Ten Stories review by mewithoutYou

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  • Released: May 15, 2012
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.6 (13 votes)
mewithoutYou: Ten Stories

Sound — 10
MewithoutYou is the sort of band that slips below the radar. That doesn't mean they aren't good. It just means the general, boring, normal masses of the earth can't quite grasp how awesome they are. When I first heard of them, it was through the song "Elephant In The Dock" off "Ten Stories". I loved it straightaway. So I bought the whole album - and at first, I wasn't so sure, because there's a fair amount of screaming involved - but then you realize, HEY, this is GOOD screaming! And it is, too. MewithoutYou's style of screaming is innovative, really - it's like a poetry reading, but done to great music. The lyrics in "Fox's Dream Of The Log Flume" blew my mind. Aaron Weiss, who does lead vocals, is like no other singer I've ever heard - he manages to make raw-throated yelling sound perfectly awesome, even though he's not a great singer. And I'm sorry, but no other singer in the world can scream just like he can. My impression of their sound is like punk-rock, folk, and Arcade Fire all rolled into one weird, glorious package. Their sound changed a lot since "A To B Life", their first album, where it was basically all talking-poetry-reading, to "Ten Stories", which is mostly singing with some screaming thrown in. Both sides of them, the melodic and screamy, are fantastic in quite different ways. And not only are the lyrics, screaming, and singing great, the instrumentals and melodies are great, too. They balance everything with uncanny skill, and the result is like nothing I've ever heard. Ten Stories brings together everything they're good at and wrings out eleven nearly perfect songs. INSTRUMENTALS: 9 A lot of it is drums and guitars, but they integrate a crapload of other instruments in, too. In "Bear's Vision Of St. Agnes", there are trumpets and strings and who the hell knows what else - just when you think MewithoutYou is all about distortion guitars and stuff, they pull out their harps and accordions and it's like Arcade Fire has run into screamo. SINGING: 9 Aaron Weiss's voice takes a bit of getting used to. He's not exactly the best 'singer' in the world, but yet, his voice is extremely pleasing if you hear it in a certain way. Especially when he starts his poetry-reading screaming interludes. His voice is a bit dry and funny and annoying at the first, but it does fit to a T in what style of music they're doing. OVERALL SOUND: 10 I may be extremely biased since they're my favorite band, but I really can't find a fault with their sound. I love almost every song - from "Bullet To Binary" to "East Enders' Wives". They're completely innovative and form their own genre, which you could call alternative but lingers on the edges of about a million other things. iTunes was confused, and called their genre 'Inspirational'. Well, that's true, too, I guess.

Lyrics — 10
LYRICS: 10 MewithoutYou's lyrics border on pure poetry. Some of it is so mind-blowingly deep it steals your breath away. Just listen to "Fox's Dream Of The Log Flume" and you'll see what I mean. I can honestly say they have the best lyrics of any band I've ever listened to. I will rate all the songs for you. Now this is just my opinion, based solely on how enjoyable I found them to be. Don't curse me if you disagree... "February, 1878": 9/10 "Grist For The Malady Mill": 10/10 "East Enders Wives": 9/10 "Cardiff Giant": 8/10 "Elephant In The Dock": 10/10 "Aubergine": 8/10 "Fox's Dream Of The Log Flume": 10/10 "Nine Stories": 10/10 "Fiji Mermaid": 9/10 "Bear's Vision Of St. Agnes": 10/10 "All Circles": 9/10

Overall Impression — 10
The album "Ten Stories" is by far their best album to date. You like screaming? You like knock-me-dead lyrics? You like incredible instrumentals? "Ten Stories" is for you. My favorite song is "Elephant In The Dock", for some reason, which I adore to the depths of my strange little soul. But the end part of "Nine Stories" blows my brain every time I hear it, and I love the lyrics of "Fox's Dream Of The Log Flume", and "East Enders' Wives", and "Bear's Vision Of St. Agnes". "Ten Stories" is a weird little world of its own, and it's wonderful to get lost in the songs and listen to this bizarre group do their awesome thing. So, there you are! That's my long rambling review of a not-well-known album by a not-well-known group. If you already love MewithoutYou, then I urge you to keep on lovin' them. If you don't love them yet, go listen to their songs to complete your life, you fool!

