The Red Tree Review

artist: Moneen date: 08/29/2008 category: compact discs
Moneen: The Red Tree
Release Date: Apr 11, 2006
Label: Vagrant
Genres: Indie Rock, Emo, Punk-Pop
Number Of Tracks: 11
The Red Tree is another capable release to add to their others, but the time might be appropriate for an expansion on their own formula to occur.
 Sound: 8.5
 Lyrics: 10
 Overall Impression: 9.5
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overall: 9.7
The Red Tree Reviewed by: iquitmyscene13, on july 18, 2006
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Sound: As always, Moneen uses a variety of sound effects, mainly with the guitars, and somehow manages to come off as an original and pure sound. A lot of bands have made the advantages of the studio their ultimate downfall (Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance), but even so Moneen happens to be a great live band on top of it all. Also you can very much see that their split ep with Alexisonfire influenced the sound on several of the songs (namely, The Frightening Reality Of The Fact That We Will All Have To Grow Up And Settle Down One Day). So they managed to make the same familiar Moneen sound very much mature, but original. Also as you might have noticed, they kept with the long song titles. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album are just great. They have 2 singers but they don't alternate a whole lot. I believe they are both brothers of the last name Hughes, if that's of any signifigance. Personally, I find "The Day No One Needed To Know" and "The Song I Swore Never To Sing" very heartfelt and "emotional", but I wouldn't label them as an emo band. They just happen to pour emotion into their music (and what is music without emotion). Also on the track "If Tragedy's Appealing, Then Disaster's An Addiction," the singer's power really stands out when he screams the anthem "I'm not a failure now." // 10

Overall Impression: Overall, I found the album to be both of the same style as their 2002 effort, "Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?", as well as a mixing pot of a selection of new styles. Prior to the album's release, I didn't like what I heard. But I would deffinately recommend this album to any whose interested in it. // 10

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overall: 9
The Red Tree Reviewed by: James TH, on august 29, 2008
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Sound: The Red Tree begins with a crescendo driven, up beat song about the a character on the NBC thriller "LOST", by then you know that you have something different on your hands from.moneen. this time. Without a doubt moneen have reintroduced themselves as possibly one of the most interesting acts to come out of the Canadian underground music scene, reinventing their sound as a band. Upon buying the CD I had only heard two songs off it and was prepared to have to dig deep to find some favourites. This wasn't the case. Without a doubt moneen has managed to stay true to the highlights on "Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?" - their previous release- but have managed to create a new sound, one that's epic sounding, happy, and extremely well worked. As musically, The Red Album exceeds all prior work done by the band and the atmosphere set by songs like "This Is All Bigger Than Me". There are few misses on the CD and it's one of the few albums I own that can easily be listened to all the way through with great ease and enjoyment although some of the instruments in the songs and their arrangement has unified feel through the album with little variety. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics are one of the highlights of the album in my eyes. Not to take away from the amazing musicianship in the album, but the words accompanied with the music (something I don't usually pay much attention to) are well written and not all about love, hate, politics and problems with the world but also reach into the deeper things in life. There seems to be something for everyone to relate with. Without fully understanding some of the contexts which the songs are written about, I have come to the conclusion that a beautiful song written by moneen will always include well written lyrics and there are no songs short of beautiful on his album. Simple stupendous! // 10

Overall Impression: Overall,Moneen's The Red Tree is a naturally progression from their older material and the change seems genuine and true fans will embrace it as something quite awesome and spectacular to sit through. The whole album is crammed with good songs, some better than others but all very well written and portrayed by the band. The album lacks a bit of variety in the music and the progression of chords but that's not to say that the songs are boring. If it were lost or stolen I would most definitely go out and repurchase Moneen's the Red Tree. // 9

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