Home From Home review by Millencolin

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  • Released: Mar 12, 2002
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (13 votes)
Millencolin: Home From Home

Overall Impression — 10
Millencolin have certainly made a radical departure from their usual style for their latest studio albbum, "Home From Home". While other bands such as Blink 182 have been accused of becoming less punk and more poppy, Millencolin in my opinion, are only getting punkier and punkier! When one first listens to Millencolin's latest album one might get the opinion (as did I) that this is not a 'Millencolin sound'. Most of the songs are much heavier and less 'boppy' than the songs of this Swedish band's previous albums. However, the more I began to listen to this album, the more I began to realise that "Home From Home" is the greatest Millencolin album to date! The album incorporates a wide variety of punk styles; Songs such as 'Punk Rock Rebel (an homage to their first record producer Dan Swano), 'Man or Mouse' and 'Botanic Mistress' are reminiscent of the Tiny Tunes/Same Old Tunes days - while 'Fingers Crossed', 'Battery Check', and 'Montego' are similar to the Pennybridge Pioneers format. In fact, the opening riff to 'Battery Check' is almost identical to the riff for 'Penguins & Polarbears', just a slowed-down version. Millencolin also reveal a hidden serious side that has rarely been portrayed in their music (perhaps with the exception of 'A-Ten' and 'The Ballad'), with several songs relating to personal and political conflict. 'Happiness For Dogs' is a sombre ballad relating to a friend who has suffered drug abuse, and the self-explanatory track 'Afghan' displaying an obvious disapproval of the current world situation with lyrics such as "The weaker one is always wrong, and a real man's gotta show the world he's strong", "To retaliate, to be a true macho man - it goes hand in hand" (do I detect a direction to President Bush?) Political correctness aside, "Home From Home" is a kick-ass album! Go out and buy it, you won't be disappointed!

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