A Song To Ruin review by Million Dead

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  • Released: Sep 23, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.3 (9 votes)
Million Dead: A Song To Ruin

Sound — 8
This is a very unique 'extreamo' sound. Cameron Dean (guitarist) firstly tends to use fuzz instead of distortion (I think there's a difference...) and creates very unusual songs...albeit ones that fulfill. This guitarist doesn't pump out songs entirely made of power chords, instead he uses them in moderation and tends to veer towards picking. Killer riffs are in this record, listen to I Am The Party and the intro riff is so damn catchy, this rings true in Breaking The Back and pretty much every song on the album. Although most of the songs are on average 3 minutes long they're jam-packed and the final song on the album is 15 minutes long; not a song with a large silence in the middle, it's music for a whole 15 minutes and it's easily the best song on the album most of it being experimental/improvisation (a good 10 minutes of it). Bass wise the music isn't the most complex ever but Julia does present some interesting fills mixing parts from areas of the song and putting in a sweet piece of scale improvisation in Relentless reminiscent to the blues improv. in Take The Veil by the Mars Volta. Drums aren't too creative but serve their purpose and this is highlighted in MacGyver (yes a song about MacGyver dying). Overall the sound is unlike anything I've ever heard and they're stunning live further improving the quality of their music.

Lyrics — 10
Oh. I've just heard a whole essay. The thing is it was in a really good song. It kicked ass. That's the kind of thought you get in your mind after hearing a song, these lyrics are the best EVER! Whole arguments and topics are discussed with lyrical genius. Not every song is political (that's all I can think to call it) with Smiling At Strangers On Trains and MacGyver being a love song (of sorts) and another kind of song (pete knows) respectively. The lyrics suite the music well putting across strong messages with strong music. Frank's voice isn't the most melodic but the be frank (no pun intended) this style isn't meant for it. Straight out singing mixed with screamo make the music fantastically engaging.

Overall Impression — 8
When I first heard Million Dead I wasn't too sure then I listened again and thought much more of it. I haven't heard anyone like this, this music is complex, involving I can't compare it with anyone! For tasters of the album listen to Breaking The Back and I Am The Party (coincedentally both singles thus far) I love the way this album has to ability to make me want to sing along and go absolutely insane but also make me smile with absolute ease, I really can't point out anything I hate about it apart from not being in it. You should definately buy this album, and listen to it lots and lots, it's bloody fantastic! Although I'm only giving it a 4 on overall take my word that it's probably worth a 5.

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    I bought this album for a fiver in a small CD shop that was having a clearance sale. I'd never heard them before and thought I'd take a risk so I bought the album. Fucking loved it. Charlie and the Propoganda Myth Machine + Pornography for Cowards are brilliant tunes.