The Devil's Rain Review

artist: Misfits date: 10/05/2011 category: compact discs
Misfits: The Devil's Rain
Released: Oct 4, 2011
Genre: Punk Rock, Horror Punk
Label: Misfits
Number Of Tracks: 16
The seventh studio release by the Misfits, "The Devil's Rain" is a respectable album of horror-punk and metal. There is a touch more punk than in their last several releases.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 6
 Overall Impression: 6
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overall: 6.7
The Devil's Rain Reviewed by: UG Team, on october 04, 2011
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Sound: "The Devil's Rain" is the seventh studio album release by the fathers of horror-punk, the Misfits. The current incarnation of the Misfits are a different animal than the band who created a genre 29 years ago. One original member remains Jerry Only. Jerry is joined on this album by Dez Cadena on guitar and backing vocals and Eric "Goat" Arce on drums. The original few releases by the Misfits were hardcore punk with a horror theme, but over the years the music has slowly become more metal than punk. On "The Devil's Rain" the sound does delve repeatedly into metal, from doom to thrash, but there are some very punk moments. Maybe, there is more a feeling of punk rock on "The Devil's Rain" than has been in an album by the Misfits for a while. These punk moments are most clearly expressed in "Twilight Of The Dead" and "Cold In Hell". There are sixteen tracks on "the Devil's Rain", with 12 of those tracks being written and composed solely by Jerry Only. "Jack The Ripper" and "Death Ray" were written by Dez Cadena. "Monkey's Paw" was written by Jerry Only with Daniel Rey. "Sleepwalkin" was written by Jerry Only with the assistance of producer, Ed Stasium. The album clocks in at just over 50 minutes, which is a pretty respectable length for an album. This is the first release by the Misfits since "Project 1950" was released in 2003. The last original release by the Misfits was "Famous Monsters" in 1999. I've been a casual fan of the Misfits since the early 90's, and a bigger fan of some bands influenced by the Misfits in the horror-punk and horror-metal genres. While I am not astonished and impressed by this newest release, I do feel like it is a fairly respectable effort and I enjoy hearing more of their punk rock sound return. // 7

Lyrics: Okay, this is the Misfits so guess what the lyrics are about? You guessed horror themes with an occasional dash of science fiction. For all the cheesiness you would imagine goes along with that, it actually comes across as pretty entertaining if you are in the right frame of mind. The vocal delivery is pretty solid throughout the album, though it absolutely is done in a style of delivery that is definitive of the Misfits' previous work. The lyrics manage to go from being dark and gloomy, then into the realm of the cheesy, then into slightly more ordinary styled lyrics without missing a beat. While I do miss the days when Danzig fronted the Misfits, you have to respect Jerry Only for carrying the Misfits forward for all of these years and really growing into a frontman. It is very unfortunate that the musical scene has moved away from what it was for the Misfits in the early days of the band. Hopefully with recent releases, like Alice Cooper's "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" and a lot of the horror themed songs such as some of Avenged Sevenfold's work, we will see a resurgence and a more open reception to further releases by the Misfits and other horror-themed bands. I do hope we don't have to wait this long for the next release. // 7

Overall Impression: The artwork on the album cover for "The Devil's Rain" was done by Arthur Suydam, and is awesome and reminiscent of some of the great album covers of the late 80's. The figure on the cover is a skull in a clock, lightning between his hands. Very epic, very dark, very horror and very much fitting for this new release by the Misfits. My favorite song from the album is "Ghost Of Frankenstein", but I am also very fond of the title track, "The Devil's Rain". I like the fact that the Misfits seem to be moving back to their punk roots, and still keeping a good balance of metal. This album will not stay on my mp3 player a long time, but I will keep it around for some future listens, and I imagine I will occasionally go back to it for another taste. // 6

- Brandon East (c) 2011

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overall: 6
The Devil's Rain Reviewed by: Paul*Stanley, on october 05, 2011
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Sound: Like the albums from the Graves era of the Misfits, this disc has mostly metal-oriented songs with a couple of punk songs mixed in between. What surprised me most about "The Devil's Rain" was that there actually are some songs on it that sound like they could be right out of the Danzig era. Overall, it's a little slower than the manic speed of their 1990s albums and sounds more like a tribute to the way they were in the 70s than accurately reproducing it. All in all, at least it isn't as bad as it could have been. If you were going to replace everyone in the Misfits except Jerry, I can't think of anyone I would rather have do it other than veteran punk musicians, so Dez and Goat work well. It's better than "Project 1950". Still, it doesn't have the spark that their old albums did. // 7

Lyrics: Glenn Danzig was without a doubt the greatest singer that the Misfits have ever had. And even though a lot of people don't like him, Michael added something different to the band that worked. Both of them had a lot of power in their voices and were very distinctive. But frankly, Jerry Only should have let someone else take the microphone for this round. It's not that he's a terrible singer or anything, but his voice has no personality in it. If Danzig or Graves (who has said that he would rejoin the Misfits if asked) were singing on this album and you didn't even change anything else, I think I would have liked it a lot more. // 5

Overall Impression: Overall, "The Devil's Rain" isn't a complete failure, it's just not the Misfits. It sounds like Jerry Only in a new band trying to recreate his glory days in one of the greatest punk rock bands of all time. However, if you want a halfway decent rock record that sounds somewhat like the Misfits, with some cool guitar solos (on a Misfits album? No way!) and don't mind some mediocre vocals, give it a listen. "Find Land Of The Dead", "The Black Hole", "Unexplained" and "Where Do They Go?" on YouTube and give them a listen, and then decide for yourself if you want to buy it. "The Devil's Rain" will do for now, but we all know we're just waiting and hoping for a classic Misfits reunion. // 6

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