Famous Monsters review by Misfits

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  • Released: Oct 5, 1999
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.4 (28 votes)
Misfits: Famous Monsters

Sound — 10
This I think is the Misfits best album. Although it moves away from their old horror punk roots a bit in the first few tracks. The drumming gives it a nice warm feel to the whole CD, but the soud the guitars deliver is buitiful. Although I'm more of a metal guy, Misfits is my favourite band, and the sound they have is very nice. Warm, and punchy. The work on it is simply yet effective. From scream to fiend without a face, this cd is killer. A must have fro any misfit fan.

Lyrics — 10
Micheal graves voice really shines in this CD. Fluent throughout all the recordings. The voice travels nicely along with the guitar lines. Great story in Helena about him cutting up his girlfrind and sh--t, and Scream.

Overall Impression — 10
This I think is better than the american psycho CD, but psycho is none the less excellent. Personally I think that the best songs off this CD are Helena, Scream and Dust To Dust. Theres nothiong I hate abou thsi except what the hell does it say at the beginning of track 8, "how bout a new...?" If this was stolen, as soon as I had the cash that is, then I'd go buy it agin. Then agin, I'd do that if any of Misfits' CDs were stolen.

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    aperfectshot176 wrote: yeah graves blows and is a scumbag. DANZIG FOR EVER!!!
    okay **** you and what was the point of posting that at all?
    This is an amazing album. It's different than anything they've done with Danzig but that doesn't make it bad. Its better than American Psycho and really kicks ass.
    **** danzig. Graves is a lot better singer than hell ever be and will ever wish to be. all you ****ing gay little bitch ass danzig fans need to stop coming and starting shit with us Graves fans. yall are just wasting your time and ours. -XZuluSpunorX FIEND 4 LIFE
    This album is the best one without Danzig. This one actually compares to the Danzig albums. Dust to Dust is the best song on it.
    Lost in Space... the best song on the album, i think ill do a review of this soon.....
    WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU. Michale Graves Is A Powerful Evil Singer. Danzig On The Other Hand Tried To Put A Stop To The Misfits. This Comentary Has Become More About Who Was Better Well The Fact Is The Misfits Are What You See Them As. Did You Really Expect Them To Do The 70's/Early 80's Punk Sound? THEY WERE BOTH GOOD Have A Little Respect For Them.
    aperfectshot176 wrote: yeah graves blows and is a scumbag. DANZIG FOR EVER!!!
    yes... i agree to an extent, danzig kicks graves and onlys ass any day, but there were some good tracks on american psycho, and famous monsters, and i think that we'll all agree that project 1950 is just a f'n joke.
    i love the misfits wether it was danzig or graves singing in it the misfits are still one of the greatest american punk band of all tim and they will be forever
    ive been listing to misfits when you were back listening to simple plan and that bullshit so as much as graves is a good singer he is no misfit eh is just that other guy, danzig was the misfits, american psycho was good, better than famous monsters, guitar work was asome but the vocals were too popish. graves is a scumbag he talks shit about jerry who by the way made graves so yeah hes a scumbag and let me clarify is NOT a misfit hes the replacement
    aperfectshot176 : yeah graves blows and is a scumbag. DANZIG FOR EVER danzig is great but graves was a better fit for the misfits,danzig was too good and he was an ***** so stfu you ****ing fags tht say tht stupid shit
    How come every thing having to do with the Misfits turns into a debate about Danzig vs Graves? It's probably illegal for me to like them about the same, as there are some really great songs from both eras. Comparing the two isn't really apples and oranges, but is more like red apples to green apples. Some people prefer red and prefer green, but they're both still apples and they both rock! But on the topic of this album, I just got it today (I know I'm late to the party) and I haven't heard a bad song yet.