Insurrection review by Molotov Solution

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  • Released: Oct 25, 2011
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 7.1 (15 votes)
Molotov Solution: Insurrection

Sound — 8
At the heart of it Molotov Solution are a Deathcore band; those familiar with the genre will know exactly what to expect. Low tunings (I believe 8 String Guitars were used on this album), chuggy dissonant riffs and a mix of high and low harsh vocals. If you love that, then you will probably love this album with out question. Saying that Deathcore is a genre that was out of ideas almost before it became popular. So any Deathcore album released in the last two years or so will lose points on originality. It is however important to consider this as an album within this style, is is better than the average Deathcore album? In some ways yes and in some ways no. It ticks all the right boxes, mainly in there stomping mosh worthy riffs department. Riffs that seem to force your head into a up and down motion. This is very obvious in the title track "Insurrection" which holds some distinctly All Shall Perish-esque moments as well as "The Final Hour" and "Collapse" which are both filled with slow plodding, gut punching brutality. On the other hand Molotov Solution are guilty of all the cliche's of the genre, fast pedal note riffing with under lying blast beats are used as more of a place holder than a musical feature and most of the riffs consist of chugging the open strings and not much else. It works but by no means is it original and long time fans of the genre may find it starting to grow stale. As well as this the band seem to have become fallen to what I'll refer to as "The Emmure Effect". The use of stutter editing to cause an extremely fast machine like attack, often used in vocal production for dance and electronic music. Also the whammy pedal comes into play to cause an almost carbon copy of the sound Emmure use. Anyone familiar with Emmure will be aware of the sound I am talking about it (Personally I love the last Emmure album but I feel that simply ripping off their gimmick is a little cheap). Perhaps the only breath of fresh air that Molotov Solution bring into the album are the melodic passages either played over the top of the chugs or in it's own space, these are fairly common with in the album with a few mind-blowing unexpected examples. The introduction to the opening track "Sin & Sacrifice", the end of "Rise" and a large portion of "Insurrection" are perhaps the best examples of melody put to good use in deathcore; something that if Molotov Solution could properly grasp would make them a stand out band of the genre. So after the first listen I would say "respectable effort but revolutionary Deathcore this not". Though after a few repeat listens I start to thoroughly enjoy certain tracks, specifically the closer "Rise" due to it's great use of melody towards the end, but that doesn't stop the majority of the album to sound pretty much like every other Deathcore album ever. A fan of the genre could do a lot worse. Though if you've always hated the Deathcore genre then this may not be the album to change your mind. Stand Out Tracks: "Insurrection", "The Final Hour", "Rise".

Lyrics — 7
There is a theme lyrically running through the album... at least as far as I can tell. The powerful yet generic screams of Nick Arthur are fairly incompressible but the snatches that can be made out seem to be linked to government corruption and how the system should be changed. Uprising, rebellion, such themes are a common staple within the punk/hardcore movement and always have been. Only one set of lyrics has been released from the album, from the song "The Final Hour". The song talks of people fearing the Government; the whole song seems to wish to give the impression of some over bearing fascist regime. Whether this is accurate your not the lyrics style remain relatively bland, this is not the political poetry you may liken to bands such as "Stray From The Path" or "Shai Hulud" but they get the message across (from what I can tell) and the simplistic aggression of the lyrics fit the style of music. "We shall meet in a place where there is no darkness and we will fight in the light! We will fight! You have been waiting in the shadows since the beginning of time. You have infiltrated every aspect of our meaningless lives." So not lyrical gold but the lyrics effectively get the message across in a way that fits the music; you can't really ask much more than that for a deathcore band. A genre that often finds it's self full of laughably bad lyrics.

Overall Impression — 7
Compared to other bands in the genre I'd recommend this over say "Rose Funeral" or the last "Carnifex" album. That doesn't mean however that this is a great album. It is consistent in what it does and adds sprinkles of originality in the form of melodic passages that work well against the contrast of the crushingly heavy rhythm guitar parts. If I were asked to recommend a Deathcore album that came out this year then this would be the one I'd turn to. The differences from the average Deathcore band are just enough to put this album on top. But in the grand scheme of things this is not the best Deathcore album ever written. If you're looking for a good Deathcore album among the sea of copy-cat bands then this is the album you want. Though if you've always hated the genre, it's unlikely that this will turn you around to the slowly dying genre.

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    This album was a huge improvement on their last album, and I was pleasantly surprised by that cause I liked Harbringer alot. All the deathcore haters can suck it, these guys are sick.
    This album is proof that deathcore doesn't have to suck. It's very well written and incredibly well produced.
    Collapse is definitely the best song this band's ever written, the whole song builds up to that massive breakdown. lahv dis
    bodom alexi
    I don't care what anyone says i actually like deathcore. It's like every genera out there there's good deathcore and theres bad deathcore. Ill defiantly be checking this band out sometime soon. Thanks for the review dude!
    This is one of those albums that has a few great tracks and some generic tracks. not a bad album, but it's far from perfect. I also think it relies heavily on its production (which is outstanding)