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artist: Molly Hatchet date: 06/17/2010 category: compact discs
Molly Hatchet: Justice
Released: Jun 1, 2010
Genre: Southern Rock
Label: SPV
35 year old southern rock band Molly Hatchet deliver a strong new album, Justice.
 Sound: 9
 Lyrics: 7
 Overall Impression: 8
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overall: 8
Justice Reviewed by: UG Team, on june 17, 2010
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Sound: 35 year old southern rock band Molly Hatchet deliver a strong new album, Justice. The album cover brings a familiar feel, with a demonic looking horseback rider with a hatchet and a grim landscape to bring back the feel many Molly Hatchet fans remember. After the death of original founding guitarist Duane Holland in 2006, fans were worried about the future to be for this inspiring band out of Florida. No worry was needed, as the riffs are catchy, and twangy as ever. The pace of the album shows that Molly Hatchet have not lost a beat since there beginning in 1975. The first song, Been To Heaven, Been To Hell brings out this pace wonderfully. The opening riff shows how much Molly Hatchet still have, and they don't look to be stopping anytime soon. The solos are still raw, bringing a twangy blues tone with the Dimebag Darrell esque feel. A new feel on the album is more eerie sounding songs, which is slightly do to the fact that Phil sings low low on this album. A lot of the songs have slow and epic keyboard endings with a mix of thunderstorms as well as kids singing. This has a nice pun because the band's name comes from a woman who used to murder kids with a hatchet. The pianos are used beautifully to perform elegant legatos. The best of Molly Hatchet's talents are thrown all together in the song Justice, as guitars are throwing lead after lead, tempos and rhythms are changin gleft and right, pianos and guitars are bouncing luscious leads off one another in perfect sync. Another mix is the ballad, As Heaven Is Forever. The sound is great, and the music overall is the perfect music to drive too, and I will be doing it when I am driving windows down and rocking out. // 9

Lyrics: The singing by Phil McCormack is full of dark and rough sounding vocals, and he makes the music eerie. He has only gotten better, and this is with his age, he sounds as if he will never stop being able to sing the perfect way for Molly Hatchet. The lyrics consist of Jacksoneville and how perfect it is, girls and the companionships friends will bring. Of course we cannot forget just overall the American life. Not much else is really needed to emphasize here, the vocals are spot on, fit the music well, th elyrics are crafted to another perfect fit. // 7

Overall Impression: At first glance, I thought Molly Hatchet would be a -core band do to the album covers of war figures and gloomy settings. This is due to my naiveness of Southern Rock, and boy does it really fool you. Molly Hatchet is just one of the bands I will be checking out and adding to the good old music collection. If you are a rock fan looking for something exciting, I recommend this band. The riffs and leads are tremendous, the album I spaced well, and it has its eerie moments that can catch you off guard. Justice is bound to please the Southern Rock fans as well as any other fans who happen to enjoy a good rock band to listen too. // 8

- Sean Gonzalez (c) 2010

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