St. Anger review by Metallica

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  • Released: Jun 5, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.7 (841 votes)
Metallica: St. Anger

Sound — 8
Some people hated this album with a passion, I however, think the total opposite, its my favourite Metallica album, with "The Black Album" a close second. The album has the sound its always had, Megadeath esque thrash metal, with cleaner guitar elements, and some very well done songs "Frantic", "St Anger" examples of this, but still, by this point, Metallica lost some of its innovation that made them a great band.

Lyrics — 9
James Hetfield, continues to be a great frontman, and brings his distinctive voice into the songs, but unlike several other thrash metal groups and bands, he voice is genuinely, genuinely GOOD, the lyrics are great, proper metal lyrics with good timing to it aswell.

Overall Impression — 9
Overall its a good album, lacks some true innovation, but a brilliant album, nonetheless the obvious album to get if you had a choice, the stand out songs are "Sweet Amber", "St Anger" and, my personal favourite "Frantic", I give this an overall score of 9 nine out of 10, a very respectful score I believe.

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    J.R. Legrasse
    There will never be a 20th anniversary performance of the entire "St. Anger" album. It is a mortifyingly bad album, Metallica's collective mid-life crisis forever captured on disc and digital. If not for "Lulu", StA would be the very worst recording Metallica ever made.
    corrda00 wrote: I wish Rob did some bass solos on the album. Like how Cliff did.
    Cliff has played two bass solos: Pulling Teeth and Orion (has actually two of them). And if you count the bassline of The Call of Ktulu and For Whom the Bell Tolls as a bass solo... Bass solos are overrated. Cool bass licks are the stuff. And that's what Cliff and Jason did. And Rob doesn't even play on this album.
    Kenjisan231 wrote: I recently watched Some Kind of Monster and it gives you a different view on Metallica, in a way i feel bad for them and in ways i do not. It kind of made them seem human for once, in general for me my favorite muscians seem more than that, mostly because i have no personal connection with them. It is probably a nice life having all the money, but it seems to have taken a toll on all of them and I can understand why St. Anger sounded so different. They were going through a turbulant time in their lives and careers, and I know they are fine now but had i watched this upon its release i would have thought they were going to break up. As for no solos Kirk even comments how he doesn't like it not because he doesn't get to shine, but because it makes it something that metallica isn't. And if anyone does not realize it both James and Kirk play solos, Kirk just plays more because he is the lead guitarist. I still can comprehend why people use the stupid Wah pedal argument, its a signature sound he doesn't use it all the time and he plays solos that sound good. Thats why i think he is good, often times a lot is lost with speed and he can incorporate both. I'm not saying he is the best guitarist ever but claiming who is best is just a stupid argument, because no one really is the best as everyone has different opinions. I have guitarists I like and ones I don't but the ones I do not like I don't believe to suck, i just dont like listning to them, its taste. Anyway, I think this album got a lot of uneeded hate, I used to harp on it until i really listned to it for a second time and got the story straight. It changed my opinions on a lot of them, for the better in some cases. I think everyone is extremely polar in their opinions but maybe thats the way the internet is. Everyone seems so content on hating everything, I honestly do not know how some people havn't died from soo much anger. I don't like some music, but I try hard not to go bash it, its a hard thing to understand why some people may like it and you don't i struggle with it, but in the end am much happier. Of course I also don't believe most of the people who hate to have sat through all the tracks and went through 'supposed torture'. Usually if I don't like a track I just change it, problem solved and move on. But anyway its all my opinion and people are entitled to hate and criticize how they please, just my view on things.
    That's so true what you said. People hate the album because they want to hate it. It's easier to hate music that you really like than like music that you really hate. But if you have an open mind and don't think that "this is Metallica and if it's not as good album as Master of Puppets, it sucks." I haven't really listened to this album. I have heard some tracks, not really a fan of them but I still respect Metallica. And some people hate Load and Reload. I have heard some songs and I have liked them. They may not sound like Metallica but they are good songs. It's a good thing that Metallica can change their style unlike Slayer for example. All their songs sound the same and they have not changed their style (that's not a bad thing but it's great that some bands can change their style and still make good music). I think good musicians should respect every artist even if they hated their music (and by respect I mean that if you don't like it, don't comment that "Justin Bieber sucks," just don't listen if you don't like). Not everybody has the same music taste as you do. There's no such thing as "good music" or "bad music," it depends on who's listening to the music. And about Kirk: He has very recognizable style so that's a good thing. Even though he over uses some licks and wah pedal, he still has his signature style that some guitarists don't have. And isn't it a good thing when you hear the first note of the song or solo and can tell that this is Metallica or Kirk Hammett? It means that the band has their own style. And I have started to respect all the guitarists that play in a band. I have noticed how good they really are. People bash Kirk Hammett but I think he's much better than almost anybody here in UG. If you have played in a band, you'll notice the same things as I have.