its an amazing album anyway. And the drumming is just the best.
    geluidsterroris wrote: what is metallica without solos? Here are a couple of suggestions: a cheese sandwich without cheese. a song without music, just silence. a monitor without a computer. a very good band without very good music... Do you know more sugestions, please tell me
    A reviewer with no taste? A music fan with no ears? A jackass with no d***? Suggegestions aplenty, you close-minded twat.
    what is metallica without solos? Here are a couple of suggestions: a cheese sandwich without cheese. a song without music, just silence. a monitor without a computer. a very good band without very good music... Do you know more sugestions, please tell me
    Shredder Guitar wrote: LMFAO i never would have thought that people still comment in this album review
    thinking the same thing
    wow someone earlier said this album was emo theyre FUCK1NG retarded whatever though i actually like this album and load and reload and all their other albums but i think master of puppets is overrated though it seems like everyone has to say that it's their best when i found it really boring
    utter shit, only fanboys will like this but then again they probably like reload and load aswell Bollocks
    i personally think this album was a waste life i want the time listening to this cd back.
    It's not bad at all, but it isn't also very great... i like the intro of the sing st. anger, and some other songs are good too, but it's not must-buy album or somethin'. Listen to Master of puppets and evrything is ok
    St.Anger is one of those albums that you can listen to from time to time not every day. It really gets you in the mood though and the riffs you have to admit are amazing and catchy. This is no their best album at all but not their worst (in my opinion Load is the worst) The only let down is the drums and no solos If you have had a bad day and you wanna get back into your menacing attitude then listen to this
    I think that no Metallica fan should ever write a review of this album. It's unfair, because they have so high expectations, and a lot of the reviewers are wrong. Sound: 6.5 - Now what is that about? The sound is AWESOME! It's heavy, badass and pumping! Lyrics:6.1 - The lyrics are awesome and deep, 'nuf said. Impression: 6.4 - I might agree on this one... Or at least I understand why it is rated 6.4, although I loved the impression of the album.