Lucifers Horns review by Moon

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  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 6.7 Neat
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Moon: Lucifers Horns

Sound — 7
Out from Poland is spawned a release that is like none other. Poland has a metal scene that is firmly in black, death and blackened death metal and without much surprise, Moon is a band that blends them all together although rooted firmly in black metal. As much as Behemoth utilizes all the heavy, pounding and low low low bits from death metal, Moon uses all the atmospheric and somewhat bleak sounds from black metal with an emphasis on blast beats. Although having a more esoteric sound than most black metal bands, Moon are still adherers to tradition and contain all the signs of trad black metal: Fast pacing, amelodic and foreboding riffage, choked screaming vocals and heavy repetition. But coupled with the updated production quality, heavy chugging, short but sweet solos and unrelenting speed from death metal makes 'Lucifers Horns' quite a recipe. As well as this base sound of powerful black metal, a degree of progression is to be found. The solo on 'Torches begin to burn' for example is on a Spanish guitar over heavy chugging and a sort of 'melody meddling' in 'the Book of Fire' indicates an influence from vocalist Cezars primary band Christ Agony.

Lyrics — 6
Cezar is more than a competent black metal vocalist and fretboard powerhouse and has much bite in his voice. Although a somewhat typical harsh vocal style, its rightly suited for the music and coupled with the layered death growls is unashamedly demonic. The lyrical content is nothing to be all lights and alarms over. Unless you really have an interest in the subject, Satan seems to be a bit old hat to dedicate vocals to. But as always, you don't usually listen to extreme metal for the lyrical content unless its like Winterfylleth or something. Its for the response of the listener rather than the actions of the musician, otherwise there'd be many more arguments on online message boards on the way we'd think about music.

Overall Impression — 7
Moon is part of an interesting scene in Poland where a lot of individualism is ruled out which is what many of the prominent artists in the polish extreme scene exemplify (Remember Nergal's bible burnings? Good times). As such, its worth listening to a band with a unique story behind it and Moon have obviously fuelled this album with much of the hate garnered from their enemies. The Behemoth comparison from earlier wasn't entirely unfounded: both bands play a similar style of music but with Behemoth being more death metal orientated and Moon being more black. If Behemoth plays blackened death metal, then Moon plays 'deathened black metal' to be as loose as possible. Songs to look out for: 'Lucifer's Horns', 'Torches begin to burn', 'Confined in heaven', 'The Book of Fire', 'Czarny Horyant', 'Daemons Heart'.

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