Frengers review by Mew

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  • Released: Apr 7, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (15 votes)
Mew: Frengers

Sound — 10
On the back of only hearing 2 singles I thought this album was just going to be a fairly pleasant and enjoyable album. how wrong I could be. It was the best thing I'd bought all year and it's still possibly one of the best albums I own. it suitably balances heavier indie, with poppy hooks and some experimentalism. 'Am I Wry? No' instantly kicks off with a heavy riff which then makes way for a lovely indie riff. which is typical of most the album but each song makes itself special. 'Snow Brigade' is one of the heavier songs on the album with a pounding bass but 'Symmetry' is a gorgeous ballad. 'She-Spider' is the heaviest song on the album and you wont expect it when you first hear the album. but nothing before it compares to the closing track 'Comforting Sounds'. Just under 9 minutes it builds up to a great climax of thrashing instruments having originally opened with a solitariy guitar. The guitars on this album are drenched with effects which at times make them sound nothing like guitars at all. Although you don't realise this when listening to the album. You need to see them live to discover this. Overall sound is incredible.

Lyrics — 9
Mew are a Danish band but write in English. So sometimes the lyrics don't make sense. There are some lovely sentiments in places. Particularly on She Came Home For Chrstmas 'It's not me, it can't be, it's not you, I can't do what I do if it's you'. Themes of the album which I can work out are stalking (156, Snow Brigade), failed love (Symmetry), drunkeness (Behind The Drapes), death (Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years) and feeling guilty for past mistakes (Comforting Sounds). However the singers voice is incredible! He may sound like a girl but he uses his voice as an instrument. On comforting sounds nearing the end cresendo a electronic sounding instrument enters. It's actually the singers voice. It also fits the music perfectly as it sounds it will collapse any second. The relative strangeness of the lyrics is then forgotten as his voice singing them sounds beautiful.

Overall Impression — 10
This is a strikingly original album and sounds quite fresh. Here's my rating of the songs. 01. Am I Wry? No - amazing opener. The song that makes you listen to more 10/10. 02. 156 - at first seems quieter but is a very good tune 8/10. 03. Snow Brigade - amazingly catchy tune with a brilliant heavy chorus 10/10. 04. Symmetry - gorgeous ballad and a lovely duet 9/10. 05. Behind The Drapes - a more poppier song which while nice isnt quite as strong as the other tracks 6/10. 06. Her Voice Is Beyond Her Years - although short its beautiful with a great guitar effect 9/10. 07. Eight Flew Over, One Was Destroyed - strange song which is different to the rest of the album as its a lot darker than the other songs. Still good though 7/10. 08. She Came Home For Christmas - beautiful. Simply beautiful and heart breaking with a lovely guitar bit in the middle 8 10/10. 09. She Spider - another misleading song at first but is great to jump up and down to and has a cool solo in the middle 9/10. 10. Comforting Sounds - track of the album. Starts with a lonely guitar. Ends with guitars, bass, drums, horns and strings colliding with each other beutifully 10/10. This is an album everyone should own. If they can get their hands on a copy that is. It does seem rather left out of shops. Although if I did ever lose it I would hunt down another copy of it. Simply incredible.

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    Good review! A real classic album from Mew. Full of emotion, interesting songs and good playing. Great first album to have to get into their music.