Furiosity review by Monster Truck

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  • Released: May 28, 2013
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.8 (26 votes)
Monster Truck: Furiosity

Sound — 9
3-4 years ago I was browsing through some bands that were playing a local music festival when I came across this gem of a band called Monster Truck. I thought it was an awesome name so I gave them a listen and was impressed with the music so I decided to add them to my list of bands to see. A very solid and tight live show and I was hooked. They had two EPs up for free download on their site which I grabbed without hesitation. Since then I've been waiting for a full album from these Hamilton Ontario rockers. They recorded an album at Sound City in LA and decided that the album wasn't good enough so they started over in Canada. Enough of the history lesson, it has been worth the wait. "Furiosity" is one of the best rock albums that I have heard in a long time, almost every song could stand on its own as a single. The album starts off with "Old Train," "The Lion," and "Power to the People" which are all great driving tracks that get the listener hooked. The fourth track is "Sweet Mountain River" which is the first single off the album and features an intro that is not present in the radio version and adds a great buildup to one of my favourite songs on this album. "Psychics" and "Oh Lord" keep the momentum going up to "To the Sun," which was a surprising track. At 7:24 it is easily the longest song that these guys have done and was a pleasant surprise. "Boogie" wakes you up if you've drifted off into a trance during the previous track and the great riffs carry on with "Undercover Love," "The Giant," and "Call it a Spade." The album ends off with "My Love is True," a great closing track ending with some choir like vocals which give you a sense of finality that the album is indeed done. Now time to hit repeat.

Lyrics — 9
The lyrics are well tailored to the music. The choruses will have you singing along and the verses are just as strong. "Sweet mountain river, come take me away. Way out west of the prairies, is where I'm gonna stay. Sweet mountain river, I'm gonna make you my home. Because you fill me with that sweet, sweet joy and I never wanna leave you alone." John Harvey is an amazing vocalist, great power and a perfect voice for the type of music that these guys play. What you get on the album is what you get live. Jeremy, Steven, and Brandon all do a solid job on the backing vocals. Here's a clip of them performing live to get an idea of how solid John's voice:

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Overall Impression — 10
As their fans tend to say, "Don't F**k With The Truck." Compared to other albums I've heard this year, this is simply the best. Each song packs a punch and it's great riff after great riff. The keyboards add a great dynamic and these guys are very tight as a group. My favourite songs from the album are "Power to the People," "The Lion," "Sweet Mountain River," and "Undercover Love." I have nothing negative to say about this album, it should really propel them into the spotlight. They have toured with Slash, Clutch, Billy Talent, and Deep Purple. Upcoming opening slots with Alice In Chains and Sevendust should attract more fans. The future is looking bright for Monster Truck. If this album was stolen/lost I would buy it again on iTunes just to hold me over until I could get a physical copy again.

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YouTube preview picture

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    These guys deserve any exposure they can get. I've seen them twice now. Very entertaining band!
    Thanks everyone. We love the site and appreciate all the comments. We are from southern Ontario hence the southern vibe. Hahahah
    Keep up the great work Jeremy, you guys have had me hooked since that show you played at L3 at Scenefest. DFWTT.
    love this band. ther canadian so ther not that popular yet in US. but these guys are gonna be huge i think. great album
    I saw these guys when they opened for Slash and Myles Kennedy last year. They were incredible! Now I've got tickets to see them open for Alice in Chains. These guys deserve all the recognition they can get.
    I too saw them with Slash and Myles Kennedy. I wasn't expecting much, but they really blew me away. Got me all excited in time for Slash and MK to take the stage. Needless to say I bought the album when it came out and am a fan of them now! I love For the Sun. reminds me a bit of Zeppelin's Since I've Been Loving You.
    All I can say is that these beautys are my new favourite band. Definitely going to see them live in December!