Hands Without Shadows 2 Voices review by Michael Angelo

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  • Released: Sep 8, 2009
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (17 votes)
Michael Angelo: Hands Without Shadows 2  Voices

Sound — 8
01. Tribute To Dimebag: this song is a great example of Dunlevy's skill as a singer and Batio's skill as a composer. The song is divided into two parts, the first being an overall good instrumental cover of Cemetery Gates that stays very close to the original. The song then switches into Cowboys from Hell, in which Warren Dunlevy Jr. sounds almost the same as Phil Anselmo, while adding his own style. Although there are a few weak spots in the vocals, they don't take away from the song. The biggest weakness is the end, which is a somewhat repepitive outro. 9/10 02. Clapton Is God: easily my favorite song on the album, but with an unoriginal name.The song starts off with a cover of Layla, which managed to keep the original feeling and emotion of the song with the style of Dunlevy and MAB mixed in. It ends with a metal version of the verse of Sunshine of your Love, followed by the original chorus. The songs largest weakness is when MAB shreds in the song, which does not work very well in a Clapton tribute.Once you get used to the shreds, the song definately does justice to Clapton. 10/10 03. Metallica Rules: yet again, Dunlevy manages to sing another genre of music. The vocals are quite similar to the original, but MAB's guitar style does not quite match the song in the solos. Overall, a great cover, but as all the songs in this tribute are personal favorites of mine, I prefer the originals. Its also too bad he couldn't think of a better name for the song. 7/10 04. EVH: a tribute to Eddie Van Halen where MAB's guitar skills and Dunlevy's vocals shine. The two do a great job of covering Panama, and MAB's guitar style and the use of Eruption in the solos definately do justice to Van Halen's amazing guitar work. The only downsides are that many parts of the song feel cut off, and there seem to be multiple parts where he could have ended the song, but instead added another song to the tribute. 9/10 05. Symphony Of Destruction: one of the weaker song's on the album. Dunlevy mostly imitates Mustaine's voice well, but has some weak spots. In the solo MAB's guitar style and tone don't really fit the song overall. Also, the outro solo further takes away from the song. Overall, the cover is not horrible, but the original version is better. 6/10 06. For Jimi: All ALong the Watchtower: easily the weakest song on the album. The intro solo basically sums up the song. The basics are right but the tone and style are off. A different singer would have suited the song better, as Warren Dunlevy Jr. does not sing Jimi Hendrix well. MAB also did not use Jimi Hendrix style solos at all, and the excessive shredding can not be ignored. The only good part of the tribute is the original song. If you are not a Hendrix fan, then song would probably seem better, but MAB does not do him justice. 3/10 07. Tribute To Randy 2: You Can't Kill Rock And Roll: another one of the strongest songs on the album. Warren Dunlevy Jr.'s voice is perfect for the song, and the solos fit the song well, though MAB would probably have done better if changed his guitar tone some. What separates this most from the original is that you can easily understand the words. 9/10 08. On The Double: the only original song by MAB on the entire album, and he does not disappoint. The intro is very energizing and the rest of the song is just as good. The song has numerous parts, and they all blend together well. The drum riffs help contribute to the feel of the song and the guitar solos are amazing. And the song is not too long, so the fast-paced feel is not over-extended. 10/10 09. MAB Forum Shreddathon: a great idea on MAB's part, and some amazing solos by members of the forum. Its very interesting to hear all of the different guitar styles mixed in to one song, and it helps all of the guitarists who contributed to advertise them. The song is kind of long, though. 8/10

Lyrics — 9
Warren Dunlevy Jr. Does a great job in capturing the spirit of the songsa and changing his voice to fit the song. Dunlevy manages to pull off everything from Layla to Cowboys from Hell. Overall, a great singer, but can not sing Hendrix well. There is not anything to write about the lyrics themselves, as this is a tribute album.

Overall Impression — 8
Another amazing tribute album by Michael Angelo Batio, and with singing this time. Warren Dunlevy Jr. Manages to sing almost every song perfectly. This album is just as good, if not better than Hands Without Shadows 1 overall, but has some weak spots.The songs For Jimi and Symphony are the weakest spots on the album, but the rest easily makes up for it. My favorite songs from the album are Clapton is God, EVH and Tribute to Randy 2. Overall, MAB has done a great job paying tribute to great guitarists and bands, epecially with a singer.

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