The Videos: 1989-2004 [DVD] review by Metallica

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  • Released: Dec 5, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Content: 8
  • Production Quality: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.4 (120 votes)
Metallica: The Videos: 1989-2004 [DVD]

Sound — 9
Metallica have been one of the most influential groups in recent history, and Metallica: The Videos: 1989-2004 chronicles their journey in to the ass-kicking metal band that we know today. From the heavy thrash of 'One', to the introspective hard rock of 'Until It Sleeps' and the ferocity of 'St. Anger', the fifteen-year span that this DVD entails certainly gives you the impression that Metallica can, and will, do anything. There's no particular story attached to the creation of the DVD, all it simply is is a collection of every music video that the Metallica boys have made. While watching this DVD, you can see just how much Metallica have innovated and redefined what metal is to so many people that listen to it. For everyone that thought Metallica had gone soft recently, this is an enlightening refresher to prove exactly the opposite.

Content — 8
Metallica: The Videos: 1989 - 2004 features all 21 music videos that have been made by Metallica. It also has an interesting feature called '2 of One', which was originally released in 1989, and contains an interview with Lars Ulrich and a shortened version (Jammin' version) of the music video for 'One'. Personally I think it's a bit lacking in the 'extra features' department, but for a DVD of music videos it's understandable I guess.

Production Quality — 9
Some of the production techniques used were quite interesting. The video for 'One', for example, was essentially a performance clip interspersed with footage from an anti-war movie, to go along with the theme of the song. In the video for 'Enter Sandman', there's a cool stroboscopic effect throughout most of the video, and the video for 'The Memory Remains' features the band performing on a rotating platform, not sure how they did this, but I'd guess it was the camera rotating, not the platform. I'm sure if anyone knows, they'll correct me. There are some simple, yet brilliant techniques used in some of the music videos here, showing that Metallica can produce some very innovative videos, even if fans initially kicked up a huge stink about them making videos.

Overall Impression — 9
This is basically a 'Best Of Metallica' DVD, and if a greatest hits package were to be released in the future (which I'm sure there inevitably will be), I'd expect the track list to look a lot like the play list on this DVD. For anyone that hasn't known about Metallica for very long, and are just getting in to their music, this is a good place to start, and for about (AUD)$30.00, it's not all that expensive either. If it were stolen, then yes, I would replace it, because it sounds so good being pumped through my surround sound system! Not only that, but it's just a quintessential collection of Metallica music, and in my opinion is well worth having. Great stuff.

