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Midnight Oil: Head Injuriescompact discs
Midnight Oil: Head Injuries

Released: Oct, 1979. Genre: Post-Punk, Pub Rock, New Wave, Hard Rock. Label: Powderworks. Number Of Tracks: 9. This album is the Midnight Oil's second effort, "Head Injuries," and awesome title aside, this album has been described by some as being a bit... er "proggy" - it's one of the heaviest albums Midnight Oil put out

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Midnight Oil: Deisel And Dustcompact discs
Midnight Oil: Deisel And Dust

Release Date: Aug 1987. Label: Columbia. Genres: College Rock, Alternative Pop/ Rock, Album Rock, Aussie Rock. Number Of Tracks: 10. Midnight Oil frontman Peter Garrett has long been active in elective politics in Australia, and like any good politician, he knows that sometimes the most important thing is to get your message out to the masses, even it means speaking with a bit less force than might be your custom.

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