St. Anger review by Metallica

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  • Released: Jun 5, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.7 (838 votes)
Metallica: St. Anger

Sound — 8
Metallica. Considered the pioneer of thrash metal(I believe Slayer to be just that). Their sound is great in the psat, but let's consider St. Anger. The production is good, take out the snare and it's great. The vocals are a bit overpowering, but the bass is lacking. Good sound, if you're looking into the nu-metal type. Not so great sound if you're looking for Metallica.

Lyrics — 9
When I rate the lyrics, I wanna rate it song by song. 01. Frantic: good lyrics, but really repetitive. 02. St.Anger: even more repetitive. Lyrics are terrible. 03. Some Kind Of Monster: not repetitive, but the lyrics are rushed and relate nothing to the song. 04. Dirty Window: great lyrics here, most nu-metal song on album besides unnamed feeling. 05. Invisible Kid: repetitive once again, but smooth sound. 06. My World: great lyrics here, up until the chorus that is. 07. Shoot Me Again: worst lyrics on album. 08. Sweet Amber: solid lyrics, smooth vocals, i listen to this song for hetfield's voice. 09. The Unnamed Feeling: best vocals on the album, Smooth sound, and nice bite at the bridge. 10. Purify: repetitive, but good lyrics, nice bite 11. All Within My Hands: not very creative here, but i like the KILL KILL ending. Hetfield has some mad singing skills, but doesn't put his best foot forward on this album.

Overall Impression — 7
I've always liked reading reviews song by song, and I'm pretty sure you guys do too, so I'll break it down song by song. 01. Frantic: my personal favorite on the album, the first single of the album. It has a nice chorus, unless you don't like repetitiveness, but I get past it. This is a song for die-hard Metallica fans. Altogether, one of the best on the album. 9/10 02. St. Anger: the second single on the album, the self-titled track is a good listen the first few times. It got old for me quick, but it has the fastest double kicking from Lars ever. Good song, but extremely repetitive. 7.5/10 03. Some Kind Of Monster: the third single, this song isn't that great, the lyrics are creative but doesn't make much sense. Even more repetitive than the other songs, but has an ending that surprised me. A strange riff that comes out of nowhere. If you're not a big fan, you won't like it. 6.5/10 04. Dirty Window: this is where the heavy picks back up. The song has a perfect opportunity for an amazing solo to come in, but it doesn't. Has nice guitar, pretty nice lyrics, a favorite of the album. 8/10 05. Invisible Kid: the longest song on the album, this on is also pretty good. Nice bass by Rob, but the lyrics aren't special. A good listen once in a while. 7.5/10 06. My World: man, I hate this song, but I've heard others say it's pretty good. I like the intro and the first verse, "motherf--kers got into my head, trying to make me someone else instead." But the chorus is atrocious. Everything else is terrible. Worst song on the album by far. 4/10 07. Shoot Me Again: hoping it gets better, but it doesn't quite yet. Another horrible chorus, the guitar isn't special, this song is a low point too. Slighty better than the last though. 4.5/10 08. Sweet Amber: this song has a peaceful yet muddy intro that eases the frustration of the last two songs. Then it gets a little heavier. Decent song, but still not out of that slump yet. 6/10 09. The Unnamed Feeling: the fourth single, oh yes, we are finally out of the crapper. The best song on the album, amazing guitar, some of the best lyrics to ever come out of hetfield's voice, a peaceful chorus, then a rant of swearing which really fits with the song. About how he wants to get out of his crazy mind. Everything about this song is amazing, probably the only song on this album that would qualify for a greatest hits album.Check out the video. 10/10 10. Purify: still heavy, but slows down a bit. The great lyrics go nowhere, unless repetitiveness bugs you. Sweet guitar, amazing drums, except for that snare drum i've failed to mention. Good follow up to the Unnamed Feeling. 8/10 11. All Within My Hands: the closer, not the greatest way to close an album, doesn't really get good until the last 3 minutes of the album. A lot of "KILL KILL KILL" shouting. Not a great song. 7/10 Overall, this album is for Die-hard Metallica fans only. If this album were made under any different name besides Metallica, it would be gold. If you consider it a metal album, it is shit. But if you consider it a nu-metal album, which is what was big in '03, it is the shit. Buy if you like sludgy music, but if you want to see Metallica progressing, this is a fail. I don't care much about the unexistence of solos, I like the album. I absolutely hate that clanky snare, and the lyrics could've been better. If I lost this album, I would definitely buy it again. Don't forget about the bonus DVD!

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    I started listening to Metallica in the Justice days and became a huge fan. They're one of the reasons I started playing guitar. I liked the Black album well enough, but still preferred the older stuff. My musical interests drifted away from Metallica during the Load/ReLoad years and I never even bought those albums until much later. I bought St. Anger the day it came out and was pissed off by the time I got halfway through it. I chucked it on the shelf and didn't listen to it anymore. Death Magnetic came out and rekindled my interest in my old favorite band. It quickly became my favorite Metallica album, surpassing even Justice and Puppets. Last week, I decided to listen to St. Anger again. I have no idea why... I just saw it there on my playlist and hit it. I was blown away by how badass it was. Maybe it's because Magnetic gave me that old-school fix I needed, but I was finally able to appreciate the balls-to-the-wall ass-kicking this album delivers. Before you flame me, I totally understand why some people hate the album. It's okay to hate it. But if you haven't listened to it since it came out... give it another shot. Your tastes may have changed. I know mine did!
    I think that st anger was a response to all the criticism in the 90's that Metallica were too soft and were sell outs. This album was indeed a big **** you to those critics. Great Album, not their best but it sure beats the hell out of mainstream rock bands that use the same 3 power chords the entire song.
    o.k., first of all, no. i love all metallica. not just the old stuff but newer stuff as well. but st. anger was by far their worst album. and this is just my opinion on it. i know they made this due to the critics and bull**** like that, but i think they shouldve written fro themselves, not to prove a point. sound quality: it sound like it was recorded in a tunnel. i know it was recorded at an old military base, but they couldve used better equipment to fix that. NO SOLOS: wtf is tht? no solos from metallica? thats a sin against nature. they are way to skilled to just skip out on solos. frantic would be alot better if it had a guitar solo. same with st. anger.
    people stop b****ing about "oh there's no solos, wahh,wahh,wahh" it gets annoying after a while you know, as for the album, i think it's a great one for them trying to find a new sound. and for the lyrics, they're the deepest lyrics they have ever wrote since the black album, so stop your damn whining already!!
    Again, they just show their musical versatility. They play whatever THEY want. So stop bitchin'.