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    this dvd with a bag of chips and a 2 litre of pepsi is incredible the only bad side of this dvd is the songs from the "short hair doesn't mean we arn't metal" era...they're really cheesy
    I find it funny how Lars was dissing MTV and saying they would never do a video....Directly before One was made...In all serious, I enjoy old Metallica greatly and their new stuff is ok but it's really their choice what they play...not their fans.
    solidruler21 wrote: I will always love Metallica because they were the first band that got me into metal and all things metal. While I agree with most that Metallica's first three albums were pretty much the best albums they made, I still have to give credit where credit is due. Metallica did a good job on "...And Justice For All" and the black album and the albums afterwards. True, they were not thrash metal at all, more like hard rock/heavy metal. But still, they had catchy songs that were radio friendly and a wide audience could enjoy. And yes, Iron Maiden is the best heavy metal band of all time. And Bruce Dickinson has the best voice of any metal band...ever. And I stick to my opinion. Also, while many seem to hate and bash on Trivium, Trivium in itself is a good metal band. Granted, they sound a lot like Metallica, but that's only cause Metallica is the influence behind the music. You can't say Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu are shittier soloist then Kirk, even Kirk can't say that! I see Trivium as bringing back and perfecting the thrash metal scene. If you want to hate on me just because I like Trivium, hey go ahead. But I'm a musician and I have to give these guys credit as well because they have great talent. Lamb of God rules also. And DragonForce is just the sh*t.
    I agree With All of this, Trivium is a good band and you can hear the influnce from metallica. I don't see the point in arguing between Metallica and megadeth, they are both kickass bands. Although Metallica's drummer is a douche and he sucks at drums. Lars Ulrich does guys.
    Sintera666 wrote: Madaxeman1618 wrote: At least Megadeths music is good (St anger hahaha). Dnt get me wrong, i like 'tallica but i hate wen ppl rip megadeth cz of them. Most f metallicas great songs wer written by Mustaine neway! I Dont think thats right. Im pretty sure Mustaine was kicked out of Metallica at least before Ride the Lightning if not Kill 'em All.
    you correct dave was kicked out before kill em all some of the solos on kill em all have mild references to daves style but kirk took the shit that dave wrote and turned it into god like material.
    anthony4326 wrote: i think trivium is better than metallica. (my opinion) metallicas version of master of puppets.....oh dear god. i would rather listen to hillbillys singing. trivium all the way. even though trivium say they want to be the next metallica. they are gonna go far beyond them. watcha!
    I have written this so many times so here we go again. hahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahaha hahahahahahahahqa hahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahahahahahah hahahahah Trivium ****ing suck some seriously huge ass. metallica from kill em all to st anger are ****in brilliant and dude, master of ****ing rules your brain, my freind is just a big steaming pile of meh.
    Enough of this Metallica vs. Megadeth shit, seriously guys. I don't think anyone is gonna change their mind on this issue.
    anthony4326 wrote: i think trivium is better than metallica. (my opinion) metallicas version of master of puppets.....oh dear god. i would rather listen to hillbillys singing. trivium all the way. even though trivium say they want to be the next metallica. they are gonna go far beyond them. watcha!
    SHUT UP!!!!!
    Does anyone here even know the point behind St. Anger? They wanted to make the CD have that garage-band sound, and they definitely succeeded in that aspect, and it rocked. Original Metallica: James, Kirk, Lars and Cliff. I don't care who was in before Kirk or Cliff...Those 4 are Metallica, and what comes to mind when I hear Metallica. Screw the guy who came before Cliff. Cliff was their original bassist in my mind.
    operation ktulu
    Snakexe wrote: Metallica have been rubbish since MTV started playing their videos.. the video for One is tastefully done and very good, but you could say that it brought about their demise as a serious metal band and started the progession into the MTV-rock *****s they are today.
    your stupid, go lock yourself in a closet
    VenOmega wrote: Enough of this Metallica vs. Megadeth shit, seriously guys. I don't think anyone is gonna change their mind on this issue.
    Yep. Anymore of that will result in a warning as usual. Checked (lately)
    reading these comments has shown me how many fans there still are out there and i'm glad i'm not the only one who thought St. Anger was awesome, i like that rifforama stuff. but i got this video for Christmas and i must say that i had been waiting for it for a while. it's worth having, someone said it should have had some stuff with Cliff and i agree, but he was never able to make a video with them. anyway, this is a good reminder that MetallicA is still there and they're not ignoring the fans, they're working hard right now and the new album will be freakin awesome!!!!!
    dont know if it just me who agrees but it would of been good to put the live enter sandman video on, i prefer it to the real video. also they should of had live footage of other songs. ah well hopefully some sort of live metallica dvd might appear at some point.
    beau05 wrote: DavepallekA wrote: Just because a metal band is on TV doesnt mean they're a bunch of pussies...Slayer had videos, so did Pantera, Iron Maiden, ect. That and alot of great Metal bands out today show their stuff on Headbangers ball (and that's pretty much the only good thing MTV has to offer anymore). This whole "Metallica are a bunch of sellouts" thing is getting way old. I'm not trying to sound like a fan boy or something, but I don't see why all you guys have so much shit against them. sure I can agree, they're old stuff is favorite too, but I personally love all their other stuff as well, maybe not as much but not because it's any worse or better, it's just different than thrash. They started playing a different style of music, wupty f*ck. And that seems to be why everyone bashes them now... that just shows you have no respect for any other type of music. Anyway... This DVD looks great. I'll definently be getting it when ever I can. iron maiden even played on top of the pops like others have said, id rathter wait for the new album
    Iron Maiden played on TOTP when there was no such thing as MTV, things were different back then and they were the first band to actually play LIVE on TOTP in 10 years at that point, so you can't really hold that against them. As for Metallica, they're good and I respect them as a metal band but I don't see the point in spendin money on videos which I could just watch on youtube, especially as 'One' is the only really profound video on there. Personally I don't think making videos makes you a sellout, you have to remember that if it wasn't for their videos then no-one outside the US would've ever heard of Metallica. Hope the new album is good
    hetfield sometimes pisses me off. you see too much of him. i swear there was like a whole hour of hetfield and like 1 minute of newstead. and in one the camera is mainly on hetfield playing powerchords while kirk is playing his legendary solo