The Videos: 1989-2004 [DVD] review by Metallica

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  • Released: Dec 5, 2006
  • Sound: 7
  • Content: 8
  • Production Quality: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 8.4 (120 votes)
Metallica: The Videos: 1989-2004 [DVD]

Sound — 7
This is a metallica DVD. Therefore it's metal. Since the DVD is based after "And Justice For All" it has more songs from the period of time when metallica have been I'm many peoples thoughts declinining as a heavy metal band. There is little musical innovations except for (in my opinion) the songs on st anger which (again in my opinion) were an amazing low in metallicas career. It's better then most crap I hear on the radio but I don't much like it.

Content — 8
The DVD has about 21 songs or so, plus a the 2 of one video. Since one is already part of the main video tracklisting, you can access the jammin version (without the clips from Johnny got his gun) from the special features menu along with the full 11 minute theatrical version of the unforgiven and a trailer for some kind of monster. I personally found it very annoying that so many songs from st anger were on this DVD, but it contained most of the songs I liked from the previous albums. The album is a best of but a couple of the videos are live performances with the song played over them.

Production Quality — 7
The DVD is produced quite simply, the menus are all very basic but they fit the sort of theme in a way. The songs roll one into the other like an album would. Think of it as the 1989-2004 but it goes in your DVD player and you see lights and pictures.

Overall Impression — 8
I personally dislike best of albums as they only show the singles. Some singles often suck. This was good though because I didn't have a large collection of Metallica stuff and I learned about a lot of cooler songs that came after master of puppets (which I also own along with ride the lightning) I personally love the jammin video for One because I can hear the song and see they guys play. I hate the amassed amount of st anger clips and the fact that it starts at 89, but I don't belive they did any videos before one. If it were stolen or lost I wouldn't buy it again because I can't be bothered getting 30 bucks or so to get another one. Plus I loaded it onto my windows media center so I have it there too.

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    ^ Dave wrote it first. When he was kicked out he decided to get back at Metallica by Recording the song but with new lyrics. I think its funny how Dave still complains about having been kicked out when he has done a lot of great stuff with Megadeth.
    i don't like to think that metallica's 90s work was just intended to slow down the metal just to be radio friendly. I personally like that stuff more than the 80s thrash beat, and they've just changed their music style in a way, and it just happened that the mainstream and mtv liked what they did.
    metman1 wrote: I think people should just lay off 'em i mean i like their older stuff better myself but you can't blame a band for wanting to progress and play a different style of music there still around so it could not have been that much of a mistake so just lay off 'em
    i agree, people have been flipping out on them. Death Magnetic was great! i love the black album and Load and ReLoad were alright. They were just experimenting guys, it didn't kill them and they're back now so yeah.
    HammerJustice wrote: To reveiwer Uber-Rocker, the rotating nadness in The Memory Remains is an optical illusion. The band are on a platform which is staying still in the middle of a room, in the corner of the room a camera is stuck up and the (fake) room is actualy rotating around the band. To Metallica and Megadeth fans, although i'm a massive fan of both bands you only have to listen to Metallicas Four Horsmen and Megadeths Mechanix to realise they actually are very alike, in fact the 2 songs are the same with different tempos and lyrics, i dont know who came up with the original. ps. i will buy this dvd
    Mustaine wrote the original, but then Metallica changed the lyrics and added the melodic midsection.
    -metalhead- wrote: Hammett5 wrote: Maiden2 wrote: guys. metallica is Thrash metal. THRASH. not heavy. the greatest meavy metal band is iron maiden. who by the way, still makes great albums. Maiden is ok.. I hate their singers voice.. It just .. doesn't fit.. at all ..... And your right Metallica is a thrash band.. Of course the greatest thrash band but, its ok Fuck you! Bruce has an amazing voice...youre just being real gay...
    Pretty much if you don't like bruces voice your not a metal head lol