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artist: Michael Jackson date: 08/10/2009 category: compact discs
Michael Jackson: Dangerous
Released: Nov 26, 1991
Genre: R&B, Club/Dance, Dance-Pop, Urban, Pop Rock, Hard Rock
Label: Epic
Number Of Tracks: 14
Michael Jackson's 1991 album, "Dangerous" is one of the greatest of the 90s and among the King of Pop's best with quite a few surprises for you rockers.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.7
Dangerous Reviewed by: Splashed, on august 10, 2009
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Sound: Michael Jackson's 1991 album, "Dangerous" is one of the greatest of the 90s and among the King of Pop's best with quite a few surprises for you rockers. Michael Jackson's sound has always been a badass blend of R&B, funk, soul, pop (obviously) and always a treat, that rare rock he would stick in there. Well, Jackson explores new ground here, dismissing producer, the legendary Quincy Jones and going in favor of New Jack Swing inventor Teddy Riley in a successful bid to update his sound. The slight tweaks in sound do nothing of the sort to sink the album. Jackson's "Dangerous" is damn near his greatest record. It is a refreshing jam (no pun intended. You'll understand later.), giving off blaring, wailing guitars from Slash to soul-funk to dirty New Jack Swing to gospel power in the portfolio of an artist whose work is consistently a work of genius. // 9

Lyrics: Jackson's prowess as a lyricist has in my opinion, always seemed to never get enough credit, always seemed like a backseat to his exceptional sounds and magnifying, electrifying dance work. The fact of the matter is that since he was 13 and he wrote his first song, "Ben," he has always intricately woven a unique tale in a manner and style only he could. His words have always been fantastic, heartfelt, boosting, cinematic in a sense and alawys seemed true. Jackson takes the route of his 1987 album, "Bad", particularly the blaring, killer track, "Dirty Diana" and follows it down the dark and lonely road. Many songs such as "Who Is It", "Dangerous" and "Give In To Me" are songs about the predatory lover, the "heart of stone" woman who manipulates and toys until the storyteller is on the brink of insanity. The lyrics are once again ingenius, haunting tales of hurt and paranoia that ring very much true and are palpable. He also explores feelings of lust and sexual desire in songs like "In The Closet", "Can't Let Her Get Away" and "She Drives Me Wild." Then you have your caring Michael Jackson, who just wanted the world a sweeter and better place. The tracks, "Black Or White", "Heal The World", "Keep The Faith" and "Jam" exemplify this internal desire Jackson had, channeling them in a way that isn't always "Hallmark rip-off" as some said and still maintain a very original way about them that only he would create. He implements the sounds of Slash in "Black Or White" preaches to the racism still lurking about in the corners of the world and giving it an enlightening lesson about what you should see. The love songs, "Remember The Time" and "Will You Be There" are among the best songs on the album. "Remember The Time" is a soulful, funky story of remembering a great romance. "Will You Be There" is a curiousity. It is the most heartfelt song on "Dangerous" but nobody really knows who it's for. A friend, a lover, a brother, it's unknown but it's still a powerful, gospel-like plea for help whenever Jackson was in times of worry and pain. "Gone Too Soon" is Jackson's tale of Ryan White, his close friend who died of AIDS. The music in this album is fantastically entertwined with the words, ranging from hard rock to soft gospel. Jackson's skills as a singer are second to none. I believe him to be the greatest male singer of popular music, right up there with Freddie Mercury. He can growl, he can cry, he can shout, he can chirp, he can do anything and still have a desirable and luring charm. Michael Jackson's range was nearly unparalled. // 10

Overall Impression: Here is a rating and description of all of the songs on the album, my favorites and least liked: 01.Jam: a very pop-ish song. A lot of tech-dance element but not as horrid as today's music. Very far from that because this is a funky, enjoyable example of New Jack Swing, hip-hop and R&B. A little too long, however, that does not stop it from being a good song.8 02.Why You Wanna Trip On Me: an angry, smack in the face. Jackson's whispered then yelled vocals are brilliant. Very good song but not among the best. 8 03.In The Closet: an astounding song. Very strong and dangerous feel to it and is super catchy. The sounds are infectious, particularly Jackson's high-pitched singing at the chorus. Among the best. 10 04.She Drives Me Wild: similar in sound to "Why You Wanna Trip On Me." A good song, but again, not the best. 7 05.Remember The Time: possibly the best song on the record. It is a wonderful, delicious combo of soul, funk and R&B. As soon as I hear it, I instantly start moving.The vocals are nothing short of amazing. 10 06.Can't Let Her Get Away: a good song with a start that draws you in immediately. It's still good afterward but not as good. 7 07.Heal The World: a sweet and very touching song about Jackson's wish for the world. He sings beautifully here. Vocally, the best song on the album, one of his better songs. 9 08.Black Or White: another song worthy of the title of the best song on the album. Seriously, this song is awesome. The famous guitar riff, the vocals, the lyrics, it just owns overall 10 09.Who Is It: a very great song. A great beat pushes the song along with Jackson's confessional, saddenned vocals. A hugely wowing song 9 10.Give In To Me: one of Michael Jackson and Slash's finest hours. This song is electrifying. I swear to God, it is so rock. Any Slash lover should get on their knees and praise the genius of Michael Jackson for thinking of calling Slash to help with "Dangerous." The song's opening riff, the driving toward the chorus, the chorus itself, the climactic second guitar solo (yes, there are two), it is truly one of the best tracks on the album. 10 11.Will You Be There: a wonderful song. A classical sounding choir begins and then comes the heartfelt piano and singing. Jackson sings his heart out here and could make you cry. 10 12.Keep The Faith: a good song. The backing beat is good and bad. It's pumping but it's not right for the song. A little too long. 7 13.Gone Too Soon: a touching, emotional track. It's sung magnificently by Jackson. You can hear the anguish in his voice. It really gets you. 8 14.Dangerous: among the best songs on the record. Jackson's spoken rap prevades throughout the whole song until his dramatic chorus comes into it, making for a wonderful, darkened story of the predatory lover. Great sounds and great songs. 9 Michael Jackson's music is as untouchable as his dancing. Nobody can come near what he did for music. I consider him a genius not only because of his dance but because he had consistently astonishing records. So, having said this, I consider him up with the Beatles, Elvis and Bob Dylan. He is not just the King of Pop, he is one of the Kings of Music, like some of the artists I aforementioned. I love Michael Jackson and I love this album. It is one of my favorite albums ever and owns some of my favorite songs ever. If I lost it or if it were stolen, I would freakin hunt down whoever did it and beat the crap out of them. Then I would proceed to angrilly buy it online. // 10

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