Mirrors review by Misery Signals

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  • Released: Aug 22, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.7 (52 votes)
Misery Signals: Mirrors

Sound — 9
I really cannot believe that no one has submitted a review for this album yet. It is by far my favorite misery signals album and is very much a powerful accomplishment for the band. Misery Signals is one of the most technically proficient bands on the scene today. The guitars are amazing, the drums are amazing, the bass is amazing, and the vocals are nothing short of amazing. Misery Signals is a metalore/progressive metal/just plain metal/anything you want to argue band and is one of the best. Their music is based around complex riffs and chord progressions and powerful screaming vocals (and occasionally melodic ones) from their singer Karl Schubach. From the start it hits you hard and fast, but occasionally slows down for some reverby quiet tones that allow for a breather. The album as a whole is definitely great.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics on Mirrors are very spiteful and sometimes graphic (but not Cannibal Corpse graphic). They usually have to do with the pride and other powerful emotions both from a first person perspective and observational perspective. There really isn't a lot of variation in the tones or moods of the lyrics, with good reason as anything short of what they have would not fit their music. My favorite aspect of Misery Signals' lyrics would have to be the placement in the songs. When they are going to have a breakdown, you know that a breakdown is coming lyrically, and they make sure that you feel it. As far as Karl's vocals go, he is definitely in the top 5 best screamers I have ever heard. Every ounce of emotion he has can be felt through his vocals. Even when the rare melodic vocal is used, such as in the song One Day I'll Stay Home, it shines and is extremely well placed.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is amazing from start to finish and I would immediately replace it upon losing it. Some of my favorite songs from the album are The Failsafe, Post Collapse, Something Was Always Missing But it Was Never You, and Anchor. This has become one of my favorite albums in the past few weeks and will continue to be one for a long time.

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    can't believe this album hasn't been reviewed before, one of my favorites. Migrate is my alarm clock song.
    good album. Controller is better imo,but yeah awesome band. Oh and Patrick Stump does the vocals for One Day I'll stay home.
    Controller is better, but this is still a great album compared to a lot of the other metalcore garbage floating around today.
    Oh and Patrick Stump does the vocals for One Day I'll stay home.
    just realized that. I saw the vocal credit to him and didn't make the connection. that is an amazing note he hits on that song though
    great ablum. but yeah, id agree with stiches; controller is better. I saw these guys live last march, they were AMAZING! put on a great show, and Karl even posed for me when i was taking his picture :]
    Glad someone has finally reviewed this, I was going to do it myself soon Personally, my favourite MS album, although I know a lot of people also love Controller and Of Malice..., the fact that so many people are split between the three just shows you how great this band are, having released 3 amazing albums (and a really good EP to boot). Lyrically this is probably my favourite metalcore album of all time and overall up there with my top 5 metalcore albums of all time, just for interest my top 5 are, in no particular order: As I Lay Dying - Frail Words Collapse, Reflux - The Illusion of Democracy, It Dies Today - The Catiff Choir, Misery Signals - Mirrors, Misery Signals - Of Malice And The Magnum Heart.
    saw them live on may 29th in regina (karl's home town ) karl is such a chill guy ahha he always comes to shows to chill with the kids
    karl is such a chill dude, always comes to the local shows to chill with the kids great band, great album, superb shows
    I find their sound is hard to get into. Kind of dull at first... but they're alright. I wouldn't say AMAZING.
    lethaldosage45 wrote: I find their sound is hard to get into. Kind of dull at first... but they're alright. I wouldn't say AMAZING.
    you're one in a million.
    Sword of eyes is just a master piece. Misery Signals weaves together progressive and metal on a scale no other band can reach. The riffs invite you in the drums welcome you home and the bass soothes your eyes. Truly magnificent.