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    I didn't mean to offend anyone here. Obviously my opinion on mewithoutYou is very biased and not everyone will agree; if I'm 'arrogant as ****' like AnotherArsonsist kindly calls me, then that's fine. But I'm just putting out my opinion, once again, terribly sorry that everyone was so offended. I don't think the masses of the earth are boring and that's what some would call a 'joke'. Ever heard of a joke my friends? Thanks to iommi600, he gets it. You can't get ahead in this life being a hipster kid. Next time I do a review I'll keep it less biased. Thanks for checking it out though anyway!
    If you want people to read your review and check out a band you like, try not being arrogant and insulting in the first paragraph.
    I'm sorry I'm arrogant and insulting. So are you.
    Its a REVIEW. That means it is HIS opinion. He can say whatever he wants. The fact that you are so insulted by something like this makes you sound like a baby. I personally think this was a great review because it was done by a fan by the sounds of it.
    Actually, reviews aren't supposed to be opinion, but anyway, I wasn't insulted, dumbass. I was talking about the 'masses' of complete strangers he/she insulted based on nothing.
    I'm fairly sure reviews *are* meant to be opinion. What sounds like the best band ever to one person might sound terrible to another. And telling someone not to be 'arrogant and insulting' then calling them a 'dumbass' in the next comment doesn't work that well. Relax, nobody came here to argue.
    Reviews are supposed to relay objective information about something, with maybe 10% opinion so that the reader can get an idea about where the reviewer is coming from.
    The thing is though, surely when it comes to any art form, there's very little that can be said objectively. I've seen paintings (for example) that look like wild random splashes, and I didn't really like them personally - but some saw beauty in them, saying that it portrayed pure expression and emotion. In that example I can't think of a way to bring up certain facts or factors that would have made them good or bad paintings, and music is no different. Though I suppose in the 'paintings' example you could compare the scribblings of a 3 year old to something by a famous artist, and the famous artist would have clearly made something "better", but that's kind of an extreme example. Another example, about a band I like: One reviewer's criticism of Dinosaur Jr's album 'Where You Been' is that the solos were too long, while I enjoyed them as they were. So whos review of the album would be 'correct'?
    It's entirely easy to describe music objectively. I have no desire to explain it to you. Never mind.
    I'll explain it, then. In my opinion, the quality of any piece of art (whether music, poetry, or painting) is almost directly correlated to the amount of work put into it. If you just splash paint on a canvas with no thought, the only work involved is choosing which colors to use, and the energy expended waving the brush. You can usually tell how much work went into an artpiece. If it's overly simple or full of cliches, the artist obviously didn't put much thought into it. If the shapes, melodies, lyrics, shading, diction, etc. are all creative, unique, meaningful, and done with skill, it's obvious how much work went into the piece.
    Sound a little butthurt to me..... And this is Ultimate Guitar we are talking about..... lower your standards. They covered every section and it's a band that not many people know about. The point of the review is to let people know about the band and get them into it. If you have such a problem with it, make your own.
    as someone who has never heard of this band, i can tell you that i was certainly put off from checking out this band just because of the first bit. this isn't about being nice or not, i'm not insulted because i'm apparently part of the boring, normal masses...it's about how to write these things effectively.
    You just finished making the same point I originally made. If you're trying to get people into it, you don't try to insult them. So I guess you're a butthurt baby too.
    "It just means the general, boring, normal masses of the earth can't quite grasp how awesome they are." Yay, another self-opinionated snob. I mean, youre right in some way but that just sounds arrogant as ****.
    "It just means the general, boring, normal masses of the earth can't quite grasp how awesome they are." YAY, HIPSTY KIDS! WE LOVE 'EM! GIVE US MORE! Cool album, though.
    Nah, Im not calling you arrogant. I just said it SOUNDS like that. Trying not to be misunderstood is the tough part about writing. If you had put that sentence at the end of the review, Im sure it wouldve appeared in a totally different way to me. So its more like a very harsh stylistic criticism carefully hidden behind insulting words