St. Anger review by Metallica

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  • Released: Jun 5, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 5.7 (838 votes)
Metallica: St. Anger

Sound — 8
I think that the sound of "St. Anger" fits the situation that the band was in. The dark and heavy riffs, and the anger in James' voice. Overall it could not have been different. A lot of people complain about Lars' snare drum in this album, I can not hear it, really I can't, though I do agree the sound of all the instruments could have been better. I give it eight because it's great but it is a sted backwards if you listen to "Reload". The only song I didn't like was purify, its just way to basic compared to the rest of the album.

Lyrics — 9
In the old days James and Lars wrote all the lyrics, but now the whole band comes in with ideas. I think all the lyrics in this album except maybe in the song "St. Anger", he repeats himself alot in that song, James lyrics and his singing never fails to impress the the hell out of me, yes hell dwells inside of me... As you can see in the "Some Kind Of Monster" movie, James is having a hard time writing the lyrics, because of the rehab stuff, but "St. Anger" great lyrics and vocals.

Overall Impression — 9
"St. Anger" is in it's own class I will not compare it to other 'Tallica albums because of the fact it's totally different. The best songs is: Frantic Some Kind Of Monster Shoot Me Again Sweet Amber The Unnamed Feeling All Within My Hands. Or that's my opinion anyway... I love almost everything about this album, the only thing I dislike is no guitar solos. But luckily Kirk plays some when they play some of the songs live, so not complaining that much. If I lost this album I would kill to get a new one (not really kill) great album, great band.

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    latest review is poorly written. scrub up on your mistakes and soldier on. i do agree some of the songs are killer.
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    Wow, everyone likes this album now, well, to each's own. I can't say I hate it, I just can't stand listening to it. I guess if it wasn't Metallica I'd probably like it more. I do like The Un-named Feeling a bit but that's about it.
    I loved this album when it came out im going crazy looking for it to listen to it again.
    i like a lot of the riffs on this album, but only from a fiff by riff basis, musically as a whole im with the majority, its pretty below average, at least they themselves admitted it, st anger strike 1, death magnetic over produced strike 2, lulu well thats strike 3 in my book, its not like ive expected metallica to stay 21 years of age, hell, i even rate load and reload, and garage inc, but lets be honest, the last good thing they did was no leaf clover and -human
    Can anyone actually say with a straight face that if this album was put out by some unknown band that it actually would have seen the light of day? I'd say no, its really for the die-hard fans only. It really seemed like a half-assed attempt at nu metal. Seriously, this and Lulu are painful to listen to. I might even say that Lulu is better, at least when Lou stops singing/talking the background music isn't bad. Load and Reload aren't particularly good either (liked them when they came out, but interest waned as years went by, except for a few songs), but at least they're only mediocre.
    zomgguitarz1234 wrote: I love the "Anyone who hates this album is closed minded" mentality. I mean calling people closed minded idiots for having an opinion is pretty ****ing closed minded.
    You don't need to hate the album. Disliking and hating is two different things. And you don't need to bash Metallica. Some people like this album. My point is that we should respect what bands do. I'm not saying that you should like all the music but you should respect every artist, even though you don't like them (and by respect I mean that you don't talk sh!t about them: If you don't like, don't listen to it).
    Love this album. Its so badass. People call it a "sell out" album, but its anything but. Definitely the heaviest album since "justice". Driving riffs, pounding drums. Lars makes his presence known on every track. Never heard an album that sounds like this. For the People who claim its nu-metal, I dare you to try and find one limp bizkit song that even slightly resembles any song on St. Anger. I highly recommend.
    Uch, this old chestnut. As a stand alone album it's quite good. Drum sound is annoying, some tracks ar too long and repetive a la Invisible Kid, but still have great riffs. No solos...could have done with some Hammett here there and everywhere - perhaps then some songs would not seem so tiresome or repetive then? Overall, not half as bad as what every narrow-minded 'old-skool' fans say it is, a real good album to listen to if you're angry and full of some very good riffs. For reference, if you thought this was shit - check out Lulu!! This album seems like Master Of Puppets compared to that!!
    Everyone disses on Death Magnetic.. This is the one in their catalog that deserves the most panning, honestly.
    I love the "Anyone who hates this album is closed minded" mentality. I mean calling people closed minded idiots for having an opinion is pretty ****ing closed minded.
    To be honest, I enjoy this album. For sure, this is not Metallica's finest moment, and if I would point anything negative here (beyond Lars' snare, of course) is that the songs are a little repetitive. Otherwise, I dig the raw production sound here and doing justice to the album's name, there is some angry shit here, like "Some Kind of Monster" and "Dirty Window". It is not a bad album at all, it's just kinda different and that's enough for 60% of the fanboys/thrash metal wannabes to give this a ton of crap.
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    zomgguitarz1234 wrote: I love the "Anyone who hates this album is closed minded" mentality. I mean calling people closed minded idiots for having an opinion is pretty ****ing closed minded.
    Bingo. Anyway, not much of a fan of this album, decided to read some reviews since it was on the front page. I do like the 'heaviness' of the album though, they got that right. Hetfield also has some pretty bad ass vocal parts in the album. It IS a very repetitive album though. Sure the songs are long but that's mostly down to parts being too long or being repeated too many times. Lars's drums...We all know the opinion the sound quality. It's a shame he didn't change his sound aswell for this album since they where pretty much experimenting. This was his time to shine. He is a REALLY good drummer, he just doesn't show his potential in songs, possibly because he drums what FIT'S Metallica songs perfectly instead of what is technically amazing but it is a real shame that he is the member that does get 'trash talked' about the most for lack of skill, when he does actually have alot of it. The lack of solo's is another shot in the foot for this album. Solo's aren't everything, sure but one of the reasons I love Metallica is because I love Kirk's Solo's. He is my hero and I have looked at him as a God since I was 4 years old. Sure he isn't the best guitarist ever, I can name many better but best =/= favourite. It was saddening for him not to be able to do his thing in this album. It's even more saddening to hear the reason is "solo's aren't cool any more, other bands these days don't do solo's"...Damn sell outs D: Overall though, yes, this was a total 'sell out' album and they should be ashamed for the reason's of why things in this album happened (Mo' money) but it's still a half decent album and has alot of good quality's about it.