Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy review by Mindless Self Indulgence

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  • Released: Oct 26, 1999
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.8 (24 votes)
Mindless Self Indulgence: Frankenstein Girls Will Seem Strangely Sexy

Sound — 10
This album was so absurdly original, it naturally attracted a cult following. MSI's members have been regarded as Gods by many a gothic rocker since its release. A twisted molding of atari sound effects/punk/metal/techno/hip-hop/screaming/falsettos and much more, out came an incredible sound where vocals don't match up to melodies, but they somehow come together perfectly. Each other the 30 alphabetized tracks have their own unique charm about them. Indeed the song "Faggot" is regarded as their best by new fans, but after listening to the album, one becomes attached to each and every song. Little Jimmy Urine (lead singer) proves to be an astounding vocalist, ranging from a gutteral scream to a falsetto so high pitched, he could opt for classical music if he so desired. This can be compared to no other artist, and I truly have no way to describe the sound. According to little Jimmy Urine, they fall under the genre of "Industrial Jungle Pussy Punk."

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics of this album are a sarcastic jumble of offensive jokes, expressions of anger, confusing phrases, just plain weird lines that don't make sense, and hatred toward Jimmy Page. I find myself singing their songs and then thinking "what the hell am I saying?" Case in point, the first few lines of "Royally F--ked" are as follows: "You son of a b--ch/Mom, dad/why don't you finger me too? /I can't say the same for you/you son of a b--ch/I could be so f--king cool/I will never be young/I will never be loved/I will never be wrong/so I am royally f--ked." As bizzare and confusing as their lyrics may be, Jimmy Urine's rapid changes from low passionate yell to uplifting falsetto drop my jaw. The unusual lyrics fit perfectly with an unusual style of music, creating a perfect blend of offensive and downright evil.

Overall Impression — 10
Ever since I got this album about 6 months ago or so, I still am madly in love with it. It is my favorite CD in my collection, and believe me, I have classics. They have mastered the long excercized art of repetition in rock, yet most songs still manage to clock in at under two minutes. There are many many songs on this album I could say are the most impressive, but to name a few standouts, "Faggot," "Harry Truman," "I Hate Jimmy Page," "Masturbates," "Planet Of The Apes," "Played," "Ready For Love," and "Royally F--ked." My favorite thing about this album has to be Jimmy Urine's vocals, but followed closely by just the plain originality of this CD. I have yet to find a flaw in the CD, except for the fact that it ends. If I lost this CD or it was stolen, I would wet my pants and cry, but then that very day I would go out and buy two more copies of it (an extra in case it happened again). I guard this CD with my life and never let people borrow it or anything because I do not want anything to happen to it, it is truly incredible.

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    i just saw them on the 19th in concert at projekt revolution, they were effing sweet, they headlined the revolution stage. They are so much sweeter in concert than on a cd, on cd's the vocals are usually the focal point, at the concert all of them are just trying to be the loudest they could be
    Ur right about with newbies to msi thinkin "Faggot" is the best.. Idk... all my friends think that... But actually I first liked backmask the best
    i saw them on 13th november they are such a great band to see live. Jimmys funny as shit even though some people find what he says offensive, personally i think thats what makes him so funny. I think this album is one of the greatest albums out, the lyrics are one of my favorite features of this band and also just the originality of every part of the band!
    The thing I love about MSI is that every noise that comes out of each song goes perfectly with the rest of the track, even when it's completely different or out of the blue! this album is defo 10/10!!
    boyan89 wrote: why would you hate Jimmy Page....hes soo much better than this band
    The song isn't actually about Jimmy Page, its about MSI themselves, just another joke song from them, lol. XD MSI FTW! X3