Sittin' Heavy review by Monster Truck

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  • Released: Feb 19, 2016
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.1 (15 votes)
Monster Truck: Sittin' Heavy

Sound — 8
Monster Truck is a bluesy, hard rock band from Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. UG was (partially) introduced to them through a fan review of their debut album (thanks iammclovin). If the comments on iammclovin's review can be believed, Monster Truck's guitarist, Jeremy Widerman, has had a UG account since 2012 under the name MonsterJer. The band is also known to respond to guitarists' questions and comments on their official Facebook page. Monster Truck's debut album made the charts in Canada. Also, a song from this album, "The Enforcer," is now the official theme song of "Hockey Night in Canada" and it received a rousing endorsement from colorful hockey analyst Don Cherry.

If "Furiosity" put Monster Truck on the map, then this album will make them a small destination city. It follows the same style as "Furiosity" with some slight quality differences. Widerman's double tracked guitar is the most important element of the album with Jon Harvey's powerful voice not far behind. The songs rock hard and there is a definite blues influence on each of them. There are also traditional pentatonic guitar solos on the songs, a welcome sound to the ears of those who grew up on AC/DC and Black Sabbath. On the other hand, Widerman is not as good a soloist as Angus Young or Tony Iommi, and that is clear too. Maybe it makes for a more wistful situation after all.

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Nevertheless, the riffs rock hard and are very catchy. I can hum most of them after listening to the album a couple of times. I can already envision listening to this album as part of a normal workout routine; this is the type of stuff that can power you through when you need it. As far as the rhythm section goes, there is not much to speak of. This means that the drums, bass, and keys provide a solid, if not heroic, backdrop for the guitars and vocals to do their jobs. There is nothing above average but on the other hand there is nothing that stands out negatively and there is always the immeasurable benefit that a solid rhythm section provides to the lead instruments. As a fan of the band, I wish that the keys were utilized a bit more. For most of this album they just double the guitar part, which drowns them out. I would like to see how this band could sound if the keys were a more independent instrument in the band.

Lyrics — 8
Jon Harvey's voice alone is probably half the draw of the album. It doesn't seem like he has much of a range, but he is absolutely excellent with whatever he has to work with. To put it succinctly, Harvey's voice is the epitome of a blues rock voice. He sings with power so great that one can't help but hope the band releases albums as quickly as possible to catch the lightning in a bottle, so to speak. Again as a fan, I really hope that Harvey takes care of his voice so that we can hear it just as loud and powerful twenty or thirty years down the road. Regarding lyrics, there isn't anything stylistically or subject-wise that is out of the ordinary except for the aforementioned song about hockey.

Overall Impression — 7
Overall, on this album the songwriting is a more interesting, the riffs are a little catchier, and the vocals are a little livelier than on "Furiosity." Monster Truck believes they have found their niche in the music world and here they try to drive it home. Though it is nice to hear good, old rock and roll, it is clear that with the exception of Jon Harvey's vocals, the band does not meet the standard of the '70s greats. To put it succinctly, Monster Truck may be one of the most successful bands doing what they're doing, but there is still room for someone else to push them aside.

Songs from this album that are definitely worth your time include "Don't Tell Me How to Live," "She's a Witch," and "Things Get Better."

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    Oh and I don't know who this Widener character is. But my last name is Widerman. Also unfortunate that you paint our interaction with fans in a bad light as it is less a reflection of our "struggles" and more a reflection of our appreciation of a fan base that has allowed us to play music for a living. Thanks for the positive review though. Longtime fans of the site!
    Sweet! Thanks for commenting. Just found out about you guys and I'm loving the sound.
    Whats up Jeremy! Awesome to know you have an account on UG haha. I was at the show in Brooklyn at Saint Vitus, first time seeing you guys live and man it was killer. Honestly sounded just like the albums and then some! I'll definitely catch the NYC/NJ show on the next U.S run. Cheers!
    Oh yeah, you're on UG as well. Saw you at the White Trash in Berlin. Asskicking show!
    Wow, that first paragraph is fucking atrocious. So many untrue statements, way to go UG!
    "Monster Truck's attention to their fans probably means that they are struggling for fans."... How about they actually give a damn about their fans? Shame on you UG... fucking shame on you
    Hahahahah. Our headline tour in Europe starts next week and we have a 6 week run the USA right after that.
    I just wish you guys were coming somewhere close to NYC, been hoping you'd come around
    My introduction to Monster Truck came from seeing them open for Alice in Chains on the 2nd leg of the "The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here" tour in Connecticut. They opened with "The Lion" and holy fuck did that smack me in the face! I showed up not even knowing there was an opening act. Boy am I glad there was! Love the new album too. Favourite song so far is "Black Forest". Keep it up, gents!
    Maybe check the website next time instead of just assuming what touring routes we are capable of.
    "Monster Truck asserts itself as the torchbearer of modern hard, blues based rock." Ever heard of Clutch?
    They're great live! i saw them warming up for Slash about a year a go.
    I have followed this band almost from the beginning, and I have never once felt that there attention to fans was anything but genuine and sincere. There path to success may not be quick and glorious, but they seem to be doing things right. They are slowly but steadily gaining loyal fans that appreciate seeing a band putting their focus and fans and music first, and those fans will be long term diehard fans. Hopefully this trend continues and we see more and more bands bringing back the true spirit of rock and roll!
    Responding to their fans or even responding to posts on UG doesn't mean that they're "struggling for fans" it means that they're part of a new era where musicians try to connect with their fans instead of being admired from afar. I know of plenty of modern bands that respond on facebook, twitter and youtube to their fans comments or questions. Honestly, I don't know how that even pertains to a review of their album. So not only are you commenting on unnecessary things but you couldn't even make sure you spelled their names correctly. I know UG isn't Rolling Stone magazine or whatever but if you're going to review an album, take the time and effort to do it right. It wouldn't hurt to have some sort of editor read these reviews first to check for accuracy and relevance.
    Don't Fuck with the Truck! I really don't think they're struggling to get fans or whatever you said. These guys are constantly working hard when they aren't on the road by writing and making the music they do and with this album I think they spent a lot of time doing a lot of different promotion things for it, especially Jer he was constantly on the go somewhere and even went over seas to promote it before the release too. I just read the comment above mine and probably didn't have to write all this.. fuck it. I'm in the same boat as jamminrebel I've been listening and following since before the first time I seen them open for Slash and Myles Kennedy. I've seen them 7 or 8 times I forget now but I will always go to a Truck show anytime it is even remotely close. It's hard for them to make it to the Maritimes I understand but this is why when they do come it is just that much better. The guys know how to rock and roll and they always put on a killer show. \m/
    Huge fan of this band. First heard them through Rocksmith. Ran out and bought the "Furiosity" and turned them on to my friends at work. Building a huge following up here in NorCal.
    Saw them open for Alter Bridge and they were phenomenal; For the Sun is a hell of a track to hear live.
    Saw them live three times in NYC. Once opening for Ten Years, then opening for Alter Bridge and the last was them by themselves at Saint Vitas bar. All great shows! LOVE the new record!!!