Monument Review

artist: Miss May I date: 10/14/2010 category: compact discs
Miss May I: Monument
Released: Aug 17, 2010
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Rise Records
Number Of Tracks: 10
After elaborating on this album, you will not find it uncommon to think back to As I Lay Dying's newest album.
 Sound: 9.5
 Lyrics: 9.5
 Overall Impression: 10
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overall: 9.3
Monument Reviewed by: mpastrick, on august 19, 2010
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Sound: As a follow up to Apologies are for the Weak, their new CD has made all improvements possible. The opening track, "Our Kings" kicks off with fast, heavy riffs that distinguishes the bands unique sound. BJ Stead and Justin Aufdemkampe(the two guitarists) have continues the same melodic style that gives an overall deep impression with very out of the ordinary play. Their utilization of breakdowns does not by any means follow the "breakdown steryotype." Levi Benton(Lead Singer) and Ryan Neff(Bass/Clean Vocals) have added a much more epic feel to the singing in the record. The clean vocal tracks are a great contrast to Levi's deep growls and heartpounding screams. And there is not much to say about the drums. Except Jerod Boyd(Drummer) has done it yet again. Another record flawless and clean with incredibly fast beats that no other band matches. // 9

Lyrics: The songs in the record seem to follow a concept feel, without being a concept record. Many of the lyrics have deep, double meanings that express emotions towards the outlook of society and how he feels among it. Levi's voice has much improved from the last record. While still following the same style, he seems to push his boundaries. With many fans thinking he had blew his voice out from live shows, he has definelty come back with a slap in the face. Ryan's vocals have become more uniform and icreased in ability. He is now pushing higher notes even he thought he could not. With additions to the album such as his first solo song in terms of vocals, "In Recognition," he seems to be doing quite well. // 9

Overall Impression: After elaborating on this album, you will not find it uncommon to think back to As I Lay Dying's newest album. "Masses of a Dying Breed" shows the fast progressive licks that make Metal bands great. Also hearing a bit of a Killswitch Engage style was surprising. This album is as metal as metalcore gets in terms of style. If you are looking for the heaviest end of this album, songs such as "Creation," "Gears," "Answers," and "Rust" should not fail to please. They still have the underground feeling the band has fortunetely yet to lose. So far, I love the fact that this band has changed and stayed for the better. They have not changed due to any commercial success and keep on pushing the term "hardcore" to newer hights. The only thing I dislike about it is the fact that the songs do not include guitar solos. Which is a downside, but they can still do without. But overall, I could not stand to lose this album. // 10

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overall: 10
Monument Reviewed by: Mahino, on october 14, 2010
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Sound: This album is the best metalcore album I have heard in a long time, probably the best I have ever heard... So I'm just gonna do a song-by-song review: 01. Our Kings: such an powerful opener to this great album, and strong lyrics. The breakdown at the end is very original, I have never heard anything like it, it just puts a smile on my face evrytime I hear it (: 02. Masses Of A Dying Breed: the intro may seem soft, but this song is anything but soft, it will kick your ass with the breakdown, while Levi screams the powerful words ''Your only making a fool of yourself!'' 03. Answers: it's funny how this song is called ''Answers'' while the lyrics are all questions. Sick song, nothing more to say. 04. Relentless Chaos: this song has such an nasty breakdown, it's like really heavy and then it kind of continues into an even heavier one, really good job. Rest of the song is great as well. 05. Creations: this song is cool, but not very special, nice guitar riffs, nasty breakdown and good lyrics. 06. Gears: this is DEFINATELY my favorite song on this album, the intro is sooo good, the clean vocals are totally perfect and the breakdown is very nice! You should definately check this song out! 07. Colossal: nasty as hell breakdown in the intro, and insane double bass in the breakdown later on in the song. 08. We Have Fallen: this song is also VERY good, it has the best lyrics and they totally fit every part of the song! 09. In Recognition: this is the first Miss May I softy song, I personally don't like soft songs by metalbands, because they're not very good at it ;p but this one is okay... 10. Monument: this is the self-titled song, so you would expect it to be great, well it's not great at all... IT'S FREAKING INSANE! The ending breakdown, which is also the ending of this album (if you don't have the special edition) is so insanely good, every instrument plays a very special part in this breakdown, you can hear al kinds of sick vocals, insane dive bombs on the guitar, very heavy low bass lines and ground pounding drums, a perfect ending for an perfect album. 11. Rust (Special Edition): if I am right, this song has the first MMI guitar solo in it, for the rest this song isn't very special (they do sing about COD:MW2, which is pretty funny) there is a guest vocal in it, by Bleeding Through, but I don't like that at all! because of the overused swearing he uses, it's just a bit of a fail, because MMI almost never swears, but still have very strong lyrics! The sound quality is perfect on every single song as well! // 10

Lyrics: These lyrics are totally amazing! Levi sings about almost anything you can imagine, but I personally think het uses too much metaphores. There mainly are 4 kinds of vocals on this album, all mixed together: You offcourse have the clean vocals (Ryan Neff, Bass), the very high pitched screams, the mid range screams/shouts and the very low and deep growls, wich is love the most. Almost every song has a catchy breakdown sentence, like: 01. Our Kings: Go back to your hell! 02. Masses Of A Dying Breed: Your only making a fool of yourself! 03. Answers: Where are the answers? 04. Relentless Chaos: All your words have fallen to the ground, where they belong! 05. Creations: See what I see! 06. Gears: The feeling of being machines, created for you! 07. Colossal: This force creates giants of nothing! 08. We Have Fallen: This entire world will become invisible! 09. In Recognition: LOL 10. Monument: Untouchable to all! Behold our monument! You will find yourself screaming these sentences along with Levi very fast if you're listening for while. // 10

Overall Impression: This album is much better than Apologies Are For The Weak and even that album was INSANE! Songs you should definately check out: Gears, We Have Fallen and Monument! It's not just my opinion, a lot of people out there say this album is the freaking best they have ever heard, so if you didn't already buy it, go and get it RIGHT NOW! // 10

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